Exercise 1

Listen to interviews with the people C and D and complete the table.




Person C



Person D



Answer & Audioscript




Person C

$80,000 a year


Person D

$30,000 a year



Speaker 1   Hi, hi, excuse me. Do you mind if I ask you a question?

Speaker 2   Uh, no sure, go ahead. What’s the question?

Speaker 1   May I ask you, what do you do?

Speaker 2   I’m a plumber.

Speaker 1   A plumber, really? That’s kind of unusual for a woman. And is it a very well-paid job?

Speaker 2   Well, I work for myself. Yeah, I think I’m pretty well-off. My company makes about $400,000 dollars a year. I get about $80,000 a year.

Speaker 1   That’s great! And when did you start working for yourself?

Speaker 2   About four years ago, when I was 26.

Speaker 1   I see, well, thank you very much.

Speaker 1   Hi, sorry, do you mind if I ask you a question?

Speaker 3   No, no, that’s fine. How can I help you?

Speaker 1   What do you do?

Speaker 3   I’m a model.

Speaker 1   A model, sure. Is that a well-paid job?

Speaker 3   Well, not really. It can be, but sometimes there are long gaps between jobs. It’s also important to be very well-dressed, and that’s really expensive. I probably make about $30,000 a year after taxes.

Speaker 1   Oh, wow, I thought models were all really rich!

Speaker 3   No, at least I’m not rich!

Speaker 1   And how long have you been a model?

Speaker 3   Since I was sixteen. About six years.

Speaker 1   Okay, thanks very much.

Exercise 2

Listen to the job interview. Circle the correct phrase to complete each sentence.

1   Mr. Murphy worked at Cliffton Bank … .

a   for 2 years

b   for 10 years

c   for 10 months

2   He worked at Weston Bank … .

a   for 15 years

b   for 3 years

c   for 5 years

3   He has worked at Chattrell’s accountancy firm … .

a   since February

b   since March

c   since last year

4   He was told about losing his job … .

a   3 weeks ago

b   3 months ago

c   3 hours ago

5   He had a salary increase … .

a   6 weeks ago

b   6 years ago

c   6 months ago

6   Black’s opened … .

a   50 years ago

b   5 years ago

c   15 years ago

Answer & Audioscript

1 b   2 c   3 a   4 a   5 c   6 a


A   Good morning, Mr. Murphy, please sit down.

B   Thank you.

A   Now, your resume says you used to work for Cliffton Bank. How lond did you work there for?

B   Oh, a long time. I worked there for ten years.

A   And what did you do after that?

B   Well, I joined Weston Bank and worked there for five years, but I left because I wanted more money.

A   And after Weston Bank?

B   Since February, I’ve worked at Chattrell’s accountancy firm, but they’re closing, so I’m losing my job.

A   When did they tell you this?

B   Oh, about three weeks ago now.

A   And what kind of salary are you looking for?

B   Well, more than at Chattrell’s. They gave me a raise six months ago, but …

A   Well, we can discuss that later. Would you like to know anything about our company?

B   Yes, when did Black’s open?

A   We first opened 50 years ago. We are a highly respected financial institution …

Exercise 3

Listen to some people talking about their jobs. Complete the table with the words or phrases from the boxes.

business person     designer     lawyer     model     plumber

five years     seven years     14 years     ten years     two years



How long in the job
















Answer & Audioscript

1   plumber, 14 years

2   business person, five years

3   model, seven years

4   designer, two years

5   lawyer, ten years



I love my job. I’ve done it for 14 years now. I go to people’s houses and fix their faucets and make sure the water works correctly.


I work in an office – I have for the last five years. I make money for my company by doing business deals with other companies.


My job is very glamorous. I show clothes for all the top designers. I started doing this seven years ago – when I was 14. I know it’s young, but you have to start early.


My job involves making plans and patterns for clothes. If I have an idea for a dress, I draw it and give it to someone else to make. I haven’t been doing this for long – I started just two years ago, but I love it!


My job involves working with other people and trying to help them when they get into trouble with the law. I give them advice and often go to court to represent them. I started this job as soon as I graduated from college – ten years ago.

Exercise 4

Listen to an interview with a country and western singer. Check the questions that the interview asks.

When were you born?

Where did you go to school?

How old were you when you left school?

Why did you leave school?

What was your first job?

Did you have any children?

How many children did you have?

Why did you break up with Roy?

How many children did you bring up?

What would you like to do in the future?

Have you enjoyed your life, Marilyn?

Answer & Audioscript

When were you born?

How old were you when you left school?

What was your first job?

Did you have any children?

Why did you break up with Roy?

How many children did you bring up?

Have you enjoyed your life, Marilyn?


A   So, Marilyn, when were you born?

B   Well, a long time before you, Jeffrey! Actually, I was born in 1958 in a small town in the mid-west.

A   And how old were you when you left school?

B   Well, I left pretty early because I wasn’t really academic. I was just 15.

A   Yes, that’s pretty early. So, what was your first job?

B   I remember it clearly. I worked in a fast-food joint … selling burgers and fries for $2 an hour. But I left that job when I was 16.

A   So, what happened then?

B   Well, I started working for a local rock ‘n’ roll band and that’s how I met my first husband. His name was Roy. We were just 18 when we got married.

A   And did you have any children?

B   Yes I had Billy-Jo when I was 24 – she’s a singer now, too, you know.

A   Why did you break up with Roy?

B   Well, we just went our separate ways, but we’re still friends and we’re both married again.

A   And how many children did you bring up?

B   Well, four in total! Now they come to see me perform my songs and they bring their kids, too – it’s a real family event.

A   So, have you enjoyed your life, Marilyn?

B   Oh, yes, I’ve loved every minute and I’ll probably carry on forever.

A   Well, thank you very much – Marilyn Morris!

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