1. Listen and check (✓) the correct answer, a), b) or c).

1   How much is the brown clock?

      a)   $22.20

      b)   $22.50

      c)   $25.50

2   What’s Paul’s nationality?

      a)   Chinese

      b)   English

      c)   American

3   What’s the student’s first name?

      a)   Candy

      b)   Kandi

      c)   Kandy

 When does Neil play sports?

      a)   every day

      b)   never

      c)   on Saturdays

 The hat is …

      a)   Alice’s

      b)   Sandra’s

      c)   Pedro’s

 Henry is …

      a)   tired

      b)   cold

      c)   bored

Answer & Audioscript

1 c)   2 c)   3 c)   4 b)   5 c)   6 a)



A:   Excuse me.

B:   Yes, can I help you?

A:   How much is the clock?

B:   This one? It’s twenty-two dollars and twenty cents.

A:   No, not that one. The brown one.

B:   This one? It’s … twenty-five dollars and fifty cents.

A:   OK.


A:   Hello, I’m Lily.

B:   Hi, Lily. I’m Paul. Nice to meet you.

A:   Nice to meet you, too. Are you from England?

B:   No, I’m from the U.S.A.

A:   Oh, where in the U.S.A.?

B:   Texas. Where are you from, Lily?

A:   I’m from China.

B:   Oh, right. I have some friends in China.


A:   Hello, I’m here for the German lesson.

B:   OK. What’s your last name, please?

A:   It’s Wallis.

B:   Is that W-a-l-l-i-s?

A:   Yes, that’s right.

B:   And your first name, please.

A:   It’s Kandy.

B:   Is that C-a-n-d-y?

A:   No, K as in “king.” K-a-n-d-y.

B:   Kandy Wallis. OK, you can go to room four.

A:   Room four? Thanks.


A:   Do you like soccer, Neil?

B:   Soccer? Yes, I do. I always watch the big games on TV—you know, on Saturdays.

A:   But I mean do you play soccer?

B:   Oh, no. I don’t do any sports! 

A:   Really? But exercise is important. How do you get to work? Do you walk to the office?

B:   No, I don’t. I drive, or I go by taxi. And I drive to the store.

A:   Oh, Neil! You’re terrible!


A:   What’s that?

B:   Sorry? What?

A:   What’s that thing on the floor?

B:   I think it’s a hat.

A:   Oh, yes. It’s Sandra’s hat.

B:   No, it isn’t. Sandra’s hat is blue. 

A:   You’re right. Let’s have a look. Oh, yes, it’s Pedro’s.

B:   Where is Pedro? Is he at the gym?

A:   No, he’s at the movies with Alice.

B:   Oh, right.


A:   Are you OK, Henry? You look bored.

B:   No, I’m not bored, I’m really tired. I didn’t sleep a lot last night.

A:   Why not?

B:   Because I didn’t close the bedroom window, and the room got cold.

A:   Well, let’s have a break for ten minutes. Would you like a coffee?

B:   That’s a good idea.

A:   What would you like?

B:   A double espresso, please.

2. Listen and write true (T) or false (F).

 Martha and Dan are at a café.

 Their food and drinks are $12.60.

 The café closes at 4:30.

 Dan is very cold.            

 Dan and Martha go inside.        

 The waiter brings them two sodas.       

 The cake is for Dan.      

 Martha sometimes eats chocolate cake.          

 Martha likes cheese and bread.             

10   Dan and Martha are on vacation.        

11   The pen is Martha’s.                  

Answer & Audioscript

1 T   2 T   3 F   4 F   5 T   6 F   7 T   8 F   9 T   10 F   11 T


Waiter:   So, that’s two coffees, two cheese sandwiches and one chocolate cake. Anything else?

Dan:   No, thanks. That’s all.

Waiter:   OK. That’s twelve dollars and sixty cents, please.

Dan and Martha:   OK.

Martha:   Oh, excuse me.

Waiter:   Yes?

Martha:   What time do you close?

Waiter:   At half past five.

Martha:   Thanks.

Dan:   Are you OK, Martha?

Martha:   No, I’m not. I’m really cold.

Dan:   Are you? I’m OK. Well, let’s go inside.

Martha:   Good idea. 

Dan:   Are you OK now?

Martha:   I’m still a bit cold, but it’s OK.

Waiter:   OK … Two coffees, two cheese sandwiches and one chocolate cake.

Dan and Martha:   Thank you.

Martha:   That piece of cake is very big!

Dan:   Yes. Do you want some?

Martha:   No thanks. I never eat cake.

Dan:   Oh.

Martha:   And I don’t like chocolate.

Dan:   Really?

Martha:   It’s true!

Dan:   What do you like?

Martha:   Just things like bread, cheese and fruit, really.

Dan:   Oh, right. Well, let’s start work. Is that your pen?

Martha:   Yes.

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