Exercise 1

A. Listen to the conversation and number the pictures in the order the people talk about them.

B. Listen again. What do the speakers say about these things?

Answer & Audioscript


1 B   2 A   3 E   4 C   5 D


Coffee and apple:   What Christian Bale had every day in order to lose weight for his role in The Machinist

64 lb:   The amount of weight Christian Bale lost for The Machinist

22 lb:   The amount of weight Renée Zellweger put on for Bridget Jones’s Diary

Doughnuts:   What Renée Zellweger ate to put on weight


A:   Amazing!

B:   What are you reading?

A:   Look at this.

B:   Who are they? Oh, that’s Christian Bale, yeah?

A:   Yup, in one of the Batman films. And this?

B:   I don’t know.

A:   It’s the same actor. Christian Bale. All three of these.

B:   Wow, that is amazing! He’s so … different. He’s a lot bigger here, and he has glasses.

A:   Yeah, and longer hair.

B:   Which movie is that from?

A:   American Hustle.

B:   Oh yeah, I remember now. And this one?

A:   That’s him, too, in The Machinist. He lost almost sixty-four pounds for that movie.

B:   Unbelievable! How did he do it?

A:   Um, let me see. Uh, he just had one apple and a cup of coffee every day. And water. And he ran a lot.

B:   That’s not very healthy.

A:   Then he put on one hundred and ten pounds for the next Batman film.

B:   Crazy!

A:   I think he’s great, though. He always changes his appearance for each film.

B:   A lot of actors do that.

A:   Yeah, that’s what this article is about. Look at these.

B:   That’s, uh … ah, don’t tell me, don’t tell me! Uh, I saw the movie … ah, Bridget Jones’s Diary. I liked it. Oh what’s her name?

A:   Renée Zellweger.

B:   Oh, that’s right. That’s an old movie, and how old is she now?

A:   In her forties, I think. But she was in her early thirties when she was in Bridget Jones.

B:   I think she looks nice.

A:   Yeah, and look. This is her, too.

B:   Wow!

A:   This is her in Leatherheads. It came out in 2008.

B:   How did she do that?

A:   Uh, it says she put on twenty-two pounds for Bridget Jones. Pizza, chocolate, doughnuts. And then she lost it. But she doesn’t look so different.

B:   No, just thinner, really. And she’s wearing black in this picture, so she looks thinner. Her face is the same. I actually think she looks better like this, in Bridget Jones.

A:   I know what you mean. Oh, this is interesting.

B:   What?

A:   Zellweger ate doughnuts to put on weight. And what’s the first thing Christian Bale ate when he wanted to put on weight?

B:   Doughnuts?

A:   Yup. Now I’m hungry!

Exercise 2

A. Listen to two conversations. Which movies from the posters do the people talk about?

B. Listen again. In which conversation does someone talk about these topics? Write 1 or 2.

 action movies   1



 romantic movies

 horror movies

 sci-fi movies

 the acting

 the photography

Answer & Audioscript


Gravity, Let the Right One In, Happy-Go-Lucky


2 2   3 1, 2   4 2   5 2   6 1   7 1, 2   8 1



H = Harry   P = Phil

H:   … we went to a gig and we had a great time. Right, Phil?

P:   Right!

H:   I have a long train journey next week. I’m off to Edinburgh. Can you recommend a good movie? For the journey?

P:   Uh … let me think. What kind of movies do you like?

H:   Well, action movies and, uh, dramas – that kind of thing.

P:   Uh, how about Gravity?

H:   Oh, that movie with, er, who’s in it?

P:   Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. It’s very good.

H:   Mmm … I don’t really like sci-fi movies.

P:   I don’t either, but this one is good. It’s a lot of drama, and the acting is great. Sandra Bullock is amazing!

H:   What’s it about? It’s two astronauts, right?

P:   Yes, it’s about two astronauts, and they have an accident in space, and they try to get back home. That’s all. But it’s fantastic. The photography is great. I think you’d like it.

H:   OK. Sounds good. Thanks.

P:   No problem.


R = Rachel   C = Clara

R:   Hey, Clara. Can you recommend a good movie?

C:   At home or at the movies theater?

R:   At home.

C:   What kind of movies do you like?

R:   Uh, different kinds, uh, comedies, dramas, romantic films …

C:   Do you want a new movie?

R:   No, it can be new or old.

C:   What about Let the Right One In? It’s a kind of love story.

R:   Mmm … I saw that on TV last year. It’s more of a horror movie. I don’t really like horror movies.

C:   Mmm … let me think. Do you know Happy-Go-Lucky?

R:   No, I don’t think so.

C:   Well, it’s a comedy but also a drama. I really liked it. And I laughed a lot.

R:   What’s it about?

C:   Well, it’s about a teacher in London. Her name’s Poppy; she’s really kind to everyone, and she’s always happy. It’s about her life. Uh, she takes driving lessons, and there are problems at her school, and … anyway, I think you’d like it.

R:   Sounds good. Who’s in it?

C:   I don’t know their names. But the actress playing Poppy is fantastic.

R:   OK. Thanks. I’ll try it.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to a man answer questions about festivals. What does he say about changes in price, security, fashion and technology? Write notes.





Answer & Audioscript

price:   (Much) more expensive

security:   Much better now; sometimes too good; takes a long time; more security people around

fashion:   Depends on the festival

technology:   Big change; couldn’t always get information on the internet or buy tickets years ago; not everybody had a cell phone; it was difficult to find a friend at a big festival


A:   Can I ask you a few questions?

B:   Sure.

A:   Do you often go to music festivals?

B:   Oh yes. I love festivals – not just music, but all types. I started going to music festivals when I was very young.

A:   Really? What kinds of festivals do you like?

B:   I like all kinds.

A:   For example?

B:   Rock festivals, folk festivals, theater, literature …

A:   Oh, so you really do like all kinds of festivals. Do you think festivals are very different now?

B:   Compared to years ago? Oh yes.

A:   How are they different?

B:   Well, lots of ways.

A:   OK, I’ll say something about festivals, you tell me how it’s different now.

B:   OK.

A:   Price?

B:   More expensive. Much more expensive.

A:   OK. What about, uh, security?

B:   Well, security is much better now. Sometimes it’s too good! They check your bag when you go in, and it takes a long time.

A:   Mmm.

B:   And there are more security people around. But it feels safer at these big festivals now.

B:   That’s interesting. Uh, how about what people wear? You know, fashion at festivals.

B:   Oh, I don’t know. It depends on the festival.

A:   That’s OK. One more thing: Technology.

B:   Oh, that’s a big change. Years ago you couldn’t always get information on the internet. Or buy tickets.

A:   Wow! I can’t imagine that!

B:   And a simple thing like cell phones. Not everybody had one. So when you wanted to find your friend at a big festival, it was really difficult.

A:   That’s really interesting. Thanks for your time.

B:   No problem!

Exercise 4

A. Listen and match conversations 1—5 with places a)—e).

Conversation 1

Conversation 2

Conversation 3

Conversation 4

Conversation 5

a) tennis match

b) fashion show

c) art gallery

d) concert

e) ticket office

B. Listen again and underline the correct alternative for each conversation.

1   The man really likes/doesn’t like the paintings.

2   Nellie wants/doesn’t want to go to the concert.

3   The woman is in/going into a concert.

4   Felicity says she wants/doesn’t want to meet for a coffee.

5   All/Some of the people are wearing black.

Answer & Audioscript


1 c   2 e   3 d   4 a   5 b


2 wants   3 going into   4 wants   5 Some of


1   Hello? Oh, hi, Rob. No, we’re at the new exhibition at the National Gallery, and we’re looking at the Klimt paintings. Yeah, they’re fantastic. OK, see you later.

2   Nellie, it’s me, Russ. Hi, yeah, we’re in line to buy tickets for the concert. Do you want to come? I can get you a ticket. Two? Oh, who’s your new friend? Right. See you soon.

3   Hi. Oh, look, I can’t talk now – we’re just going into a concert. It’s the Mozart. Yes, the Requiem. Sorry, I have to go.

4   Hi, Felicity. Fine, thanks. Listen, do you want to have a coffee later? After the game – maybe around four o’clock. Yeah, it’s Nadal again – he’s amazing! Oh, you’re watching the game on TV? Right, see you at four.

5   Zsuzsa, I just had to call you. The new designs, they’re fantastic – everything’s black and white, you know. Kate’s wearing white and Fabio’s in all-black – black jeans, a black sweater and black jacket. OK, yeah, I’ll take some pictures. Talk to you later.

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