Exercise 1

1   Listen to the show. What is unusual about this show?

2   Listen again and mark the statements True or False.

The first speaker (Chloe)

1   She thinks some kids are worried about their studies.

2   She thinks a lot of kids are serious about life.

The second speaker (Joe)

1   He thinks some kids are concerned about the state of the world.

2   He thinks kids aren’t interested in money.

The third speaker (Louise)

1   She thinks boys are not concerned about their appearance.

2   She thinks kids want to grow up too quickly.

Answer & Audioscript


It’s the only radio show run by kids for kids.


Chloe   1 True   2 False

Joe   1 True   2 False

Louise   1 False   2 True


Frank   Hello, everyone, and welcome to Kids Talk, the only radio program run by kids for kids. Today, we are asking our panel of teenagers – Chloe, Louise, and Joe – some questions about kids their age. What are their main interests and concerns? What do they do in their free time? What makes them lose sleep? First, Chloe …

Chole   Well, I think kids today are like they’ve always been, really. Some kids are very concerned about their education … you know … what courses to take and … uh … exams and what job or work they’re going to do in the future. Those kids really study hard and worry about their grades. But of course a lot are more interested in going out and dating. I don’t think many kids are too serious about life, really.

Frank   Okay, Chloe, thanks. So Chloe thinks some kids think about their future, but most kids just want to have fun. What about you, Joe? In your opinion, are many kids serious about life? Do kids think about things like politics and the environment?

Joe   Well, I think some kids are very worried about the state of the world – war and pollution and poverty and so on. They get so much information about all these things – you know from TV and the Internet. But a lot of kids are very into money and more concerned about getting a new cellphone or the latest computer game or designer clothes. I don’t know any kids who don’t think about those things – you know, clothes and possessions – a lot. They have some money but they always want more …

Frank   Okay, in summary, Joe thinks most kids are very interested in possessions and clothes. How about you, Louise?

Louise   Yeah, I agree with Joe. Kids are very concerned about their clothes and their appearance – girls mostly, but boys more and more too. Boys are really beginning to care about how they look. I also think kids want to grow up too quickly. They want to be seen as adults rather than enjoying their childhood and teenage years … it’s sad really …

Frank   So kids don’t want to be kids – they want to be adults?

Louise   Yes, that’s what I think.

Frank   Thanks, Louise, that’s very interesting … and thanks to all of you for getting the discussion started … now, here’s our first caller … it’s Mark, from Baltimore. Mark, what do you think kids are interested in these days?

Exercise 2

1   Listen to the radio ad.

1   What is it advertising?

2   Who is speaking?

3   What is her relationship with the child?

2   Listen again and choose the correct answer.

 Jan is a secretary / doctor / teacher.

 It costs $5 / $30 / $20 a month.

 Kareema writes once a week / every two months / every month.

 She sends pictures / e-mails / gifts.

 She is helping her brothers to learn to write / use a computer / take pictures.

Answer & Audioscript


1 Sponsor a Child   2 a doctor   3 she sponsors her


1 doctor   2 $20   3 every month   4 pictures   5 learn to write


I heard an ad like this one about a year ago and decided I wanted to sponsor a child. For just $20 a month, my husband and I can really do something to contribute to a child’s life. We sponsor a little girl named Kareema in Africa. Kareema writes to us every month and sends us pictures of her family. We love the photos! She now goes to school and she reads and writes very well. She is helping her brothers to learn to read and write. We look forward to her letters every month and feel this has really added something to our lives-as well as hers. Kareema is like part of our family. You too can sponsor a child. Call (212) 539-4285 today and see how Sponsor a Child can change your life.

Exercise 3

Listen to the conversation. Check True or False for each statement.

1   The man would like some information about classes.

2   He doesn’t want any details about computer programming.

3   The school doesn’t have any vacancies left for the computer class.

4   The man has some computing experience.

5   The man has some friends who are interested in the class, too.

6   The school doesn’t have any available evening classes.

7   The man needs to bring some paper to class.

Answer & Audioscript

1 True   2 False   3 False   4 False   5 True   6 True   7 True


A   Good morning. Can I help you?

B   Yes, I’d like some information about classes that you have.

A   Certainly, sir. We have classes in anything from English, math, and history to woodwork, jewelery making, and computer programming. Are you interested in any of these?

B   Yes, I’d like some details about computer programming.

A   Well, the class starts next Tuesday at 2 o’clock and it costs $100 for six weeks. We have some vacancies left if you’re interested.

B   I don’t have any computing experience … does that matter?

A   No, sir, not at all … the class is for total beginners – you don’t need any subject knowledge and the teacher is very good. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the class.

B   I have some friends who are interested, too, but they can’t study during the day. Do you have any evening classes?

A   I’m sorry sir, all the evening classes are fully booked. They could try Old College – they may have some vacancies.

B   OK, great, thanks. See you next Tuesday.

A   OK sir, and don’t forget to bring some paper and a pen.

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