Listening task 1: Changing plans

A Listen. Some people are changing plans. Cross out the old information.
Write any new information.

Answer & Audioscripts

1   7:30 Hayes Hall     6:15 Museum Cafe

2   CA39 Taipei 6:10     8:00

3   12:00 Bangkok Café     12:15 The Plaza

4   Monday 10:00 English rest     Wednesday 8:15

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Circle the correct reason for each change.

1   a. They want to eat before the concert.

     b. They want to visit the museum.

2   a. The plane needs to be repaired.

     b. The weather is bad.

3   a. Bangkok Cafe will be crowded.

     b. Bangkok Cafe will be closed.

4   a. Professor Barton is sick.

     b. Daniel Smith is sick.

Answer & Audioscripts

1 a   2 b   3 a   4 b



Woman:   So we’re meeting at seven-thirty in front of Hayes Hall, right?

Man:   Well, how about a bit earlier? Would you like to get something to eat before the concert?

Woman:   That’d be nice.

Man:   OK. About six-thirty?

Woman:   Ah, well, could we meet at a quarter after six? Give ourselves a little more time.

Man:   Quarter after six, in front of Hayes Hall. Got it. No problem.

Woman:   No, wait a minute. Let’s meet at Museum Cafe instead. We can eat there.

Man:   OK. Sure. Six-fifteen in front of Museum Café. See you there!


Airport announcer:   Attention passengers on China Pacific Airways flight C-A thirty-nine to Taipei. Due to poor weather conditions in the Taipei area, fight C-A thirty-nine has been delayed. The flight will now depart at eight o’clock. Flight C-A thirty-nine to Taipei will leave at eight o’clock from gate eleven.

Man:  Oh no! Eight o’clock! We’ve got a long wait ahead of us. Why don’t we go get something to eat.


[phone rings]

Nicole:   Hello.

Tony:   Hi, Nicole. This is Tony.

Nicole:   Oh, hi. Hey, I’m looking forward to our lunch tomorrow.

Tony:   Uh, that’s what I’m calling about. We were supposed to meet at noon, right?

Nicole:   Yeah, noon at the Bangkok Café.

Tony:   You know, that place gets really crowded around noon. We’ll probably have to wait a long time for a table.

Nicole:   OK. How about the Plaza then?

Tony:   Good idea. The Plaza has great food. How about meeting at twelve-thirty so we miss the crowd there?

Nicole:   Hmm. Is quarter past OK?

Tony:   Sure. Twelve-fifteen at the Plaza. I’ll be there!


[phone rings]

Secretary:   English Department.

Daniel:   Hi, uh, this is Daniel Smith. I’m in Professor Barton’s Advanced English class.

Secretary:   Yes, hello, Daniel.

Daniel:   We have a test today, but I’m really sick. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to miss the test.

Secretary:   Don’t worry. Professor Barton has a make-up day scheduled. I mean, if you’re really sick, you can take the test on another day.

Daniel:   Oh, great. When is the make-up day?

Secretary:   It’s on Wednesday morning at eight-fifteen.

Daniel:   Wednesday at a quarter past eight? I’ll be there. Thanks!

Secretary:   Hope you feel better!

Listening task 2: Time and cultures

A Listen. Some students are talking about time in different countries.
Number the pictures from 1 to 4. (There is one extra picture.)

Answer & Audioscripts

(top row) 2, 4, X

(bottom row) 3, 1

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Circle the correct times.

1   a. The invitations were for 7:00 / 7:30.

     b. The guests came at 9:00 / 9:30.

2   a. His professor said to come at 7·:00 / 7:15.

     b. He came at 7:10 / 7:30.

3   a. The invitation was for 9:00 / 10:30.

     b. The wedding started at 10:30 / 12:00.

4   a. The next bus was at 10:17 / 10:18.

     b. The bus left at 10:15 / 10:17

Answer & Audioscripts

1  a. 7:30    b. 9:30

2  a. 7:00     b. 7:10

3  a. 9:00    b. 12:00

4  a. 10:17    b. 10:17



Woman 1:   I hear you just got back from Brazil, John. Did you enjoy yourself?

John:   I had a wonderful time. Well, speaking of time, actually … I had a little problem with Brazilian time.

Woman 1:   Really? What happened?

John:   Well, I gave a dinner party one night. I invited everyone to come at seven-thirty, so I had dinner on the cable by then, but I had no guests!

Woman 1:   Ah, I bet they all came about nine-thirty, right?

John:   Yeah. They came at nine-thirty, two hours late.

Woman 1:   Two hours late? That’s right on time in Brazil!


Man 1:   l had a similar problem here in the U.S. I was invited to my professor’s house. He said to come at seven. I arrived at about seven-ten, but l guess it was a little early.

John:   Why? What did your professor say?

Man 1:   He didn’t say anything. He was still in the shower. His wife opened the door.

John:   So they were still getting ready? Well, Americans usually show up at a party about twenty or thirty minutes late. But you weren’t too early.

Man 1:   Really? l was very embarrassed.

John:   Oh, don’t worry about it. Your professor should have been ready to greet his guests!


Woman 2:   Time is really different in my country. I invited some American friends to my wedding in Morocco. The invitation said to come at nine P.M., but l cold them to come much later than nine. Moroccan weddings last all night, you know. Well, anyway, they came at about ten-thirty.

Woman 1:   Ten-thirty? Were they late then?

Woman 2:   Late? No, I was still getting ready. The wedding actually started at midnight. I felt bad. I should have told them to come really, really late, for them.


John:   You know a country that’s really on time? Switzerland.

Man 1:   Did you have some trouble?

John:   Well, I had to get used to some differences. You know how the buses here are always a little late.

Man 1:   Yes.

John:   Once I had to catch a bus to the airport. The schedule said the next bus was at ten-seventeen, so I arrived at the bus stop at ten-eighteen, but there was no bus. The bus had left at exactly ten-seventeen, so I missed it!

Man 1:   Really? I think I’d like Switzerland!

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