Exercise 1

1. Listen to three young chefs, Adam, Melissa and Ravi, talking about the dishes. Match each chef to a dish.

2. Read the descriptions of how to make the dishes and match them to the three chefs. Then listen again and check.

1   Barbecue the chicken pieces, or roast them in a hot oven for 40 minutes. Then bite into them. They’re spicy and delicious! You can freeze this dish.

2   Fry the onion and garlic – but don’t let them burn! … Grill the aubergines first. Stir the stew occasionally with a wooden spoon.

3   Cook this really slowly on the stove – don’t boil it. Taste it regularly and add salt and pepper. Bake some bread and steam some rice to serve with this dish.

Answer & Audioscript

1   Adam – B   Melissa – C   Ravi – A

2   1 Ravi   2 Adam   3 Melissa


Adam:   My sister’s vegetarian, so I try to create interesting new recipes for her. This one uses fresh chillies and Moroccan spices, which I keep in a special tin. You fry onion and garlic in oil until they’re golden. Be careful not to let them burn. Then you add whatever vegetables are available – her favourites are green beans and aubergines, which I cut into slices. I usually grill the aubergines first – they taste better I think! Then add a tin of tomatoes, a couple of chillies and spices like cumin, and cook slowly for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve it in a bowl and decorate it with fresh herbs.

Melissa:   I’m from Louisiana, whose most famous dish is gumbo. My own recipe for gumbo has a couple of unusual ingredients – bananas and cabbage! Weird, huh? Anyhow, it’s got the traditional prawn and other seafood too, as well as tomatoes and lots of chilli. A true gumbo sits on top of the stove for a whole day, cooking slowly. But you don’t boil it. Believe me, it’s worth waiting for. You need to taste it regularly and add the right amount of salt and black pepper for flavour. Then I bake some bread and steam some rice and serve the gumbo in bowls with the warm bread and steamed rice.

Ravi:   This is my favourite dish, a kind of tandoori chicken like my uncle used to make, but a bit Mexican too. You leave chicken pieces in lime juice and salt overnight. The next day, you take them out and cover them with mixed spices – include cayenne pepper or paprika for a rich red colour. You can barbecue them or roast them in the oven, whichever’s easier.

I serve them with guacamole – that’s mainly avocado – and plenty of salad. When you bite into the chicken, which should be served warm, it’s spicy and delicious. And you can freeze this dish as well.

Exercise 2

1. Listen. For each question, choose the correct answer.

1   Where do the friends decide to eat?

2   Which ingredients would the girl prefer to use in her cooking?

3   Which product do the students select for their art project?

4   What will they have for dinner?

5   Which cake does the man decide to bake?

6   Where is the new café?

7   What will they give players after the football match?

Answer & Audioscript

1 B   2 A   3 C   4 A   5 B   6 B   7 A


1   Where do the friends decide to eat?

Girl:   The film doesn’t start for another hour. Let’s go and eat somewhere – how about your uncle’s restaurant?

Boy:   Well, it’s got great views of the river but it’ll take us a long time to get there. Why don’t we go to the park café?

Girl:   We could, but they only do salads and sandwiches and I’d prefer a proper meal – I’m so hungry! I know, let’s try that new place near the cinema. You help yourself to whatever you want and pay for it at the end. It isn’t expensive.

Boy:   OK, why not.

2   Which ingredients would the girl prefer to use in her cooking?

Girl:   Mum works late, so I cook our meals during the week. There are a few of us in my family and everyone’s got things they like and dislike, so it’s hard keeping everyone happy! I usually avoid milk and butter because Dad can’t eat them, though I love them. Spicy food with lots of chillies and garlic are what I would really like to use but my grandparents aren’t keen on that kind of thing. I usually make quite plain dishes and add salt and lemon juice – that tastes great with fish.

3   Which product do the students select for their art project?

Girl:   We’ve got to create a magazine advert for a food product for our art project. What should we choose?

Boy:   Crisps might be interesting – we could invent a new flavour for them as well. Or fruit juice – you’re always drinking loads of that! I’m sure you could come up with an idea for the label.

Girl:   I was actually thinking about doing chocolate biscuits – the packet might be more interesting to do.

Boy:   Good idea, though we might not have enough time to design all four sides. Oh, let’s do it anyway – it’ll be fun!

Girl:   OK.

4   What will they have for dinner?

Mother:   Billy, I’m thinking of just making soup tonight. We’ve got some tomatoes and onions which need using. Is that OK with you?

Boy:   I’m pretty hungry after football practice, Mum. Why don’t I make some pasta instead?

Mother:   Well, I suppose you could make a sauce from the vegetables, and I could get Dad to buy some bread on his way back from work. Or, even better, why don’t I ask him to collect a pizza from the takeaway instead?

Boy:   Mm, great idea! I’ll just have a snack for now, then.

5   Which cake does the man decide to bake?

Man:   I thought I’d make a cake from that recipe book you got me for my birthday. I’ve got all the main ingredients – eggs, flour, butter, sugar – but I’m not sure which one to make. The orange cake looks good – you put fresh orange pieces on top.

Woman:   The instructions look a bit complicated.

Man:   Well, everyone loves chocolate cake. Why don’t I do that? I think that’s be more interesting than the usual plain one I make with jam in the middle, don’t you think?

Woman:   Definitely!

Man:   OK, that’s what I’ll do!

6   Where is the new café?

Man:   Good morning and welcome! Our brand new café is now open on the ground floor, so come along and try our delicious breakfasts and lunches. The entrance is next to the car park and there are fantastic views out over the fields. All our food is bought fresh from local farms and chef Paul has created a very tasty menu! From baked sausage omelette to fried fruit with ice cream, and a choice of hot and cold drinks, there’s something for everyone. See you there!

7   What will they give players after the football match?

Girl:   Dad, it’s our turn to take some snacks for the players tomorrow – you know, to have after the match.

Man:   Oh, right. We’d better think of something, then. What do you usually have? A sandwich or something?

Girl:   Everyone does that … and they have fruit at half-time – bananas and stuff. Maybe we could take some peanuts – if we get the right kind, without salt and oil, they’re fairly healthy, and they’ll give the players some energy back till dinner time.

Man:   OK, let’s go to the supermarket, then.

Exercise 3

1. Look at the pictures and listen to Laura and Ben making arrangements for a party outdoors. Which food do they decide would be best?

Answer & Audioscript



Laura:   OK, Ben, let’s talk about the food for the party. It’s going to be outside, so how about a barbecue with sausages, chicken legs and burgers, that kind of thing?

Ben:   But quite a few of our friends don’t eat meat, do they? And buying meat would be expensive.

Laura:   Good point! Well, what if we made our own pizzas then?

Ben:   I don’t know, the weather’s so warm at the moment. Let’s go for something fresh and cool – if we cooked something, it would be hard work!

Laura:   I agree, but just serving a plate of sandwiches or a few bowls of crisps at a party shows very little effort!

Ben:   Salads might be a better choice? We could make lots of different types, with separate ones for the vegetarians.

Laura:   That’s not a bad idea, although we’d need to borrow enough plates for everyone, which might get broken.

Ben:   Hmm, and knives and forks too. Using our fingers would be so much easier, wouldn’t it? Come on, it’s time to decide!

Laura:   So, why not have sushi then? It’s easy to eat, we can get fish and vegetarian, and everyone loves it. Are you OK with that?

Ben:   Yeah, that sounds good to me.

Exercise 4

1. Listen to four people talking about their social media habits. Complete the sentences with the person’s name.

Greg     Zoe     Marta     Tyler

1   ……………… uses social media to keep up with what friends are doing.

2   ……………… is more interested in spending time with friends offline.

3   ……………… likes making videos to share opinions with other people.

4   ……………… is too busy to spend a lot on time on social media.

2. Listen again. Answer the questions.

 What do Greg’s friends think about his online habits?

 When does social media become a problem for Greg?

 How does Zoe’s friend Vanessa make her laugh?

 Does Zoe use social media for serious activities?

 For the most part, what does Marta do online?

 How does Marta deal with negative people?

 Why don’t nasty messages bother Tyler?

 How does Tyler keep in touch with friends?

Answer & Audioscript


1   Zoe (to see what my friends are doing, there’s always something to chat about)

2   Marta (don’t usually spend much time, not really an online person)

3   Tyler (like making videos, see what other people think)

4   Greg (have sports practice, a lot of homework, When I spend too much time online, my grades go down)


1   They think he needs to be more active online.

2   When he uses it too much and gets bad grades.

3   She sends videos about cats.

4   No, she uses it for fun and entertainment.

5   She uploads artistic photos.

6   She blocks them.

7   He thinks they’re sometimes funny.

8   He uses instant messaging apps.


Greg:   I’m on social media, but probably less than most people. Some of my friends are always posting things, but for the most part, I like talking in person. Some of my friends say I need to be more active. You know, more popular online. But I usually have sports practice after school and in the evening I’ve always got a lot of homework to do. When I spend too much time online, my grades go down … and then I get into trouble with my parents!

Zoe:   I’m totally into social media. I couldn’t live without it! I’m joking! But seriously, I tend to go online quite a lot, to see what my friends are doing, and exchange messages and funny memes. I’ve got a friend – Vanessa – who always sends me videos about cats! And I LOVE writing comments on Twitter, about everything – my favourite shows, celebrities … there’s always something to chat about. For the most part, I use social media for fun and for entertainment. I don’t take it seriously.

Marta:   Well, I’ve got two or three profiles, but I don’t usually spend much time online. I’ve got an Instagram account where I upload artistic photos from my phone, but that’s all. I sometimes check it to see how many people like my photos, but it’s not super-important. I just like sharing photos, and if people like them, that’s great. If they don’t … well, I don’t worry about it. And if someone’s rude to me, I block them! Overall, I’m not really an online person. I’m more into real life, with friends, in person.

Tyler:   Social media? Hmmm. Well, it depends. I like making videos for a channel that I’ve got online. Most of my videos are reviews, about films and books and games that I like. I record myself and then I post the videos to see what other people think. I like reading the comments, even the nasty ones! Sometimes they’re funny! I also use instant messaging apps, to make plans with friends, but I don’t keep a profile with lots of photos about my life or the things that I do. For me, that’s boring.

Exercise 5

1. Listen and choose the correct answer for each question.

 How will the man cook the lamb?

 What does the girl decide to have for lunch?

 What food does the new restaurant serve?

 What will they do in the park?

 What does the woman enjoy baking?

 Where will they go to get mushrooms?

 Which ingredients will the boy use for dinner?

Answer & Audioscript

1 B   2 C   3 A   4 A   5 B   6 B   7 A



M:   Do you think it’s too cold to eat outside this afternoon?

F:   Why? Are you thinking of barbecuing the lamb we bought?

M:   That was my idea. We haven’t managed to barbecue yet this year … Oh! Actually, though, I don’t think there’s any gas – grilling them might be better.

F:   Yeah – we could build a fire, Dad, and grill the meat over that! I can make a salad, too!

M:   I meant, let’s cook inside, actually. Look – there are some dark clouds appearing.

F:   Aww, OK then.


F:   What shall we have for lunch?

M:   What is there? Weren’t you going to roast that chicken you bought? That would be tasty with some chips and vegetables!

F:   Well, yes, it would but we won’t want a big meal at midday. Why don’t I do the chicken with steamed vegetables later on and for now, we could chop up some garlic and onions and tomatoes and boil them up? I’ll bake a bit of bread to go with it.

M:   Great!


Come on down to Denny’s Diner for dinner! This brand new restaurant, which has just opened on Church Street, is already getting fantastic reviews online. This cosy little place is perfect for vegetarians or anyone who’s decided to go super healthy! With a wide selection of fresh salads, breads, soups and grilled vegetables, all our food is cooked just as it is, with no extra ingredients like oil, butter or cheese. Our prices are just as good as our food, so come on, book a table today!


M:   What shall we do today? Do you fancy going to the park? We could have a game of football and when we get tired, maybe we could stop at the café and have a drink or a snack.

F:   Great idea – the café only does proper meals, though, so if we just want sandwiches, we should probably do something else.

M:   Take some along with us? We could eat on those picnic tables in the barbecue area. It won’t be busy down there today, ’cause it’s not as warm as it usually is.

F:   Perfect!


I’ve loved baking ever since I was a young girl. My grandmother was a baker and she would show me how to make all kinds of things during the school holidays – her bread was the most delicious I’ve ever tasted – I’ve never been able to make any as tasty as hers, which is annoying! Cakes, though – they’re my special skill and there’s nothing better than when I see someone eat one I’ve made and really enjoy it. I’m going to try biscuits next – I believe they’re more difficult to do, but worth the effort!


F:   It’s mushroom season again! Can’t wait to make that gorgeous mushroom pasta we love!

M:   I know – yummy! The supermarkets have got loads – there doesn’t seem to be a particularly large variety, though. I’d like some of those little yellow ones you sometimes put in omelettes – know the ones I mean?

F:   Oh, yeah – they grow in the woods outside town. They’ll have loads at the market.

M:   Why don’t we go down and get some, then? I don’t feel like going and picking them myself.

F:   Good idea.


M:   I’m making dinner for everyone tonight.

F:   Cool – what are you going to do? I did pizzas last night, so don’t do that again!

M:   I wasn’t going to. I’ll make a sauce – we can have it with pasta. What’s the sauce called that you like? It’s got those little fish and black olives in it, with tomatoes.

F:   Can’t remember – but look. These onions look like they need using up. You could cut up some peppers as well.

M:   I’ll do what I was planning, but put those onions in, too.

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