1. Listen and write true (T) or false (F).

1   Jed speaks to Sue on Monday morning.

2   Jed had a great weekend.          

3   He worked late on Friday.           

4   He arrived home at 11:00 p.m.               

5   Jed called his friend Amy.          

6   Jed’s birthday was on Friday.                  

7   Sue forgot it was Jed’s birthday               

8   Sue went to a concert on Saturday.      

9   The weather was awful on Saturday.                   

10   The concert wasn’t inside.     

11   Jed slept a lot on Sunday.       

2. Listen again and underline the correct answer, a, b or c.

1   Jed finished work at ____ on Friday.

      a)   8:30 p.m.

      b)   9:30 p.m.

      c)   10:30 p.m.

2   He felt very tired so he _____.

      a)   went to bed

      b)   forgot his friend’s birthday

      c)   felt ill

3   _____’s birthday is on May 4th.

      a)   Amy

      b)   Sue

      c)   Jed

 _____ bought two tickets for a concert.

      a)   Amy

      b)   Sue

      c)   Jed

 The music at the concert was ____.

      a)   not bad

      b)   fantastic

      c)   awful

 ____ didn’t take a raincoat to the concert.

      a)   Amy

      b)   Sue

      c)   Jed

Answer & Audioscript


1 T   2 F   3 T   4 F   5 F   6 T   7 F   8 F   9 T   10 T   11 T


1 b)   2 a)   3 c)   4 a)   5 b)   6 c)


Sue:   Good morning, Jed!

Jed:   Morning, Sue.

Sue:   Another Monday morning!

Jed:   Yes …

Sue:   How was your weekend?

Jed:   It was all right. Not fantastic.

Sue:   That’s a shame.

Jed:   Yes. I was here in the office until very late on Friday night. I worked until half past nine.

Sue:   Really? What time did you get home?

Jed:   About half past ten. I just went to bed because I was so tired, but then my friend Amy called to say “Happy Birthday” and …

Sue:   Was it your birthday on Friday?

Jed:   Yes, it was. The fourth of May.

Sue:   I didn’t know that. Sorry.

Jed:   That’s OK. Anyway, Amy sang “Happy Birthday,” but then she started to tell me all about a concert on Saturday night. She had two tickets for us.

Sue:   Oh, fantastic!

Jed:   Yes, it was very kind of her, but I didn’t go to sleep again for a long time after that.

Sue:   So you were tired on Saturday, then.

Jed:   Yes, I was. I didn’t feel very good.

Sue:   Did you go to the concert?

Jed:   Yes.

Sue:   How was it?

Jed:   It was OK. The music was great, but the weather was terrible. It rained all evening, and that was a real problem because it was an outdoor concert.

Sue:   What do you mean, “an outdoor concert”?

Jed:   You know, it was outside, in the park. I didn’t take a coat or umbrella with me, so I got really cold and wet.

Sue:   Oh, that was silly of you!

Jed:   I know. I stayed in bed for most of yesterday. And now it’s Monday morning again …

Sue:   Yes, and the boss is just over there … Let’s do some work!

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