Listening task 1: On the phone

A Listen. People are calling for information. What places do they ask about?
Check (✓) the correct places.

1   Sydney, Australia

Sydney Hotel

Park Hyatt

2   São Paulo, Brazil

American Chamber of Commerce

American Trade Office

3   Seoul, South Korea

National Tourism Organization

Central Tours Office

4   Toronto, Canada

Blue Jays Baseball Team Ticket Office

Maple Leafs Hockey Team Ticket Office

5   Tokyo, Japan

United States Embassy

American Center Library

6   Mexico City, Mexico

Miami Airlines

Colombia Airlines

Answer & Audioscripts

1 Park Hyatt

2 American Chamber of Commerce

3 National Tourism Organization

4 Blue Jays Baseball Team Ticket Office

5 American Center Library

6 Colombia Airlines

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Write the phone numbers for the places.







Answer & Audioscripts








 Sydney, Australia

[phone rings]

Operator:   Directory assistance.

Woman:   Yes, I’d like the number of the Hyatt Hotel in Sydney, please.

Operator:   The Park Hyatt, ma’am?

Woman:   That’s right, the Park Hyatt on Hickson Road.

Operator:   The number is oh-two, nine-two-four-one, one-two-three-four.

Woman:   Nine-two-four-one, one-two-three-four. Thank you. Oh, that’s area code oh-two?

Operator:   Yes, area code oh-two.

 Sao Paulo, Brazil

[phone rings]

Hotel clerk:   Front desk. How may I help you?

Woman:   Yes, I need the phone number for the American Chamber of Commerce, please.

Hotel clerk:   The American Chamber of Commerce. Just a minute, please. The city code of São Paulo is one-one. The Chamber of Commerce is five-one-eight-oh, three-eight-oh-four.

Woman:   Um. City code one-one and then … I’m sorry, could you repeat that?

Hotel clerk:   Sure, one-one, five-one-eight-oh, three-eight-oh-four.

Woman:   So I dial one-one, five-one-eight-oh, three-eight-oh-four.

Hotel clerk:   Yes, that’s right.

 Seoul, South Korea

[phone rings]

Hotel clerk:   Good morning. Front desk. How may I help you?

Man:   Hi. I need the phone number for the National Tourism Organization, please.

Hotel clerk:   National Tourism Organization. Just a moment. Here it is. The number is seven-two-nine-nine, four-nine-six, four-nine-nine.

Man:   I’m sorry. Did you say seven-nine-two-nine?

Hotel clerk:   No. Seven-two-nine-nine. The number is seven-two-nine-nine, four-nine-six, four-nine-nine.

Man:   OK. Great. Thanks.

 Toronto, Canada.

[phone rings]

Operator:   Directory assistance.

Man:   Yes, the Toronto Blue Jays. I want to buy baseball tickers. So the Blue Jays … their ticker office, please.

Operator:   The Blue Jays’ Ticket office? Just a minute.

Automated voice:   That number is one, eight-eight-eight, six-five-four, six-five-two-nine.

Man: One, eight-eight-eight, six-five-four, six-five-two-nine.

 Tokyo, Japan

[phone rings]

Receptionist:   United States Embassy.

Woman:   Yes, what time does the American Center Library open tomorrow?

Receptionist:   The American Center is in a different building, ma’am. The number for the library is oh-three, three-four-three-six, oh-nine-oh-one.

Woman:   Let’s see. Oh-three, three-four-three-six, oh-nine-oh-one?

Receptionist:   That’s right.

Woman:   Thank you.

 Mexico City, Mexico.

[phone rings]

Hotel clerk:   Front desk.

Woman:   Could I have the local number for Colombia Airlines, please?

Hotel clerk:   Yes, just a minute. It’s five-two-eight-three, five-five-oh-oh.

Woman:   Five-two-eight-three, five-five-oh-oh. Thank you.

Hotel clerk:   You’re quite welcome.

Listening task 2: Team scores

A Listen. These teams are in a basketball tournament. Which team wins each game? Write the first letter of the team’s name in the circles.

Answer & Audioscripts











Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Write the score for each game in the chart.

Answer & Audioscripts

1   Lions 94, Hawks 68

2   Eagles 103, Tigers 99

3   Panthers 87, Bears 73

4   Rockets 72, Comets 65

5   Lions 92, Eagles 80

6   Rockets 107, Panthers 86

7   Rockets 109, Lions 98


Sportscaster:   Hello, sports fans and welcome to This Week in Sports. The big news this week, of course, is the basketball championship. It started out with game one on Friday. The Lions won. The score: Lions, ninety-four, Hawks, sixty-eight. That score again, the Lions won. Lions ninety-four, Hawks sixty-eight.

The next game, game two, was between the Tigers and the Eagles. The Eagles won. But they won by just four points. The score: one-hundred three to ninety-nine. Again, the Eagles one-oh-three, the Tigers ninety-nine.

In game three, the Panthers played the Bears. The Panthers beat the Bears eighty-seven to seventy-three. Too bad, Bears fans. Your boys went down eighty-seven to seventy-three.

And in the last game on Friday, the Rockets beat the Comets. The Rockets won seventy-two to sixty-five. Rockets seventy-two, Comets sixty-five.

Then on Saturday, we saw some real action. In game one, it was the Lions against the Eagles. And the Lions won with ninety-two points. The Eagles had eighty points. The score: Lions ninety-two, Eagles eighty.

And in the other big game on Saturday, the Rockets beat the Panthers one-hundred seven to eighty-six. The Rockets over the Panthers by twenty-one points.

That brings us to the championship game today. It was the Lions against the Rockets. Both teams played well, but today, the Rockets were better. The final score: The Rockets one-oh-nine, the Lions ninety-eight. So the new champions are the Rockets. Rockets one-oh-nine, Lions ninety-eight.

That’s it for basketball action. Turning to the excitement of professional bowling, it was a crazy day …

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