Listening task 1: What’s your schedule?

A Listen. Anne is looking for a roommate. She’s asking Heather about her schedule. What are they talking about? Check (✓) the correct answers.

university classes

   ◻ a part-time job


   ◻ lunch



a restaurant

   ◻ the library


   ◻ friends



Answer & Audioscripts

1 university classes   4 the library

2 breakfast   5 dinner

3 exercising   6 Evenings

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Circle the correct answers.

 Heather gets up

      a. before 8:00 A.M.

      b. at 8:00 A.M.

 Heather eats breakfast

      a. at home.

      b. at school.

 Heather exercises

      a. at the sports center.

      b. at the gym.

 Heather uses the computer

      a. to look for information.

      b. to check e-mail.

 Heather likes to cook

      a. Italian food.

      b. Mexican food.

 Heather doesn’t go out because

      a. she doesn’t have enough money.

      b. she doesn’t have enough time or energy.

Answer & Audioscripts

1 b   2 b   3 a   4 b   5 a   6 b



Heather:   [door closes] Wow, this is a lovely apartment.

Anne:   Thank you. I’m pretty happy living here. So, you’re a student, right?

Heather:   Yes, I started at the university last year. I’m studying economics, so I’m pretty busy. It feels as if I’m always studying!

Anne:   How many classes are you taking?

Heather:   Four. My first class is at nine o’clock in the morning, so I get up at eight.


Anne:   Really? Hmm. I don’t get up until about nine o’clock.

Heather: Oh, I’m really quiet in the morning. I just get up and leave for class.

Anne: You don’t eat anything before you go?

Heather: No, not before. I eat when get to school. l eat breakfast around eight-thirty, and then I’m ready for class at nine.


Anne:   What do you do after class?

Heather:   Well, I have classes until eleven-thirty. After that, I usually go to the sports center and work out for at least an hour.

Anne:   Really? What kind of exercise do you do?

Heather:   Well, three days a week I swim. The other days I lift weights.

Anne:   That’s really great.


Anne:   And … where do you do your homework? I always do mine at Rick’s Restaurant.

Heather:   I go to the library on campus. I like it because it’s very quiet, and there are nice big desks where I can work. And there are computers, so I can check my e-mail occasionally.


Anne:   How about in the evening? Do you eat at school with friends?

Heather:   No, I like to make my own dinner. l eat pretty early, around five-thirty or six o’clock.

Anne:   Oh, I usually eat around then, too.

Heather:   Then we could eat together, if you like. I’m a pretty good cook!

Anne:   Really? What do you like to cook?

Heather:   Well, lots of things, but Italian is my specialty.

Anne:   Oh, I love pizza and pasta.


Anne:   What do you do after dinner?

Heather:   Well, I either read or watch TV. I don’t go out much. I just don’t have the time or the energy in the evening. I’m usually in bed by ten.

Anne:   Well, I can’t see any problems with your schedule. And … [dog barks] Max likes you! So that settles it. The rent is …

Listening task 2: Daily schedules

A Listen. People are talking about their daily schedules. Check (✓) the three activities each person mentions.

1   Alex Chan, office worker, Taipei

drinks tea           checks e-mail

exercises             eats lunch

2   Sophie Martin, student, Paris

eats breakfast    meets friends

exercises             watches TV

3   Hannah Williams, server, Vancouver

cleans                  listens to the radio

takes a break     takes the bus home

4   Emilio Maisano, store clerk, Rome

goes to work      meets friends

eats lunch           plays soccer

Answer & Audioscripts

1 drinks tea, checks e-mail, eats lunch

2 eats breakfast, meets friends, watches TV

3 deans, takes a break, takes the bus home

4 goes to work, eats lunch, meets friends

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Write the correct times.

1  a. Alex leaves his house at ________.

     b. He starts work at ________.

     c. He finishes work at ________.

2  a. Sophie sleeps until ________ or ________.

    b. She has a piano lesson at ________.

    c. She gets home around ________.

3  a. Hannah goes to work at ________.

    b. She takes a break around ________.

    c. She works until ________.

4  a. Emilio eats breakfast at ________.

    b. He eats lunch from ________ to ________.

    c. He leaves work at ________.

Answer & Audioscripts

1  a. 6:15

    b. 8:30

    c. 5:30

2  a. 8:30, 9:00

    b. 10:30

    c. 4:30

3  a. 4:30

    b. 8:30

    c. 10:00

4  a. 8:00

    b. 12:30, 3:30

    c. 7:30


 Alex Chan, office worker, Taipei

Alex:   I get up at five-thirty in the morning. It takes me two hours to get to work on the train, so I leave my house at six-fifteen. I start work at eight-thirty, but I usually read the newspaper and have a cup of green tea before I start work. Then I check my e-mail. I always have so many messages! I cat lunch from twelve-fifteen to one. Work ends at five-thirty.

 Sophie Martin, student, Paris

Sophie:   My favorite day of the week is Wednesday because there is no school on Wednesdays. We go on Saturday mornings instead. So on Wednesdays, I sleep late – until eight-thirty or nine. I eat a small breakfast, just some bread and jam. l have a piano lesson at ten-thirty. Then I usually meet some of my friends. I get home around four-thirty and do my homework until dinnertime. After dinner, I watch TV with my brother.

 Hannah Willian1s, server, Vancouver

Hannah:   I work evenings, so I have to go to work at four-thirty. Things are pretty quiet then, so I clean my area and get ready. The first customers come around five-thirty, and things get really busy from about six. I take a break after dinnertime when things are slow. That’s usually around eight-thirty. I work until ten, and then I take the bus home.

 Emilio Maisano, store clerk, Rome

Emilio:   I usually cat breakfast in my favorite café at eight. The store opens at nine-thirty. I have to get ready before we open, so I go to work at nine. Lunch time is from twelve-thirty to three-thirty. I always go home and eat lunch with my family. Sometimes I take a nap after lunch, and sometimes I walk around the city a little. Then I go back to work. I leave work at seven-thirty. I usually meet some friends, and we eat dinner together in a restaurant. We stay out pretty late – sometimes until midnight.

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