Listening task 1: Where does it go?

A Listen. Justin and Alex are roommates. Check (✓) the six things they are going to buy for their apartment.




DVD player







Answer & Audioscripts

couch, curtains, DVD player, lamp, picture, plant

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Where are they going to put the things? Number the picture from 1 to 6. (There is one extra space.)

Answer & Audioscripts

1 under the window

2 on the little table between the bookshelf and the armchair

3 on the big window

4 next to the vase on the coffee table

5 under the TV

6 on the wall next to the clock



Justin:   OK, let’s get in and out of here. I hate shopping.

Alex:   Well, we have to do it. Come on. This store is great, and it’s not very expensive. The first thing we need is something else to sit on. Hey, how about this one?

Justin:   I like it. It’s really comfortable. Try it.

Alex:   It does feel good. And three people can sit on it. It’s big, though.

Justin:   No problem. We can put it under the big window.

Alex:   Yeah. I think it’ll fit under the window.


Justin:   And speaking of the window, we need these.

Alex:   Yeah, I suppose. But yellow?

Justin:   What’s wrong with yellow?

Alex:   Oh, I don’t know.

Justin:   Well, then, how about these dark blue ones?

Alex:   Those are better. But only on the big window, OK?


Justin:   Like it or not, we’re going to be studying. This would be useful. It’s really bright.

Alex:   Really? I don’t think we need it.

Justin:   But I like to read at night. I can put it on the little cable between the bookshelf and the chair.

Alex:   OK. If you really think you need it, go ahead.


Justin:   Hey! Look over here. I love this! It has great purple flowers. And it looks so healthy!

Alex:   Yeah, because it’s not real. Are you sure you want an artificial one? And where are we going to put it?

Justin:   Well, it’s so small. We can put it next to the vase on the coffee table. And we won’t have to water it!

Alex:   OK. If you say so.


Justin:   Whoa, look at this. We need to watch some movies. We can’t study all the time. We have to get this.

Alex:   Are you crazy? That’s pretty expensive! And we already have a TV.

Justin:   Yeah, but don’t you like to watch movies?

Alex:   Where are we going to put it? We don’t have enough room.

Justin:   Yes, we do. We can put it right under the TV. Come on, if we each pay half …

Alex:   Well, OK.


Alex:   Well, I think we have everything. Let’s get out of here.

Justin:   Wait, I’m just going to get this.

Alex:   It’s got a nice frame, but what’s it supposed to be?

Justin:   I don’t know. But it looks cool. It’s got great colors, and the price includes the frame. I’m going to put it on the wall next to the clock.

Alex:   You know, for someone who doesn’t like shopping, you’re sure buying a lot!

Listening task 2: Where’s the heater?

A How do people keep their houses warm in different countries?
Circle the heater in each room. Then listen and check your answers.

Answer & Audioscripts

1 against the wall, between the chair and the mirror

2 on the right, next to the table

3 under the floor

4 under the table

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Did the people visit or live in the countries?
Check (✓) the correct answers.




1 Syria

2 Germany

3 South Korea

4 Japan

Answer & Audioscripts

1 visited   2 visited   3 lived   4 lived



Woman:   People think the Middle East is very warm, and it is. But it can get cold during the winter. I visited my grandparents in Syria last winter. Wow, it was really cold for about a week. Fortunately, they had a great heater. Some houses have a large heater that heats the whole house. My grandparents’ house had a very big heater in the living room.


Man:   When I visited my friend in Germany last year, she explained that some of the houses have a heater called a kachelofen. In her house, it’s in the living room. It has a metal door. The front is covered with tiles. Wood burns inside it, and the tiles get very warm. After all the wood has burned, the kachelofen hears the house for two or three more days.

 South Korea

Woman:   I used to live in South Korea. It can get really cold during the winter, but the house I lived in had an ondol floor. That’s a floor with pipes under it. The pipes carry hot water, and the hot pipes heat up the whole floor. The entire floor is a heater.


Man:   I loved living in Japan. They have this kind of heater called a kotatsu. It’s electric. It’s in a low table, under the tabletop. When you sit at the table, the kotatsu keeps your legs warm. Of course, there are other ways to stay warm. Many homes have large electric heaters, too.

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