1. Listen and number the topics (a–g) in the order Hayley and Reese talk about them. One topic is not needed.

a)   Nationality   1

b)   Where they live

c)   Family

d)   Friends

e)   Study subject

f)   Sports

g)   Place of study

Answer & Audioscript

2 e)   3 g)   4 b)   5 d)   6 c)


Hayley:   Hi. I’m Hayley, and I’m from New Zealand.

Reese:   Hi, Hayley. I’m Reese, and I’m American.

Hayley:   Are you here on vacation?

Reese:  No, I’m a student here. I study at the university. And you?

Hayley:   I study here, too. I study business and computers.

Reese:   Me, too! Where do you study?

Hayley:   At U.C.L. And you?

Reese:  I study at Imperial University. Do you live in London?

Hayley:   Yes, I live in an apartment in Camden. Where do you live, Reese?

Reese:   I live in Twickenham.

Hayley:   Nice.

Reese:   Whom do you live with?

Hayley:   I live with two friends from the university.

Reese:   What are their names?

Hayley:   Lauren and Henri. They both do business studies, and they’re fun to live with. And you?

Reese:   Oh, I live with my sister. She’s a businesswoman and works for a big company in the city.

Hayley:   What is her name?

Reese:   Jane. She’s twenty-seven. She’s my big sister. My little sister lives at home with my mom and dad. Her name is Kim.

Hayley:   Do you have any brothers?

Reese:   No, I don’t. Do you?

Hayley:   Yes, I have one brother, but no sisters. My brother’s seventeen, and his name is Brad.

Reese:   Is your family here?

Hayley:   No, they live in Texas.

2. Listen and underline the correct answer, a, b or c.

1   Where is Carl?

      a)   at home

      b)   at school

      c)   in an office

2   It’s … dictionary.

      a)   Betty’s

      b)   Nisha’s

      c)   Haroun’s

3   Darren lives in …

      a)   a big house.

      b)   an apartment.

      c)   his friend Sam’s house.

4   What time is it now?

      a)   1:30

      b)   1:45

      c)   2:15

 How much is an egg salad sandwich?

      a)   3.40

      b)   4.30

      c)   4.40

 How much is the old Japanese box?

      a)   $40

      b)   $50

      c)   $90

3. Listen again and write true (T) or false (F).

1   Carl’s class is in room twenty-eight.

2   Haroun’s book is heavy.

3   Darren and Sam both play the guitar.

4   The game is at 2:45.

5   Three coffees cost $7.75.

6   The new box from Japan costs $40.

Answer & Audioscript


1 b)   2 b)   3 b)   4 a)   5 a)   6 c)


1 T   2 F   3 T   4 F   5 T   6 F



A:   OK, Carl, this is your classroom—room twenty-eight.

B:   OK, thanks.

A:   Oh, just a minute!

B:   What?

A:   That’s the teacher’s desk.  

B:   Oh, right.


A:   Is this Nisha’s dictionary? It’s very small.

B:   No, it isn’t Nisha’s. It’s Haroun’s.

A:   Oh, OK. And what about this book? This one’s heavy. Is it Kate’s?

B:   No, that’s Nisha’s.


A:   What’s that picture?

B:   It’s a photo of my brother, Darren.

A:   Is that his house? It’s very big!

B:   No, Darren lives in an apartment. That’s his friend Sam’s house.

A:   Oh, right.

B:   They play in a band. Darren goes to Sam’s house every Monday, and they play guitar together.


A:   What time’s the game?

B:   At quarter to two.

A:   And what’s the time now?

B:   Now? Erm … it’s half past one.

A:   Come on! We’re late.


A:   Can I have three coffees, please?

B:   Yes, of course.

A:   How much is that?

B:   That’s … seven fifty-five, please.

A:   OK. Oh … how much are those sandwiches over there?

B:   The egg salad ones?

A:   Yes.

B:   They cost three forty.

A:   Can I have one egg salad with wheat bread?

B:   Certainly … Here you are.

A:   Thanks, that’s great.


A:   Excuse me, where are those boxes from?

B:   They are from Japan. Those ones are old, and these ones are new.

A:   Can I have a look?

B:   Yes, of course. This one?

A:   No, that black and red one over there.

B:   Here you are. This is one of the old Japanese boxes.

A:   How much is it?

B:   Ninety dollars.

A:   Hmm, ninety … I don’t know … How about that one over there?

B:   This one? This is a new box. It’s from Japan, too.

A:   How much is it?

B:   Fifty dollars.

A:   Hmm … How about forty?

B:   No, it’s fifty.

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