Listening task 1: Choosing an outfit

A Listen. Megan is telling her friend Erica what she’s planning to wear to a party. Number the items from 1 to 6. (There are two extra items.)

Answer & Audioscripts

1 light blue dress with the white stripe

2 blue and green plaid skirt

3 yellow blouse with flowers

4 white blouse

5 blue sweater

6 plaid cap

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Does Erica like Megan’s choices? Check (✓) the correct answers.



doesn’t like







Answer & Audioscripts

1 doesn’t like   3 doesn’t like   5 likes

2 likes   4 likes   6 doesn’t like



[cell phone rings]

Megan:   Hello?

Erica:   Hi, Megan. What are you doing?

Megan:   Oh, hi, Erica. I’m getting my clothes ready for the party tonight.

Erica:   Oh, right, Josh’s party! So, what are you wearing?

Megan:   Well, I think I’m going to wear my blue dress.

Erica:   What blue dress?

Megan:   You know, the one with short sleeves and a white stripe across the top.

Erica:   Oh, the summer one? No, Megan, uh-uh. It’s going to be too cold for that.


Megan:   OK, maybe not. Maybe I’ll wear a skirt.

Erica:   Good idea. You’ve got some nice skirts.

Megan:   Maybe the black one … or the plaid one.

Erica:   Oh, the blue and green plaid one?

Megan:   Yes. It’s short, but it’s not too short, and it looks good on me.

Erica:   Yeah, and plaid is really in right now.


Erica:   And then you need a blouse, right?

Megan:   Oh! l just remembered! I bought the cutest blouse last week! You haven’t seen it yet.

Erica:   What does it look like?

Megan:   It’s yellow – light yellow – with pink and blue flowers on it. It’s so pretty.

Erica:   Megan, flowers? With a plaid skirt? I don’t think so.


Megan:   Oh, right. Well, I also have a white blouse. It isn’t fancy, but it looks nice with the skirt.

Erica:   It doesn’t have any stripes or checks or flowers or anything like that, does it?

Megan:   No, it’s just white.

Erica:   White? Great! That will match your skirt.


Erica:   The party’s indoors, right?

Megan:   Well, dinner is indoors, but I’m sure we’ll be outside some of the rime, too.

Erica:   Oh, won’t you be cold in just a skirt and blouse?

Megan:   Well, I’ll bring a sweater. I have one that matches my skirt perfectly.

Erica:   You mean … a plaid sweater?

Megan:   No, a blue sweater, the same blue that’s in the skirt.

Erica:   Oh, OK!


Megan:   OK. My plaid skirt, my white blouse, my blue sweater … and my favorite cap.

Erica:   Wait a minute. I know that cap, and I know it’s your favorite, but Megan, it’s not the same plaid as your skirt. And you don’t really need a cap. Well, Megan. I’ve got to get going. I have to figure out what I’m going to wear!

Listening task 2: The meaning of colors

A Listen. What do these colors mean for some people?
Match the colors with the words.

1   ____ red

a. loyalty

2   ____ green

b. death

3   ____ yellow

c. looking thin

4   ____ black

d. happy feelings

5   ____ blue

e. power, strength, luck

6   ____ white

f. relaxation, nature

Answer & Audioscripts

1 e   2 f   3 d   4 c   5 a   6 b

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Circle the correct information.

 In China, you might see a red dress / suit at a wedding.

 Doctors in the U.S. often wear green shirts / jackets.

 Yellow is a common color for girls’ / babies’ clothes.

 If you want to look thin, wear stripes or checks / solid colors.

 Blue is a good color to wear to a job / school interview.

 In Nepal, the oldest daughter / son usually wears white for one year after a parent’s death.

Answer & Audioscripts

1 dress   3 babies’   5 job

2 shirts   4 solid colors   6 Son



Woman:   Red is a powerful color and can be a symbol of strength. Wear something red when you feel good about yourself or want to attract attention. In many Asian countries, the color red brings luck, and in China, brides wear red wedding dresses.

2    green

Man:   If you go to the hospital in the U.S., you might see the staff wearing green uniforms. Doctors often wear green pants and green shirts. That’s because green relaxes people. It helps sick people feel better. Green is also associated with plants and nature.


Woman:   People often associate this bright color with sunshine and happy feelings. Maybe that’s why yellow is a popular color for babies’ clothes. Yellow is also easy to see, so some sports teams have yellow uniforms, and many information signs are yellow.


Man:   Advice from color experts can sometimes influence what people wear. For example, fashion experts recommend people wear black if they want to look thinner because dark colors make people look thinner. So, if you’re trying to look thinner, solid colors might look better than stripes or checks.


Woman:   When you think of the police, what color clothes do you imagine? In many places, police uniforms are blue, a color that people associate with loyalty. Blue is also a good color to wear to a job interview. It can create good feelings. It can show you are a loyal worker who will work many years for the company.


Man:   Brides in North America and Europe traditionally wear white dresses to symbolize purity. However, in some Asian countries, white is associated with death. In China, white gifts are brought to funerals when someone dies. In Nepal, the oldest son traditionally wears white clothing for one year after the death of a parent.

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