Listening task 1: Where is it?

A Listen. Where are the places? Number the map from 1 to 6. (There is one extra place.)

1 Monkey Mountain

3 Children’s Zoo

2 Lion Land

4 Ice House

5 Brazilian Rain Forest

6 Life Science Center

Answer & Audioscripts

1 b   2 a   3 c   4 g   5 e   6 f

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Who wants to see these things? Check (✓) boy, girl, or both.





1 monkeys

2 lions

3 rabbits and sheep

4 penguins

5 insects

6 souvenirs

Answer & Audioscripts

1 both   3 girl   5 boy

2 boy   4 both   6 Both


 Monkey Mountain

Dad:   OK, kids, here we are at Safari Park. Remember, we only have about two hours. Maybe we should decide first what we want to see.

Boy:   Let’s check out Monkey Mountain. That sounds cool!

Girl:   Yeah, Dad, can you find Monkey Mountain on the map?

Dad:   It looks like it’s on the other side of the zoo from here. Let me see. Yes, Monkey Mountain is on the other side of the zoo. It’s across from People Bridge, next to the elephants, on the right.

 Lion Land

[lion roars]

Girl:   Whoa! What was that? That wasn’t a lion was it, Dad? You know, I’m afraid of lions.

Dad:   Well, I think it was a lion, honey. But don’t worry; they’re in cages. Now, let me see. Yes, Lion Land is across Crocodile River from the elephants, next to the Garden of Eating. Well, that’s convenient. So kids, should we go to Lion Land after Monkey Mountain?

Boy:   Sure! I like wild animals – big, wild animals.

Girl:   Oh, no!

 Children’s Zoo

Dad:   How about the Children’s Zoo, kids?

13oy: Uh, I don’t know. What kind of animals are in the Children’s Zoo?

Dad:   Well, lots of animals – rabbits, sheep. They’re all very friendly, and you can feed them and hold some of them, too. The Children’s Zoo is between Bear Country and Monkey Mountain.

Boy:   We can see rabbits and sheep anytime. I want to see some unusual animals.

Girl:   Oh, come on! I want to hold some real animals. Let’s go.

 Ice House

Boy:   After the Children’s Zoo, let’s go to Ice House. They have penguins there. Penguins are so fun to watch. They’re always doing something interesting.

Girl:   Yeah, penguins!

Dad:   OK, penguins. Let’s see… . It looks like they’re between the Garden of Eating and Water House, where the dolphins are.

 Brazilian Rain Forest

Boy:   Is there anything you want to see, Dad?

Dad:   Well, I vote for the Brazilian Rain Forest. It’s on our way back. See People Bridge on the map? It’s the walkway that goes from Crocodile River to the Reptile Ranch. The Brazilian Rain Forest is under People Bridge, right next to the reptiles. Does that sound OK, kids?

Boy:   Yeah, that’s great. We’re studying insects of the rainforest in school now.

Girl:   Insects? Yuck! I thought we came here to see animals!

 Life Science Center

Dad:   Hey, look! The new Life Science Center is finally open. It’s right over there, around the comer from the film shop. There’s an exhibit there about how people can protect the environment, and it has a souvenir shop, too.

Boy:   Oh, Dad. Can I get a T-shirt? Or a toy, like a rubber snake or something? Please?

Girl:   Hey, yeah! I want one of those, too, and then one of those things …

Listening task 2: Find the treasure.

A Listen. A boy is playing a video game. Where is he? Number the places from 1 to 6. (There are three extra places.)

Answer & Audioscripts

1 a   2 b   3 e   4 d   5 i   6 h

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Circle the correct information.

 The boy / girl has played the game a lot.

 The bag has money / rocks.

 The boy buys a sandwich / an ice cream cone.

 The boy gives the man a ticket / the ice cream cone.

 The monkey gives the boy a map / key.

 The map / treasure is behind the door.

Answer & Audioscripts

 The girl has played the gan1e a lot.

 The bag has money.

 The boy buys an ice cream cone.

 The boy gives the man the ice cream cone.

5   The monkey gives the boy a key.

 The map is behind the door.



Girl:   Oh, wow, you’re playing Treasure Temple! I love that game.

Boy:   Yeah, and I think I’m on the last level, but now I don’t know what to do. I have to find the treasure somehow.

Girl:   Do you want me to help you? I’ve played this lots of times.

Boy:   Sure. Uh, do I go straight?

Girl:   Yes, but now turn left, before that rock.

Boy:   Why?

Girl:   Because there’s a snake on it. See? He’s dangerous!


Boy:   OK. So I turn left. And then what?

Girl:   Look, see that tree? Go to the tree. Do you see a bag? Pick it up.

Boy:   OK … Oh! There’s money inside!

Girl:   Yes, you need that to buy things.


Girl:   Now go back to the path and go straight ahead. Then turn left into the café.

Boy:   Which one is the café?

Girl:   Oh, it’s the little building between the store and the red house.

Boy:   OK, I’m in the café.

Girl:   Use your money to buy an ice cream cone. Trust me, you’ll need it.


Girl:   Good. Now go out and turn left. Then turn right. Now you’re walking to the boat. See?

Boy:   Yes. OK, what do l do when I get to the boat?

Girl:   Give the man the ice cream cone. Then he’ll give you his boat. Get in the boat. There are some bananas in it. You need to go across the lake.


Girl:   Now go across the lake to the big tree. Take a banana from the boat.

Boy:   How many?

Girl:  Just one. Now, climb the tree. At the top, there’s a monkey. Give him the banana … Great! Did he give you something?

Boy:   Yes, he gave me a key. It looks like the key to a door.


Girl:   Now get back in the boat, but this time go toward chat temple. Get out of the boat in front of the temple. Now go around the temple co the right side. Do you see a small door?

Boy:   Yes, there it is.

Girl:   OK. Use your key to open the door and go inside. What do you see?

Boy:   Is it the treasure? Oh … it’s a map. There’s another level.

Girl:   That’s right. Do you want more help?

Boy:   Yes, please!

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