Exercise 1

1. Look at the photos. Who are the people and what are they wearing? Then listen and check.

Answer & Audioscript

 Jaden Smith, singer and actor – denim jacket, white T-shirt, white trousers, black cap (bag, necklaces)

 Taylor Swift, singer and actor – black shirt, black trousers (handbag)

 Ed Sheeran, singer – black suit, white shirt, black tie

D   Rihanna, singer – trainers, trousers, black and white blouse


A   Boy:   This is Jaden Smith. I like him a lot. His dad’s Will Smith. Jaden Smith’s a singer and he’s been in a few films too. He’s wearing a denim jacket, a white T-shirt and skinny white trousers. He’s got a black cap and a small red bag. He’s got some gold necklaces as well.

B   Girl:   This is Taylor Swift. She always looks really trendy. Here, she’s walking along a city street. She’s wearing a smart black shirt and black trousers. It looks like she has a handbag as well.

C   Girl:   Ed Sheeran isn’t normally this well-dressed! He usually wears casual clothes, but here he’s wearing a black suit, a white shirt and a black tie. The suit looks brand new. He looks very smart!

D   Boy:   Rihanna is one of my favourite singers. She’s wearing trainers, loose-fitting trousers, and a black-and-white blouse with very long sleeves.

Exercise 2

1. Listen to an interview with three teenagers. Are they talking about:

a   what’s fashionable at the moment?

b   what clothes they might buy?

 what they like wearing?

2. Read the questions. Then listen again and write A (Ashley), M (Molly) or L (Luke)

 Whose clothes are comfortable?

 Whose jeans are skinny?

 Who is wearing something brand new?

 Who doesn’t wear smart clothes?

 Who isn’t interested in trendy clothes?

 Who is very well-dressed today?

Answer & Audioscript

1    what they like wearing

2   1 A   2 L   3 M   4 A   5 L   6 M


Presenter:   This morning we’re at Charlbury High School to find out what’s in fashion at the moment.


Presenter:   What clothes do you like wearing, Ashley?

Ashley:   Mmm, I love sports clothes. I never wear anything very smart. I just wear trainers and tracksuits, that kind of thing.

Presenter:   Why?

Ashley:   Tracksuits are soft on your skin, they’re comfortable and easy to wear and you can wear them anywhere. I love this one. It’s a great colour!


Presenter:   You look very well dressed today, Molly. Can you tell me about your clothes?

Molly:   I really like this top. I saw it in a trendy market stall and I fell in love with it straight away.

Presenter:   It’s lovely. Very smart.

Molly:   Thank you. It’s brand new. I bought it yesterday.


Presenter:   Luke, can you tell me what fashions and clothes you like?

Luke:   Sure. I like clothes that are quite simple and not too colourful. I’m not interested in what’s trendy. My boots are old but I love them. I don’t like wearing stuff that’s brand new. I love these skinny jeans too – I don’t find loose-fitting jeans comfortable. And this is my favourite sweatshirt. It’s from a music festival.

Presenter:   Did you buy your clothes second-hand?

Luke:   No, I bought them new … but quite a long time ago!

Exercise 3

1. Listen to a conversation between Sara and her grandma. What does Sara’s grandma talk about?

a   her favourite band from the 1970s

b   music and fashion in the 1960s

c   women’s clothes fashion in the 1960s

2. Listen to the first half of the conversation again. Choose the correct answers.

1   People watched / didn’t watch colour TV in the 1950s.

2   Sara’s grandma listened to / didn’t listen to pop music in the 1960s.

3   Sara’s grandma watched The Beatles play on TV / at a concert.

4   Sara’s dad / grandma still plays The Beatles’ Abbey Road album.

3. Listen to the second half of the conversation again. Complete the sentences. Listen again and check.

beards      blue      dresses      hair      jacket

jeans      loose-fitting      necklaces      tights

 Grandma’s ……………… jacket matches Sara’s ……………… .

 Girls wore short ……………… and colourful ……………… in the 1960s.

 By the end of the 1960s, the fashion for men was for long ………………, ……………… and colourful, ……………… clothes.

4   Grandma made her own ……………… .

Answer & Audioscript

1   b

2   1 didn’t watch   2 listened to   3 on TV   4 dad

3   1 blue, jean   2 dresses, tights   3 hair, beards, loose-fitting   4 jacket


Sara:   Grandma, did you listen to pop music when you were young?

Grandma:   Oh, yes! There were all kinds of exciting bands in those days.

Sara:   Really? What did you listen to?

Grandma:   I remember when I was a teenager. It was a summer’s evening in 1969. My parents had a colour TV. Colour TVs were fairly new in 1969. Before then, television was only in black and white.

Sara:   Black and white TV?

Grandma:   Yes! So this colour TV was rare in those days. There was a music show called Top of the Pops and The Beatles were on. They played songs from their new album, Abbey Road. Oh, it was an amazing performance! They played really well. Abbey Road is still my favourite album of all time.

Sara:   I know that album. Dad still plays it. It’s cool. But I didn’t know it was so old.

Grandma:   I loved The Beatles … everyone loved The Beatles. The whole world went crazy when that album came out.

Sara:   Oh, Grandma, there’s something I want to ask you. Can I borrow your jacket again?

Grandma:   The blue one? But it’s really old.

Sara:   I know it’s old, but that style’s fashionable again now, and it matches my jeans.

Grandma:   I’ll just go and get it for you …

Sara:   Thanks, Grandma. So what kind of clothes did you wear when you were my age?

Grandma:   Girls wore dresses in those days. Short dresses and colourful tights are what I remember from the early 1960s. I had a cool pair of trousers too, with quite short legs.

Sara:   And the guys?

Grandma:   The men wore smart clothes at the start of the 1960s but by the time Abbey Road came out in 1969, the fashion for men was for long hair and beards, and colourful, loose-fitting clothes …

Sara:   And – er – the jacket?

Grandma:   Oh, yes, the jacket. Here it is. I made this jacket in … I think it was … 1965!

Sara:   No way! That’s amazing! I never knew you were so clever, Grandma.

Grandma:   Well, now you know!

Exercise 4

1. Listen to Harry answering the questions below and make notes on his answers.

 What clothes do you like wearing?

 How often do you buy new clothes?

 Where do you usually buy your clothes?

 How much do you spend on clothes?

2. Listen again to Harry answering the questions and complete Harry’s sentences. Listen again and check.

 I ……………… jeans always look good.

 I don’t go shopping ……………… .

 I ……………… shopping in department stores because the clothes are too expensive.

 I ……………… spend more when I get money for my birthday.

Answer & Audioscript

1   1 jeans   2 two or three times a month   3 the market   4 about £30 a month

2   1 think   2 every week   3 don’t like   4 always


Interviewer:   What clothes do you like wearing?

Harry:   I like wearing jeans. They’re very comfortable, and I think jeans always look good.

Interviewer:   How often do you buy new clothes?

Harry:   Well, I don’t go shopping every week, but I suppose I go shopping two or three times a month. I do jobs for my parents to earn money.

Interviewer:   Where do you usually buy your clothes?

Harry:   I usually go to the market because the clothes are quite cheap. I don’t like shopping in department stores because the clothes are too expensive.

Interviewer:   How much do you spend on clothes?

Harry:   I’m not sure … I probably spend about £30 a month. And I always spend more when I get money for my birthday.

Exercise 5

1. Listen to a presentation about the Beefeaters. Match the name of the uniforms to the photos.

1   state dress uniform

2   undress uniform

2. Listen again and answer the questions.

 Where can tourists usually see Beefeaters?

 How long ago were the Beefeaters established?

 Why are these special guards called Beefeaters?

 When do the Beefeaters wear the two uniforms?

 What colours are these parts of the state dress uniform?

     a   collar

     b   stockings

     c   bonnet

Answer & Audioscript

1   1 B   2 A


        1   At the Tower of London

        2   More than 500 years ago, in 1509

        3   They always had beef to eat.

        4   They wear the undress uniform on normal days and the state dress on special occasions.

        5   a white    b red   c black


Teacher:   OK, everyone. Quieten down, please. OK. Now the first presenter today is Julia and she’s talking about …

Julia:   The Beefeaters at the Tower of London, and their uniforms.

Teacher:   Excellent. Go ahead, Julia.

Julia:   The Beefeaters are the King or Queen’s traditional guards. You can see them at the Tower of London, where they’re very popular with the tourists. Everyone wants to take a selfie with them! King Henry VIII created this special group of royal guards more than 500 years ago, in 1509. They’ve got an unusual name – Beefeaters. Some people say they’re called that because they always had beef to eat, because they worked for the royal family. Beef and other meat was very expensive in the past, so only the most important people could eat it very often. Not like today, when beef isn’t a very special food.

Teacher:   That’s very interesting! And what about their uniforms, Julia? Do they always wear the same thing every day of the year?

Julia:   No, they don’t. In fact, the Beefeaters have got two different uniforms. On most days, they wear a dark blue coat and blue hat, which have some bright red decorations, and they wear dark blue trousers. This is a photo. They call this the undress uniform because it’s not so special. But for more important occasions, the Beefeaters wear the state dress uniform. Here’s a photo …

Teacher:   And that’s a much fancier uniform of course …

Julia:   Yes, it’s their formal uniform. It’s got a long, red coat … and you can see the coat’s got lots of bright gold decorations, and there’s a big white collar at the top of the coat. They also wear long red stockings on their legs, and a special black hat or bonnet on their heads. I think the state dress uniform looks very impressive, especially when you see lots of Beefeaters standing together.

Teacher:   Very good, Julia. Any questions? Yes, Michael …

Exercise 6

1. Listen. Tick (✓) the event where they are.

1   a special birthday party

2   a party at the end of high school

3   a wedding party

2. Listen again and choose the correct answers.

 Rob is talking about his cousin / sister, Denise.

 Denise left school last year / two years ago.

 Rob thinks proms are British / American.

 Rob thinks it is / isn’t a good idea to spend a lot of money on a prom dress.

 Denise got a job in a café / clothes shop.

 Lara says she is going to / not going to buy her prom dress herself.

3. Listen again and complete the first part of the conversation.

Lara:   Hey, Rob, is that your sister? She’s (1)……………….!

Rob:   Yeah, that’s Denise! And that’s a (2)………………. from last year. Do you (3)………………. Lara? She went to that end-of-year (4)………………., the prom.

Lara:   Yes. And is that Andy Patterson with her? He’s very (5)………………., isn’t he?

Rob:   Yep! In his (6)………………. tie!

Lara:   I can’t (7)………………. till our prom, can you?

Rob:   Do you think I’m going to wear a tie like that?

Lara:   Yes, you have to! Everyone does when they (8)………………. school.

Rob:   Hmm. I think the prom comes from (9)………………. . I don’t like it.

Answer & Audioscript

1   2 a party at the end of high school

2   1 sister   2 last year   3 American   4 isn’t   5 café   6 going to

3   1 beautiful   2 photo   3 remember   4 party

     5 good-looking   6 black   7 wait   8 finish   9 America


Lara:   Hey, Rob, is that your sister? She’s beautiful!

Rob:   Yeah, that’s Denise! And that’s a photo from last year. Do you remember, Lara? She went to that end-of-year party, the prom.

Lara:   Yes. And is that Andy Patterson with her? He’s very good-looking, isn’t he?

Rob:   Yep! In his black tie!

Lara:   I can’t wait till our prom, can you?

Rob:   Do you think I’m going to wear a tie like that?

Lara:   Yes, you have to! Everyone does when they finish school.

Rob:   Hmm. I think the prom comes from America. I don’t like it.

Lara:   Oh, Rob! Everyone loves the prom! It’s the last time we’re together as a group, and it’s an important party! You have to go!

Rob:   Really? But you know, I think it’s silly that girls spend so much money on a dress for one night! I mean, you can get a dress that you can wear again! Denise had a Saturday job in the café – she worked really hard for about a year, and then bought a dress!

Lara:   Hmm, I know what you mean. But it’s good she didn’t ask your parents because it is a lot of money. Mind you, you have to look lovely! And boys have to look nice too!

Rob:   I guess, but I’m not wearing a jacket!

Lara:   It’s OK – we have to wait for a few years yet. And I have to get a job to pay for my dress!

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