1. Listen and number the items (a–g) in the order people talk about them. One topic is not in the listening.

a)   A vacation    ____

b)   A birthday gift   ____

c)   How they met their husband   __1__

d)   Making friends   ____

e)   A new job   ____

f)   Transportation problems   ____

g)   A concert   ____

2. Listen again and underline the correct answer, a), b) or c).

1   Why was the woman in China?

      a)   for work

      b)   on vacation

      c)   to visit family

2   Adam’s wife wants him to travel by _____.

      a)   bus

      b)   taxi

      c)   subway

3   What did Selma do on her holiday?

      a)   camping

      b)   meeting friends

      c)   walking

4   Fiona’s going to_____ on Monday.

      a)   go for a walk

      b)   work in a French restaurant

      c)   buy a monthly pass

5   What did Alice do with Ricardo’s gift?

      a)   exchanged it

      b)   sold it

      c)   gave it back to Ricardo

6   What can’t the man do?

      a)   play the drums

      b)   play the guitar

      c)   sing

Answer & Audioscript


2 f)   3 a)   4 e)   5 b)   6 g)


1 b)   2 b)   3 c)   4 b)   5 a)   6 c)



A:   How did you meet your husband?

B:   We met on a train. There was a problem at one of the stations, and we started chatting … and we didn’t stop!

A:   Were you in this country?

B:   No, we were in China. I was on vacation, and he was there because of work.


Adam:   Hi, it’s me.

Kate:   Adam, where are you? Are you on the subway?

Adam:   No, there aren’t any trains tonight. The subway is completely closed. It’s crazy. I’m at the bus station.

Kate:   Why don’t you take a taxi?

Adam:   Well … they’re so expensive. It’s OK. I can wait for a bus.

Kate:   Go ahead, get a taxi! You don’t do it very often.

Adam:   OK, you’re right. See you soon.


Tom:   Hi, Selma. How was your holiday?

Selma:   Great, thanks.

Tom:   Did you go camping?

Selma:   No, we didn’t in the end because the weather was so bad—really cold. We stayed at home, but we had some good days out.

Tom:   That’s nice. What sort of things did you do?

Selma:   We went for some long walks in the country. We didn’t see anyone else—it was just us and the children. Then we cooked some nice meals in the evening.

Tom:   Right …

Selma:   It was a really relaxing week. Really, it was!


Ben:   Hi, Fiona. Do you take the bus to work every day?

Fiona:   Yes, I do. It’s so expensive!

Ben:   You can buy a monthly bus pass, that’s cheaper.

Fiona:   It’s OK. I’m going to change jobs soon, and I can walk to my new job. It’s close to my home.

Ben:   Oh, really? What are you going to do?

Fiona:   I’m going to be a waitress in a new French restaurant.

Ben:   Great! What’s the name of the restaurant?

Fiona:   L’Arbre Vert. It’s on Hope Street.

Ben:   Um… When does your new job start?

Fiona:   On Monday.

Ben:   Well, I hope you it goes well.

Fiona:   Thanks, Ben. Me, too.


A:   Is that a new watch, Alice?

B:   Yes. Do you like it?

A:   Very nice! Where did it come from?

B:   It’s a long story …

A:   Go on!

B:   Well, it was Ricardo … He gave me a watch for my birthday …

A:   Ah!

B:   … but I didn’t like it.

A:   Oh. Is this the watch? It looks OK.

B:   No, it’s not this one… It was sad, really. He arrived at my house with this gift—all nicely wrapped …

A:   Did the store do it?

B:   No, he did it himself. So I took off all this beautiful paper and opened the box, and then I saw the watch inside … and I just really didn’t like it.

A:   Oh, I’m sorry. Did you sell it then?

B:   No, Ricardo looked at me, and he knew I didn’t like it.

A:   Oh, poor Ricardo!

B:   It was OK. He had a good idea. On the weekend, we went shopping together, and we took the watch back to the store. They exchanged it for this one.

A:   It really is very nice.

B:   Thank you…


A:   What do you think of the music?

B:   It’s great!

A:   I’d like to be on stage with them, really.

B:   Yeah? What do you play? Or do you sing?

A:   I can’t sing. But I play the guitar.

B:   Oh, right.

A:   And the drums, too.

B:   That’s great. I love listening to music, but I don’t really play anything. I can’t read music at all.

A:   Oh, no, I can’t do that either. I just listen to things, remember them and play them.

B:   Wow!

3. Listen and write True (T) or False (F).

 Today it’s the first of August.

 Lisa’s birthday is on August 21st.

 Lisa didn’t dance at her party last year.

 She’s going to cook a meal for a lot of friends for her birthday this year.

 Angela gave Lisa clothes last year.       

 Lisa would like a day at a beauty spa.

Answer & Audioscript

1 T   2 T   3 F   4 F   5 T   6 T


A:   It’s the first of August today, Lisa. A new month.

B:   August—a fantastic month!

A:   Ah, yes, it’s your birthday in August, isn’t it? Is it the twentieth?

B:   No, the twenty-first.

A:   Oh, yes. I remember your party last year. It was so good, Lisa. I danced all night.

B:   Me, too! And I don’t even like dancing!

A:   Are you going to have a party again this year?

B:   No. It’s too much hard work getting everything ready. But I am going to do something.

A:   Like what?

B:   I’m just going to cook dinner for two or three friends—including you, of course.

A:   Ah, nice …What would you like for your birthday, by the way? Last year I gave you those blue pants. Would you like clothes again this year?  Or maybe some books?

B:   I don’t know … I have so many things. Let me think …

A:   Would you like an activity gift?

B:   What do you mean?

A:   An activity gift means I don’t give you an object, I give you an experience.

B:   I still don’t understand.

A:   You know, like a day at a beauty spa or driving a Formula One car or going in a hot air balloon …

B:   Mmm! A day at a beauty spa sounds good …

A:   OK. I can ask my sister. I think she knows a good place.

B:   Thanks, Angela, that’s a really kind idea! I can’t wait!

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