Listening task 1: What’s playing?

A Listen. What kinds of movies do you hear? Number the signs from 1 to 5. (There is one extra sign.)

Answer & Audioscripts

1 romance   3 comedy   5 action

2 horror   4 science fiction

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. What’s going on? Circle the correct information.

1   Jessica wants / doesn’t want Chris to go away.

2   The woman is / is not afraid.

3   They’re having an easy / a hard time.

4   They’re going to / not going to fight.

5   They are chasing / caught some robbers.

Answer & Audioscripts

1   Jessica doesn’t want Chris to go away.

2   The woman is afraid.

3   They’re having a hard time.

4   They’re not going to fight.

5   They are chasing some robbers.



Jessica:   Don’t go!

Chris:   I have to go, Jessica.

Jessica:   When will you be back, Chris?

Chris:   Soon, don’t worry. I love you, Jessica. I’ll always love you.

Jessica:   I love you, too, Chris. Wait! Before you go, there’s something I have to tell you.



Man:   What’s that noise?

Woman:   It’s so scary. Stay here! It’s dangerous. You’ll get hurt.

Man:   There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m just going to go outside and take a look.

Woman:   I don’t think that’s a good idea. There might

be a vampire or something out there.

Man:   Don’t worry. I’ll be right back.


Man 1:   OK. We’re ready to start. Hey, what are you doing? You’re going to hurt yourself.

Man 2:   I’m fine. [crash] Ouch!

Man 1:   Now, let me have that.

Man 2:   OK. Here it is. Oops. [crash] Ouch!


Robot:   Captain, look. Approaching starship.

Captain:   Can you see where it’s from, Zork? Are they friendly?

Robot:   Looks like the enemy, Captain.

Captain:   Wait. Let’s make sure. [weapons fire]

Robot:   It’s definitely the enemy, Captain.

Captain:   Turn around, quick! Go the other way!

Robot:   Yes, captain. Turning around.


Police officer 1:   There they go! Let’s get them. Quick! Follow them.

Police officer 2:   Look, they’re wearing masks.

Police officer 1:   Of course they’re wearing masks, rookie. They just robbed a bank.

Police officer 2:   Watch out! [tires screech]

Police officer 1:   [into police radio] Need assistance, south on Fifth Avenue, approaching Elm. Over.

Listening task 2: Film critics

A Listen. What kinds of movies are the film critics talking about?
Check (✓) the correct answers.

Answer & Audioscripts

1 science fiction   4 action

2 comedy   5 romance

3 musical

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Do Mark and Anna like or dislike the movies?
Circle the smile or the frown.

1   He …………….. .

     a   watched a science program on TV

     b   played video games

     c   went to a movie

Answer & Audioscripts

1 Mark: smile, Anna: smile

2 Mark: smile, Anna: frown

3 Mark: smile, Anna: smile

4 Mark: frown, Anna: frown

5 Mark: frown, Anna: smile



Mark:   Good evening and welcome to A Night at the Movies. I’m Mark.

Anna:   And I’m Anna. Tonight we’re going to look at this week’s new films, starting with Beyond the Moon.

Mark:   Beyond the Moon – what a movie! It’s the story of a flight to Mars that gets into trouble. A team of robots saves the astronauts aboard a spaceship. The movie is full of space travel and lots of special effects.

Anna:   I liked it, too. The special effects are wonderful. Go see this movie.


Mark:   Next, we have A Man’s Best Friend. This is the funniest movie you will see all year. It’s about a cat that can talk. The cat causes problems for his owner. If you like good jokes and silly situations, this is the movie for you. You’ll laugh the whole time.

Anna:   Oh, I don’t know, Mark. There aren’t many laughs, and the story is stupid. There is nothing new about talking animals – boring.


Mark:   Well, Anna, I think we will agree on San Francisco. It’s one of the best in a long time. The songs are great, and the dancing’s fantastic.

Anna:   I liked San Francisco a lot. It’s about a girl who comes from a poor family. She works hard and becomes a famous nightclub singer. I don’t usually like this kind of movie, but this was different. As you said, excellent singing and dancing.


Mark:   OK. Now to the next movie: Running. Car chases, car crashes, fights – this is a noisy, violent movie. It’s about two police officers who are old friends. They travel across the country trying to avoid bad guys. It’s totally boring.

Anna:   I agree, Mark. I thought this movie was much too violent. It’s just too much. Skip this movie.


Mark:   Our last movie is called You and Me Alone. It’s the same old story. Two teenagers meet at school. At first, they don’t like each other. Then things change, and they fall in love. Her family doesn’t like him, so they have to meet secretly. I thought the acting was awful and the dialog was even worse.

Anna:   Really? Oh, no, no, no, Mark. These are teenagers and they act like teenagers do. This is like Romeo and Juliet in jeans and T-shirts. It’s a good movie – with good, young actors.

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