Exercise 1

A. Listen and answer the questions.

 Does Milly want to cook?

 Who doesn’t want to do anything at the weekend – Tom or Milly?

 Where do they buy food at the weekend – at the supermarket or farmers’ market?

 Who says they can pay – Tom or Milly?

B. Listen again. Tick (✓) the food on the shopping list that Tom and Milly need.







      an onion




Answer & Audioscript


1 No, she doesn’t.   2 Milly

3 at the farmers’ market   4 Tom


✓ chicken   ✓ an onion   ✓ mushrooms


TOM   We’ve got almost nothing to eat for dinner.

MILLY   OK. We can order some food then.

 Not again.

M   Well, it’s the weekend – I don’t really want to cook.

 All right, fine. I can cook.

M   OK. If you want to.

 But you can come to the shops with me.

M   Like I said – it’s the weekend. I don’t cook and I don’t go to the supermarket.

 We can go to the farmers’ market then. It’s open today.

M   OK, fine. What do we need?

 Well, we’ve got some potatoes, so we can have roast potatoes maybe. But we haven’t got any meat.

M   Do you want to make that chicken and mushroom dish – you know, the one you like to make?

 Yeah – good idea. Have we got any mushrooms?

M   No, I don’t think so.

 OK, we can get some. And I need an onion and a chicken, of course.

M   So, let’s put that on the shopping list – a chicken, some mushrooms and an onion. Is that all?

 Yeah, I think so.

M   Oh and Tom … I haven’t got any money at the moment, so … .

 All right, Milly. I can pay.

Exercise 2

A. Listen and complete the conversation.

SARAH   Hello, I’d like 1_______ lemon and 2_______ onion, please.


SARAH   Yes, and I’d like 3_______ potatoes too.

STALLHOLDER   Is this bag OK?

SARAH   Yes, fi ne. Have you got 4_______ tomatoes?

STALLHOLDER   How about these?

SARAH   They’re a bit big.

STALLHOLDER   I’m sorry but I haven’t got 5_______ small tomatoes.

SARAH   OK, the big ones are fi ne. Also I’d like 6_______ cheese.

STALLHOLDER   I’m sorry, I don’t sell cheese. Try that guy over there.

Answer & Audioscript

1 a   2 an   3 some   4 any   5 any   6 some

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Olivia and Harry talk about Heston Blumenthal recipes. Tick (✓) which two recipes they choose.

Ultimate mashed potato

Three times cooked chips

Cheese-on-toast ice cream

Coffee and chocolate sauce

B. Listen again. Underline the correct food words in the instructions for Olivia and Harry.

1   Olivia needs potatoes / chips and cream / butter.

2   She needs to boil / roast the ingredients.

3   Harry needs honey / sugar, coffee beans / black coffee, and milk chocolate / dark chocolate.

4   He needs to grill / boil the ingredients.

Answer & Audioscript


✓ Ultimate mashed potato

✓ Coffee and chocolate sauce


 potatoes, butter


 sugar, coffee beans, dark chocolate



OLIVIA   I want to try this recipe.

HARRY   Which one?

O   Ultimate mashed potato.

H   Mashed potato? That’s a bit boring.

O   But it says ‘ultimate’ – you know, the best.

H   What’s so special about it?

O   Well, it says to use 300 grams of butter.

H   300 grams? That’s a lot of butter.

O   I know – that’s why I want to try it. And then you boil the potatoes once, let them get cold and then boil them again.

H   Twice?

O   Yeah. I don’t know why. But I’m going to make it today. Anyway, you look at Heston’s book. Which recipe do you want to try?

H   Something sweet. Let’s see … oh yes, this one, coffee and chocolate sauce. Sounds really good! I can put it on ice cream.

O   What’s in it?

H   Well, some coffee beans, of course.

O   How many do you need?

H   It says you need 40.

O   Woah! That’s a lot! And how much chocolate?

H   Only a little – 60 grams. But I need dark chocolate, not milk chocolate.

O   How many grams of butter?

H   None – no butter at all, just water and sugar. It looks really easy to make. I just boil everything together.

O   Once or twice?

H   Only once with this recipe! Now, no more talking. I’m hungry! Let’s get cooking.

Exercise 4

A. Listen and complete the sentences.

1   That’s _________ of butter.

2   How _________ chocolate? Only _________ – 60 grams.

3   How _________ grams of butter?

B. Listen and complete the conversation. Then put the conversation in order.

……   B   A 1_________ – about five or six pieces.

……   A   Really? That’s 2_________ a lot.

……   B   About four or five.

……   A   And what about drinks? How 3_________ cups of coffee do you have a day?

..1..   A   How 4_________ fruit do you eat a day?

Answer & Audioscript


1 a lot   2 much; a little   3 many


1 lot   2 quite   3 many   4 much



1   That’s a lot of butter.

2   How much chocolate? Only a little – 60 grams.

3   How many grams of butter?


A   How much fruit do you eat a day?

B   A lot – about five or six pieces.

A   And what about drinks? How many cups of coffee do you have a day?

B   About four or five.

A   Really? That’s quite a lot.

Exercise 5

A. Listen to Part 1. Why is the restaurant empty? Choose an answer.

 The restaurant isn’t open.

 People think the waiter isn’t very nice.

 It’s very early.

B. Listen to Part 1 again. Are the sentences true or false? Correct the false sentences.

1   They have a reservation for four people.

2   They want a table by the door.

3   Annie finds it difficult to choose a table.

Answer & Audioscript


 It’s very early.


 F (They don’t have a reservation.)

 F (They want a table by the window.)



DAN   Is this it?

ANNIE   This is it.

LEO   Great.

A   It’s empty.

MARTINA   Maybe it isn’t open.

WAITER   Good evening, good evening.

A   Hello. Are you open?

W   Yes, of course. Do you have a reservation?

A   No, we don’t. Do we need a reservation?

W   Erm, not really. It’s very early …

A   OK, then, we’d like a table for four.

W   Certainly.

A   Can we have a table by the window?

W   Yes. These two over here are both free.

 What do you think? The one on the left?


L   Sure.

A   What about the one on the right?

 If you prefer …

A   Maybe not. The one on the left is fine …

W   Of course. This way, please.

C. Listen to Part 2. 

1   What do they choose for their main course?

      Martina ……………….

      Annie ……………….

      Dan ……………….

      Leo ……………….

2   Who can’t decide what they want to have?

Answer & Audioscript

1   Martina − lamb with roast potatoes;

      Annie − lamb with roast potatoes;

      Dan − lamb with roast potatoes;

      Leo − Thai chicken curry

2   Annie can’t decide what she wants to have.


WAITER   Are you ready to order?

DAN   Yes?

MARTINA   I’m ready.

LEO   Fine.

ANNIE   I think so …

W   What would you like for your starter?

M   I’d like the mushroom soup, please.

W   And for your main course?

M   I’ll have the lamb with roast potatoes.

W   And for you, madam? What would you like to eat?

 Oh dear. It’s hard to decide. OK, for a starter I’ll have the fish. No, wait! I’ll have chicken salad and then … yes … I’d like the spaghetti for my main course.

W   Very good. And for your starter, sir?

D   I’ll have chicken salad.

W   Chicken salad.

D   Then lamb with roast potatoes.

A   Oh, lamb – that sounds nice. Can I change my order?

W   Of course.

A   I’ll have the same – lamb for my main.

W   Certainly. And finally?

 I’d like the chicken curry.

W   Would you like rice with that?

L   Yes, please. And for my starter I’d like the fish.

 Fish. My first idea. Sorry, sorry … I’ll have the same as Leo.

W   So, that’s the fish?


L   Are you sure about that, Annie?

 What? I think so. Yes.

W   And what would you like to drink?

 To drink? Umm …

W   Would you like a moment to think about that?

Exercise 6

A. Four people talk about cooking. Listen and underline the correct answers.


Talks about


himself / his wife

a good / bad cook

picture a / b / c / d


herself / her husband

a good / bad cook

picture a / b / c / d


herself / her father

a good / bad cook

picture a / b / c / d


himself / his mother

a good / bad cook

picture a / b / c / d

B. Listen again. Answer the questions.

1   Who always wants to eat more?

2   Who can only make one thing?

3   Who doesn’t understand how you can make a really good dish from only a few things?

4   Who enjoys their own food?

Answer & Audioscript



Talks about



a bad cook

picture b



her husband

a good cook

picture c




a good cook

picture d



his mother

a good cook

picture a



1 Toby   2 Jake   3 Rosie   4 Johanna


JAKE   I’m really bad at cooking. I eat a lot of fast food and ready meals. I’m OK at making pasta – usually spaghetti with sauce. The one sauce I make is tomato and mushroom. It’s not very good, but I like it! So I eat a lot of pasta because it’s easy to make.

ROSIE   My husband’s a great cook and he does all the cooking at home. He can look in our fridge and find some vegetables and cheese and then make a dish from it that’s wonderful to eat, like vegetable moussaka. I don’t know how he does it. But I’m lucky to have a husband like that!

JOHANNA   My friends say I’m a good cook. I’m not sure, but I enjoy cooking and if you enjoy something, you’re often good at it. I think it’s fun to try new dishes and I certainly like eating the things I make! Tonight I want to try a new fish dish. First, you grill the fish, then you make a lemon sauce. I think it’ll go well with a bean salad I often make.

TOBY   My mother is a fantastic cook. But isn’t everyone’s mother a fantastic cook?! I eat everything she makes and I always want more. I really, really like the cakes and cookies she makes. My favourite is her pear cake – I love eating it warm with chocolate sauce.

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