Exercise 1

1. Listen. Match each speaker to the type of film that they want to see.

a   an interesting animated film

b   a film starring an actor who won a TV show contest

c   a new film by a well-known director

2. Listen again. Which film would you like to see? Why?

Answer & Audioscript

 Speaker 1 c   Speaker 2 a   Speaker 3 b

 Students’ own answers


Speaker 1:   Oh, look what’s on at the Showhouse Cinema! Everyone says this is a really good film. Anna George acts in it, and according to all the reviews she gives a really good performance. I can’t remember the director’s name, but I know he’s one of the big names – everyone’s heard of him! I know you usually prefer animated films, but I’m sure you’ll like this. What do you think? Shall we go and see it? It’s really easy to get to the Showhouse. There’s a direct train from Central Station.

Speaker 2:   This film looks good. I don’t know the film – maker who directed it – I think it’s his first film. This looks quite interesting, and like many of these films, it’s for all ages. They’ve got some quite famous actors doing the voices, and there are some good songs in it – I’ve heard a bit of the soundtrack. The reviews all say that the animations are amazing, so I definitely want to go and see it. Do you want to come with me?

Speaker 3:   Do you want to go and see this? It’s just come out. I’m not sure who the director is – I don’t think it’s anyone well known, but the film still sounds good. It was filmed in Ireland, so there’s some amazing scenery in it. But the story is the best part and the fact that my favourite actor appears in it – you know, the one who won that TV competition? He’s got the lead role, so I’m sure it’ll be a great film. Why don’t we go and see it together?

Exercise 2

1. Listen. For each question, choose the correct answer.

1    You will hear two friends talking about a film they have both seen. How does the boy feel about it?

      A   surprised by the choice of actor

      B   disappointed with the music

      C   annoyed about the ending

2    You will hear two friends talking about a film club they both attend. What does the girl think about it?

      A   They ought to show a greater range of films.

      B   It starts too early in the evening for her.

      C   She doesn’t find the seats very comfortable.

3    You will hear a girl talking to her friend about film locations. She says that seeing particular locations in a film

      A   makes her want to go and visit the place.

      B   makes her feel more involved in the story.

      C   makes her understand the characters better.

4    You will hear a boy talking to his friend about the main character in a film he has seen. What did he think about the character?

      A   She was quite realistic.

      B   She was exactly as he had expected.

      C   She was too similar to a character in another film.

5    You hear two friends talking about film directors. They both agree that directors

      A   should have experience of what they are filming.

      B   should not try to control their actors too much.

      C   should be careful about which films they choose to direct.

6    You hear two friends talking about making short films. The girl advises the boy to

      A   make a film about something he knows well.

      B   avoid worrying too much about what people think.

      C   consider what the film tells the audience.

Answer & Audioscript

1 C   2 B   3 B   4 A   5 C   6 C


1   You will hear two friends talking about a film they have both seen.

Girl:   That was brilliant – I love action films.

Boy:   So do I, though this one wasn’t as good as I’d expected. I can see why they chose that actor to play the lead role, though when I read the book I imagined him to be taller somehow, and stronger. When I read the book I couldn’t put it down – I didn’t feel the same excitement during the film. And why did he end up alone on that island? I hate it when they change stuff. At least the music wasn’t bad.

2   You will hear two friends talking about a film club they both attend.

Boy:   Hey! Why didn’t you come to film club yesterday evening?

Girl:   I didn’t feel like it and I’d already seen the film they were showing – which was unusual ’cause normally they show stuff I haven’t seen. That’s what I like. I just can’t get there for the start. I always miss the first few minutes of everything.

Boy:   Yeah, I know. Anyway, we’re getting some new chairs in the hall next week!

Girl:   What’s wrong with the ones we’ve got?

Boy:   Nothing I suppose, but they said the new ones are super soft.

Girl:   Oh, OK. Cool.

3   You will hear a girl talking to her friend about film locations.

Boy:   Did you see that film, India, at the weekend?

Girl:   Yeah – wow! What an incredible setting! It was based on a book I’d read and I didn’t know much about India when I read it, so it really brought the place to life for me. It’s almost like I was part of the whole thing myself. And the characters were just like I’d pictured in my head, which was cool. I don’t know whether I’ll ever go to India, but I loved seeing what it’s really like.

Boy:   Sounds good.

4   You will hear a boy talking to his friend about the main character in a film he has seen.

Boy:   Normally I really like Sandie Newsome in films but I wasn’t convinced this time.

Girl:   Why was that? I thought she played the character well – from the book the film was about.

Boy:   Yeah? I’m not sure I totally agree. I mean, yeah, the character’s pretty true to life – I felt like I could understand her – but maybe that’s cos of the situation she was in. The acting just wasn’t all that great.

Girl:   She reminded me of the character in that last film Sandie appeared in.

Boy:   I’m not sure I see that myself. I still enjoyed the film, though.

Girl:   Yeah, me too.

5   You hear two friends talking about film directors.

Girl:   He’s such a talented director. It must be difficult telling actors how to play a character, especially if the director hasn’t been through something similar in life themselves.

Boy:   I guess most directors don’t. I mean, they probably aren’t in car chases every day!

Girl:   No! Maybe it’s all about selecting the films they know they can do a good job on.

Boy:   So they can tell the actors what they want the film’s message to be. Right.

Girl:   I think they need to let the actors play the role their own way, though.

6   You hear two friends talking about making short films.

Girl:   Have you ever made a short film? You know, to put online?

Boy:   No, but I’m thinking about making one. You’ve done a few – any advice?

Girl:   Well, I haven’t used actors in mine – it’s just been me talking about my own experiences. You don’t have to do that. The thing to do is decide on your message – what do you want people to get from watching it?

Boy:   That’s a good point … But what if people don’t like it?

Girl:   Listen to their ideas – it’ll help you make something better next time.

Boy:   OK, thanks!

Exercise 3

1. Look at the photo. What can you say about it? Note down your ideas.

Listen to Marcus talking about the photo. Did he have the same ideas as you?

Answer & Audioscript

Students’ own answers


Interlocuter:   Now I’d like each of you to talk on your own about something. I’m going to give each of you a photograph of people taking part in something. Marcus, here is your photograph. Please tell us what you can see in your photograph.

Marcus:   In my picture, I can see lots of people. It looks like they are making a film. I can see cameras and other things for making films. There’s a big camera, or microphone, I’m not sure which it is. But it’s above the people. There’s something that is used for the sound, but I don’t know what it’s called. In the foreground there are lots of actors. They’re dressed like soldiers, so I think the film is about a war. It looks like they’re fighting. There are other people in the photo too. Some people are wearing coats and there’s a man wearing a hat. It might be cold, but I’m not sure. There’s a man in a red coat. I think he’s the director and next to him is someone with a badge. There’s a guy behind them and he’s eating something. There’s someone with a microphone too. Maybe he’s telling the actors what to do. Some more actors are waiting because everything has to be ready. They aren’t the leading actors, but sometimes a film has extra people to make the scene look real.

Exercise 4

1. Listen to Sarah and her dad talking about her presentation. Tick (✓) the topics that they discuss.


 holiday photos

 outdoor sports

 a lake


 the audience



2. Listen again. Are the sentences true or false? Correct the false sentences.

1   Dad said that Sarah hadn’t practised her presentation enough.

2   Sarah said she was feeling nervous about her presentation.

3   The teacher said that students needed to include lots of facts.

4   Dad told Sarah that she had spoken too quickly at times.

5   Sarah said that she wanted to make a documentary film.

6   Dad said that Sarah had looked at her notes too much.

Answer & Audioscript

1   They discuss topics 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

2    1 false (He could tell she had practised a lot.)

      2 true

      3 false (She said they only had to give the most important facts.)

      4 true

      5 false (She said she found a documentary film on the internet.)

      6 true


Sarah:   … In summary, our visit to Snowdonia National Park was the best part of my holiday in Wales this summer. It’s a wonderful place to spend a few days, or longer, if possible. Thank you!

Dad:   Hey, that was really good, Sarah. I can tell you’ve practised a lot.

Sarah:   Thanks, Dad. And thanks for listening. I’m really nervous about the presentation tomorrow.

Dad:   Why? Your classmates will enjoy hearing about the park and our trip there. And you’ve got some great photos to show, as well. For example, I love that photo of your mum and me at the end!

Sarah:   That’s a great one. And should I add more photos of places in Snowdonia? Like Mount Snowdon or Bala Lake?

Dad:   Sure, but maybe you should also have more photos of wild plants and animals. For instance, I took some pictures of mountain goats, and your mum was photographing wildflowers all the time. Ask her later for some pictures.

Sarah:   OK. And did I say ‘such’ too many times? The teacher said we didn’t need to describe everything in the park. She said we only needed to give the most important facts, such as the location and size of the park, and then talk about things that we really saw.

Dad:   Hmmm. It all seemed interesting to me, and not too long. You were talking too fast in some places, but that’s because you’re nervous. When that happens, you need to stop and take a breath.

Sarah:   OK … and I was thinking … maybe I should add a short video as well. I found a really nice documentary film about Snowdonia on the Internet and it’s got some fantastic scenes I could show.

Dad:   Well … I think you’re fine without video, but maybe you can show 20 or 30 seconds at the beginning. That’s a nice way to start, but you have to spend most of your time speaking, right?

Sarah:   You’re right. But it’d be easier to just show the video!

Dad:   Sure! But anyone can do that. Oh, and I wanted to say. Don’t look down at your notes too much. You need to look up more, right at the audience. Well, that’s it, really. You’ll do great.

Sarah:   Thanks, Dad. That really helps.

Exercise 5

1. Listen. For each question, choose the correct answer.

1   You will hear two friends talking about making a video clip for a competition.

      The boy says that he is unsure about

      A   whether he will include a soundtrack.

      B   the filming techniques he will use.

      C   the topic of his clip.

2   You will hear two students talking about their acting class.

      What do they agree about?

      A   how patient the teacher is

      B   how amusing the classes are

      C   how interesting the activities are

3   You will hear two friends talking about a musical film they have seen.

      What did they both like about it?

      A   the soundtrack

      B   the acting

      C   the special effects

4   You will hear two friends talking about getting a place at drama school.

      How does the girl feel now?

      A   confident that her friend will be accepted

      B   pleased by how well her interview went

      C   surprised that they haven’t heard about it yet

5   You will hear two students talking about a camera skills class.

      The girl says that she

      A   found it difficult to manage her time.

      B   found the subject matter very interesting.

      C   found it hard to understand the teacher’s instructions.

6   You will hear two friends talking about actors.

      What does the boy say about them?

      A   They are paid too much.

      B   They do nothing useful.

      C   That have some strange ideas.

Answer & Audioscript

1 C   2 B   3 B   4 A   5 A   6 B



F:   Are you entering the video clip competition at school?

M:   Yeah. The teacher said last year’s topic was the environment – she hasn’t given us one this time, though. She said we can do what we like – have you got any ideas? I need to make my mind up soon!

F:   Are you going to use any special effects or anything in yours?

M:   No – I’d like to make it look like an old black and white movie, though. I know how to do that after last week’s lesson.

F:   Cool – and what about music? Really old films were silent, with a music soundtrack.

M:   I know, but I’m going to write a script instead of having any music.


M:   Our drama teacher’s brilliant! He’s taught us so many techniques. I never thought I’d be able to convince people I was crying!

F:   Ha-ha! He doesn’t like it when you can’t do something immediately, though, does he?

M:   You think he expects us to get things right straightaway, you mean? I don’t know about that – we do get time to practise. And we have loads of fun – his sense of humour’s great.

F:   True, but I do think we could do more of a range of things in class – so far we’ve done loads of laughing and crying techniques and not much else.

M:   Well, they’re the hardest things to get right, so I don’t mind.


F:   What did you think of that musical we saw at the cinema with our class?

M:   Not my thing! But we have to study musicals as part of our music course. I think musical films are better than stage ones – the acting can be really poor in those, so I’m glad we didn’t have to see it at the theatre.

F:   Yes, at least the actors’ performances were good. I hated that music though – it sounded old-fashioned to me. The songs were terrible!

M:   The background music was good, though, in between the songs. And the special effects were amazing.

F:   You think so? I wasn’t convinced. Anyway, never mind.


F:   When are they announcing who’s got a place at drama school? It should be soon, right?

M:   Yeah. It’s so competitive it’s difficult to guess, though I thought my audition went well on the day. How about you?

F:   Don’t know. I made a mess of the speech I gave – I forgot one of the most important lines! I answered all the questions in the interview, but you never know if you’ve said the right thing. Anyway – did you do that little scene about the scooter? That was funny – it’d be strange if you didn’t get a place after that.

M:   Well, I hope so!


F:   What we did in our camera skills class today was hard. The teacher insisted that we only had an hour for it! I don’t like working under stress – it makes me nervous. I feel like I won’t be able to finish it all, and it’s complicated to decide what order to do everything in.

M:   I think the point was for us to understand what it’s like working in the industry.

F:   Sure. I didn’t have a chance to think about whether what we were doing was particularly enjoyable.

M:   Me neither but I’m sure it was useful.

F:   Yeah.


M:   I couldn’t be an actor, could you?

F:   No – too dull! You have to film the same thing over and over. They deserve all the money they get for probably spending most of the time being bored!

M:   True! But I reckon it’s an easier job than most people have! And it’s not like they do anything to help other people, is it?

F:   I can see why you say that – entertainment isn’t like being a doctor or doing something that changes people’s lives.

M:   And they think too much of themselves – too confident in their abilities.

F:   I don’t know – some seem pretty normal.

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