Exercise 1

1. For each question, choose the correct answer. You will hear Finley inviting a friend to the cinema.

1   What day will they go to the cinema?

      A   Friday

      B   Saturday

      C   Sunday

2   What does Ana say about Body Swap?

      A   It’s a bit too short.

      B   It’s got famous actors in it.

      C   It’s popular with her friends.

3   What time does the film begin?

      A   6.10

      B   6.30

      C   6.45

4   How much are the tickets?

      A   £5.00

      B   £7.50

      C   £10.00

5   How will they get home?

      A   They’ll get a lift.

      B   They’ll walk.

      C   They’ll get the bus. 

Answer & Audioscript

1 B   2 C   3 C   4 C   5 A


You will hear Finley inviting a friend to the cinema.

Finley:   Hi Ana … I’m going to Star Cinema with a few friends for my birthday this weekend. Can you come?

Ana:   Sure! Which day?

Finley:   Well, it’ll have to be Saturday because I’ve got a family dinner on Friday night and a football match on Sunday.

Ana:   No problem! What are we going to see?

Finley:   Body Swap. I hope that’s OK?

Ana:   Yes, of course! All my friends say it’s excellent – good acting, really funny, and nice and short. Most films are so long these days! So, what time does it start?

Finley:   We’re going to the show at six forty-five. If you like, we can pick you up on our way, at ten past six? We should get there by 6.30.

Ana:   Oh, yes please. How much are the tickets?

Finley:   We’re all 13 now, so it’s a bit more expensive – instead of £7.50 it’s £10.00. Bring an extra £5.00 if you can, for a drink or some popcorn.

Ana:   OK. And how are we getting home? I can get the 263 bus from the cinema I think.

Finley:   You don’t have to. Mum will come and get us in the car. I wanted to walk, but she says it’s too far.

Ana:   OK, thanks, Finely.

Exercise 2

1. For each question, choose the correct answer.

You will hear Marina telling her friend Lucas about a film she is going to make.

1   Who will Marina spend Friday evening with?

      A   her family

      B   Lucas and Sarah

      C   some classmates

2   The students who will take part in the competition are from

      A   just Marina’s school.

      B   all parts of the country.

      C   several countries.

3   The film that Marina is planning is a

      A   thriller.

      B   comedy.

      C   musical.

4   When will Marina know if her film is the competition winner?

      A   on 12th June

      B   on 19th June

      C   on 30th June

5   Where is the film festival?

      A   at the Arts Centre

      B   at the old cinema

      C   at the film school 

Answer & Audioscript

1 C   2 B   3 A   4 B   5 C


You will hear Marina telling her friend Lucas about a film she is going to make.

Lucas:   Marina – are you coming with me and Sarah to the cinema on Friday evening?

Marina:   I’m busy I’m afraid, Lucas.

Lucas:   Oh – are you going out with friends from school?

Marina:   That’s right, from my film class at school. We’re planning a film for a competition. It’s about a large family.

Lucas:   OK. So is it a film competition just for school students?

Marina:   That’s right. Schools from around the country are entering, so it’s really important. If we win this one, our school club can enter an international competition.

Lucas:   So what kind of film is it? Another comedy, like your last one?

Marina:   Actually, it’s going to be a thriller. This week, we’re planning the music, and deciding how it might end.

Lucas:   So when’s the competition?

Marina:   We have to send our film to the competition office before the 12th of June, and they’ll post the winner on their website on the 19th of June. Then, they’ll show the winning film at a film festival on the 30th of June.

Lucas:   Right. So where is the film festival? Is it at the cinema in town?

Marina:   Not this year. It’s at the new film school. It’s not far from the Arts Centre.

Lucas:   Great! I can’t wait.

Exercise 3

1. Listen to four students planning a school party. Which brainstorming method do they use?

2. Listen again and answer the questions.

1   What are the topics they mention first?

2   List two of the themes the students suggest.

3   Which nationalities do they mention?

4   How many topics do they have at the end?

5   What is the name of the final topic they mention?

3. Choose the correct options.

 Do we / Shall we all write down a list of suggestions first / firstly?

 Why don’t we / We think to make a mind map?

 Then / Last, what about the other circles?

 What about / Let’s start with the theme.

 Shall we / How about different nationalities?

 Next / After, we’ll have to choose decorations.

Answer & Audioscript

1   a mind map

2    1 food, drink, theme, date

      2 (Any two of) under the sea, pirates, cinema, Roman times

      3 Japanese, French, Spanish

      4 five

      5 decorations

3   1 Shall we, first   2 Why don’t we   3 Then   4 Let’s

      5 What about   6 Next


Sam:   Right everyone. Let’s start planning our suggestions, for the school party.

Anna:   We need to do something really different if we want the class to choose our ideas.

Henry:   You’re right. So, shall we all write down a list of suggestions first?

Nicky:   I think we should draw a line for each topic, you know, like what food we’ll have, what the theme of the party will be …

Sam:   Good idea!

Anna:   Why don’t we make a mind map, then we can see the ideas more clearly.

Henry:   Yes, I’ll get some paper. Mmm. Is this one big enough?

Nicky:   That looks fine. So, we can write school party here in the middle. Then, what about the other circles? How many do we need?

Anna:   Well, the topics are food, drink, theme and date.

Nicky:   OK, that’s four for the moment. I’m sure we’ll think of some more. So, let’s start with the theme. What ideas have you got?

Henry:   How about Under the sea? Or Pirates?

Sam:   Maybe Cinema, so people dress up like their favourite character.

Anna:   Oh, or Roman times because we studied that this year.

Nicky:   Mmm, what about different nationalities? Like Japanese, French or Spanish, for example.

Sam:   Those are some good ideas. Next, we’ll have to choose decorations, so that’s another circle we need on the mind map.

Anna:   That’s right. So, have you got any more ideas for the theme?

Henry:   Not really. Shall we move on to the food?

Exercise 4

1. For these questions, choose the correct answer.

You will hear Serena talking to her friend Ed about the new sports centre.

1   What does Serena like best about the new sports centre?

      A   she can take fitness classes.

      B   she can play racket sports.

      C   she can go climbing.

2   The sports centre closes

      A   at the same time every day.

      B   later on Saturdays and Sundays.

      C   earlier in the holidays.

3   Serena thinks Ed will like climbing because

      A   he already knows the teacher.

      B   he doesn’t like team sports.

      C   he’s got a strong body.

4   Ed likes board games because

      A   they make him think.

      B   he doesn’t have to move around.

      C   he can’t play them at school.

5   Ed can contact the games club

      A   by text.

      B   by letter.

      C   by email.

Answer & Audioscript

1 B   2 A   3 B   4 A   5 C


You will hear Serena talking to her friend Ed about the new sports centre.

Ed:   Serena, what’s the new sports centre like?

Serena:   It’s amazing, Ed! There’s a fantastic climbing wall, a hall for fitness classes, and you can do sports like badminton and tennis there. That’s the best thing about it, for me.

Ed:   Do you know what the opening hours are?

Serena:   At the moment, it’s open from 7.30 in the morning to 10 o’clock at night, Mondays to Fridays. At weekends and school holidays, it’s 8 till 10.

Ed:   OK. I might go and try something.

Serena:   Try the climbing wall. It’s great for people like you, who don’t like team sports. I know the teacher and she’s great. It might be hard at the beginning because you’re not very strong, but it will be fun!

Ed:   OK!

Serena:   There’s also a board games club at the sports centre.

Ed:   That’s interesting! Board games might not help you get fit, but they are good exercise for your brain. People forget how important that is! In fact, we should play them at school!

Serena:   I saw a notice about it with some contact details. I didn’t see a phone number but there was an email address.

Ed:   Thanks Serena.

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