Exercise 1

A. Listen to a survey about great experiences. Check (✓) the things the speakers have done or seen.









an elephant ride




the sun rise




a volcano




a bungee jump




being in a movei




B. Look at these sentences. Which speaker might say each one? Write 1, 2 or 3.

 “It’s my favorite song!”

 “I did it on vacation in Italy.”

 “I’d like to try it. It looks fun but scary!”

 “I wasn’t very good, but lots of people watched it on YouTube.”

 “Everyone is Japan does it.”

 “I enjoyed it more than my husband did.”

C. Listen again. Which sentences do the speakers actually say?

Answer & Audioscript


Speaker 1: karaoke

Speaker 2: the sun rise, a volcano

Speaker 3: being in a movie


1 2 2   3 3   4 3   5 1   6 2


1, 3 and 6


I = Interviewer   S = Student


I:   Excuse me, do you have a second? We’re asking people about great experiences, unforgettable experiences.

S1:   Oh. Uh, yes, if it’s quick.

I:   Great! Could you look at this list? Have you done any of these things?

S1:   Hmm … Yes, yes, I have. I’ve been to a karaoke bar, in Japan. I sometimes go to Tokyo on business.

I:   How was it?

S1:   Scary! I like singing, but I’m not a very good singer. Or my wife tells me I’m not a good singer. But at a karaoke bar in Japan, you have to get up and sing. Everyone does.

I:   And you did, too?

S1:   Yes. And it was amazing! Unforgettable! My Way – it’s my favorite song, you know. Do you want me to sing it?

I:   Uh, no, no. That’s okay. Have you done anything else on the list?

S1:   No, no, I don’t think so. Sorry, I have to run.


I:   Excuse me?

S2:   What?

I:   Have you ever ridden an elephant?

S2:   What? Why? Uh, no. No, I haven’t.

I:   We’re doing a survey on unforgettable experiences. Can I show you this list? Have you done any of these activities?

S2:   Oh, OK. OK, let’s see. Uh, no, no, no, no. Oh, I’ve watched the sun rise – over Istanbul. So that’s one thing. I never get up early, but I was with my husband on vacation and he was sick, so we were awake all night. So we saw the sun rise.

I:   Sounds great!

S2:   Well, I enjoyed it more than my husband did. It was amazing, really. Unforgettable.

I:   And anything else on the list?

S2:   Well, I’ve seen a volcano in Indonesia. And yes, I’ve climbed a volcano. In Italy, on vacation. I got very tired, but it was awesome!

I:   Really? Where was that?

S2:   Well, it was …


I:   Excuse me. We’re doing a survey about unforgettable experiences.

S3:   Right.

I:   Two minutes. Could you just look at this list? Have you done any of these things?

S3:   OK. Well, I’m not really an outdoor person, so I haven’t slept outside or climbed a volcano. And I’ve never watched the sun rise. Mmm … I’ve never done a bungee jump. I’d like to try it. It looks fun but scary! But I’ve never done that.

I:   And the other things?

S3:   Hmm … oh yes, I’ve been in a movie. I’m not a very good actor. In fact, I’m a terrible actor.

I:   Is it a famous movie?

S3:   Well, no, it was a short video, a little drama. My friend makes short videos, and once she asked me to act in one. It’s on YouTube. It got over ten thousand hits. That was amazing!

I:   Wow! That’s interesting. What was it about?

S3:   Well, I played this woman, and she was …

Exercise 2

A. Listen to three conversation extracts. Which situations are they?

1   Have you ever lost your …

      keys?     cell phone?     credit card?

2   Have you ever locked yourself out of your …

      house?     car?     office?

3   Have you ever missed a …

      train?     bus?     plane?

4   Have you ever been very late for …

      a meeting?     an appointment?     a concert?

5   Have you ever gotten lost in …

      a city?     a building?     the countryside?

Answer & Audioscript

1 2   2 1   3 1



A:   Hello.

B:   Hi, Sean. It’s Debbie.

A:   Hi, Debbie. What’s up?

B:   Is Kevin there?

A:   No, he’s not. He went out about ten minutes ago.

B:   Oh.

A:   What’s up?

B:   Well, I locked the keys in the car. Kevin has the spare key.

A:   Oh, that’s sad !

B:   Could I leave a message for him?

A:   Of course.

B:   Just ask him to call me.

A:   On your cell phone?

B:   No, that’s in the car. I’ll give you a number.

A:   Hold on … OK, go ahead.

B:   OK, let’s see. It’s 322−6328.

A:   Got it. I’ll tell him.

B:   Thanks, bye.

A:   Bye.


A:   Berkley Bank.

B:   Hello, could I speak to customer services, please?

A:   Just a moment.

C:   Customer services.

B:   Hello, this is Alan Simpson. I’ve got a problem. I think I’ve lost my credit card.

C:   I see. I’m sorry, this line is very bad. Where are you calling from?

B:   I’m in Madrid, actually. In fact, I’m calling from a pay phone, and I only have one minute on this card. Could you ring me back?

C:   Of course. Could you give me the number there?

B:   Just a moment … It’s 34 for Spain, 91 for Madrid, then 308−5238.

C:   Let me check that. 34 91 308−5238.

B:   That’s right.

C:   Fine. Now, hang up – I’ll call you back right away.

B:   Thank you.


A:   Hello.

B:   Oh, thank goodness! Hello, uh, who’s this?

A:   My name’s Marianne.

B:   Thanks for picking up.

A:   Well, the phone rang, so I picked it up.

B:   Yes, well, that’s my cell phone. And you found it.

A:   Oh, OK. It’s yours. Do you want to get it back?

B:   Yes, thanks. Where are you?

A:   Central Park, by the fountain. It was here in the grass.

B:   Ah, yes – I thought it might be.

A:   So where are you?

B:   Not far away. I can be there in ten minutes.

A:   OK, I’ll wait here.

B:   Great. Thanks a lot!

Exercise 3

A. Listen to a man talk about an experience. Was it exciting or frightening? What happened?



Answer & Audioscript

Suggested answers: It was frightening. The man was in Australia, and one day he went for a walk in the outback, near Ayers Rock, and got lost. Then some wild dogs came and started jumping and barking around him. He was really frightened, but because he didn’t move or look at the dogs, only one dog bit his arm, and after twenty minutes they went away.


This happened in Australia, when I was about twenty-five. I spent a few days at a hotel in Alice Springs and went to Ayers Rock and, well, anyway, one day, I went out for a walk, in the outback. It was a lovely day, so I walked and walked, and then I realized I didn’t really know where I was. I was a bit stupid, really, because I decided to go further. I guess I thought I’d find the way back. Um, anyway, after that I heard some dogs. First I heard them barking, and then I saw them – there was a group – maybe five or six dogs, wild dogs, coming toward me.

I felt really frightened, but I remembered some advice I, uh, I read in my guide book: Don’t move, and don’t look at the dogs. So I froze, like a statue – I didn’t move and I looked at a tree, not at the dogs, and didn’t move my eyes. The dogs were all around me, jumping and barking. I thought they were going to bite me. Then one dog did bite my arm, just a little, but still, I didn’t move.

In the end, after about twenty minutes, the dogs went away. I stayed there for a few more minutes and then luckily, found my way back to the hotel. It was the most frightening experience I’ve ever had!

Exercise 4

A. Match activities 1—8 with pictures A—H.

 go on a roller coaster   …B

 get lost   ………

 be on TV   ………

 sing in a karaoke club   ………

 go to the movie theater alone   ………

 fly in a helicopter   ………

 swim in a lake   ………

 drive in bad weather   ………

B. Complete the quiz with the past participle of the verbs in parentheses.


Have you ever …

1   …been… on a roller coaster? (go)

2   …………… lost in a city? (get)

3   …………… on TV? (be)

4   …………… in a karaoke club? (sing)

5   …………… to the movie theater alone to see a movie? (go)

6   …………… in a helicopter? (fly)

7   …………… in a lake? (swim)

8   …………… in really bad weather? (drive)

C. Listen to four conversations. Which situations from A do the people talk about?

Conversation 1   ……6……

Conversation 2   ……………

Conversation 3   ……………

Conversation 4   ……………

D. Listen again. Write then the person did the activity.

Conversation 1   …five years ago

Conversation 2   …………………………

Conversation 3   …………………………

Conversation 4   …………………………

Answer & Audioscript


2 F   3 C   4 E   5 A   6 D   7 H   8 G

2 got   3 been  4 sung   5 been   6 flown   7 swum   8 driven


Conversation 2: 4

Conversation 3: 8

Conversation 4: 1


Conversation 2: two years ago

Conversation 3: 2007

Conversation 4: when he was about nineteen


Conversation 1

A:   Have you ever flown in a helicopter?

B:   No, I haven’t. Have you?

A:   Yes, I have. Just once, when I went helicopter skiing – five years ago.

B:   That sounds interesting. What’s helicopter skiing?

A:   A helicopter takes you up the mountain, and you ski from there.

B:   And how was it?

A:   It was fun. I enjoyed it.

Conversation 2

A:   Matt, have you ever sung in a karaoke club?

B:   No, but I’ve sung at a party. It was last year sometime. No, two years ago. At a birthday party.

A:   What did you sing?

B:   I can’t remember … Oh, yes – I did it my way. It was fun. I can’t sing, but it was a good laugh. Why are you asking?

A:   I’m going to a karaoke club tonight, and I’m feeling very nervous about it.

B:   You’ll be all right. Just relax and enjoy it!

Conversation 3

A:   What’s wrong?

B:   I have to drive to San Francisco tomorrow, and look at the rain! Have you ever driven in really bad weather?

A:   Yes. I drove up to Montana to visit my grandparents in 2007, and it just snowed non-stop – it was impossible to see the road ahead.

B:   Sounds dangerous.

A:   Yes, so I stopped and stayed overnight in a hotel. After that, I always visit them by train!

B:   Yeah, that’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll go by train.

Conversation 4

A:   Look at this picture. It looks scary! Have you ever been on a roller coaster like that?

B:   Yes, when I was about nineteen, in Munich. A friend of mine took me on a really big roller coaster.

A:   Were you afraid?

B:   No. After ten seconds I closed my eyes and didn’t open them until it stopped!

Exercise 5

A. Listen and complete the conversation.


A:   Could I 1______ to Susie Dee?

B:   She’s not at 2______. She’s back at three. Could you 3______ her back tonight?

A:   I’ll 4______ a message. Is that all right?

B:   Just a 5______, I need a pen.

A:   She has my 6______. My name’s Ben.

B:   7______ me check … your name is Jack?

A:   Oh, never mind – I’ll 8______ her back.


A:   Well, hello Susie! How are you?

C:   I’m fine. What 9______ you like to do?

A:   Why 10______ we meet and have a chat?

C:   I don’t really 11______ like doing that.

A:   Then how 12______a walk together?

C:   13______ good. Let me check the weather. It’s going to rain – that’s not ideal.

A:   So 14______ stay in and cook a meal!

Answer & Audioscript


A:   Could I speak to Susie Dee?

B:   She’s not at home. She’s back at three. Could you call her back tonight?

A:   I’ll leave a message. Is that all right?

B:   Just a moment, I need a pen.

A:   She has my number. My name’s Ben.

B:   Let me check … your name is Jack?

A:   Oh, never mind – I’ll call her back.


A:   Well, hello Susie! How are you?

C:   I’m fine. What would you like to do?

A:   Why don’t we meet and have a chat?

C:   I don’t really feel like doing that.

A:   Then how about a walk together?

C:   Sounds good. Let me check the weather. It’s going to rain – that’s not ideal.

A:   So let’s stay in and cook a meal!

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