Listening task 1: Reflexology

A Listen. People are talking about the health benefits of reflexology. Number the areas of the feet from 1 to 5. (There are two extra areas.)

Answer & Audioscripts

1 (foot on the right) on the bottom (pad) of the big toe

2 (foot on the left) long, narrow area on the inside (arch) of the foot

3 (foot on the right) area outside of the foot, below the smallest toe

4 (foot on the left) area under the two smallest toes

5 (foot on the right) area in the center of the foot

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. What health problems can reflexology help? Write the health problems.

1   __headaches_________

2   _____________________

3   _____________________

4   _____________________

5   _____________________

Answer & Audioscripts

1 headaches

2 backaches

3 stiff shoulders

4 tired eyes

5 stomachaches



Woman:   Did I tell you about the reflexology class I’m taking at the Asia Center?

Man:   The what class?

Woman:   Reflexology. It’s foot massage, from Chinese medicine.

Man:   Foot massage – medicine?

Woman:   Yeah. It’s wonderful. Here, let me show you what I’ve learned. Take off your shoes and socks.

Man:   Are you serious?

Woman:   Just try it.

Man:   OK.

Woman:   You see, followers of Chinese medicine believe that when you massage parts of the soles of your feet, it can affect your body in a completely different area. Do you ever have headaches?

Man:   Headaches? Sometimes.

Woman:   Well, in reflexology, the area on the bottom of the big toe is connected to your head. When you get a headache, just rub the area on the bottom of your big toe. It helps relieve headaches.


Woman:   Now let me show you another spot. This place really works for backaches. Look at the inside of your foot. Put your fingers near the top, just under the big toe. Now rub from the top all the way to your heel – to the end of your foot. If you ever have backaches, rub this long, narrow area several times a day.

Man:   The whole inside edge helps relieve backaches?

Woman:   That’s right.


Man:   What else?

Woman:   Well, do you ever get stiff shoulders?

Man:   Always! In fact, I have stiff shoulders right now.

Woman:   OK. That spot’s on the outside of your foot. Find the widest part of your foot. On the outside, below your smallest toe, there’s an area related to your shoulders. Massage it firmly but not so hard that it hurts. This will help relax your stiff shoulders.


Man:   Actually, my eyes get tired from using the computer at work. Is there a place on my feet for that?

Woman:   Yes. Massaging your other toes can help tired eyes, especially the area under your two smallest toes. Right here.

Man:   Here? This area under these two toes?

Woman:   Yeah, right there. That’s the best spot for sore, tired eyes.


Woman:   Do you ever have trouble with your stomach, I mean, stomachaches?

Man:   Sometimes, if I eat too much spicy food.

Woman:   Find the area right in the center of your foot. It’s shaped like a small egg. Press on it firmly. It can help you digest your food better and get rid of stomachaches.

Man:   Here, in the middle of my foot?

Woman:   Right.

Man:   You know, this is pretty neat. I feel better already. But actually, you know what hurts the most? My feet! My feet are always really sore at the end of the day.

Woman:   Hmm. Maybe you need to buy bigger shoes.

Listening task 2: Staying healthy

A Listen. People are talking about natural health treatments. Which ones are they talking about? Write the treatments in the chart below. (There is one extra treatment.)



What people do

Health benefits

1 Finland


sit in a hot room

gets rid of chemicals

2 Thailand




3 North America




4 Asia




Answer & Audioscripts

1 sauna   2 massage

3 herbs   4 hot spring

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. What do people do? What are the health benefits? Complete the chart.

Answer & Audioscripts

1 sit in a hot room; gets rid of chemicals

2 sit in a chair, lie down on a table; relaxes the body, helps us sleep

3 drink tea, eat plants; cures colds, gives energy, relieves stress

4 sit in hot water and relax, drink the water; helps skin problems, helps relieve pain and stress


1   Finland

Man:   This health treatment can be found in health clubs around the world, but it is especially popular in Finland. Traditionally, in Finland, this was a place for people to meet and talk. During this treatment, people sit in a very hot room – about ninety degrees Celsius, in some cases. The main health benefits of this treatment is that it gets rid of bad chemicals in the body.

2   Thailand

Woman:   Many Asian health treatments are based on the belief that we have energy moving around in our bodies. When the energy is in balance, we feel healthy and good. Thailand is famous for this treatment, and many tourists to Thailand make a trip to a health spa to experience this. During the treatment, the person sits down in a chair or lies down on a table, and an expert presses on different parts of the body. This treatment is good for our health because it relaxes the body and helps us sleep.

3   North America

Man:   For hundreds of years, Native Americans have used these treatments. Native Americans were the first people who lived in North America. They began using plants, flowers, and other things they found there to help people be healthier. During the treatment, people drink special tea made from dried leaves, or just eat the plants directly. These natural treatments have many health benefits. They can cure colds, give people more energy, and relieve stress. Today, most Native Americans see a regular medical doctor for serious illnesses, but natural treatments are still used, too.

4   Asia

Woman:   These can be found all over the world, especially in areas where there are a lot of mountains. They’re very popular in many areas of Asia. Natural hot water comes out of the ground. During this treatment, people sit in the hot water and relax. In some places, people also drink the water for their health. In different places, the water has different health benefits. For example, some of the waters help skin problems, and others relieve pain and stress.

Listening task 3

Listen. Circle the correct answers.

1  Yesterday, the woman was

    a. at home sick.

    b. at the hospital.

    c. on a business trip.

2  The man thinks the woman should

    a. see a doctor.

    b. take a vacation.

    c. relax.

3  The woman thinks massage

    a. isn’t a good idea.

    b. is expensive.

    c. isn’t relaxing.

4  The woman wants to

    a. get more sleep.

    b. try yoga.

    c. take a hot bath.

5  The woman is also probably going to

    a. eat some soup.

    b. drink some tea.

    c. get some exercise.

Answer & Audioscripts


Jack:   Hi, Kim. Hey, where were you yesterday? I didn’t see you at the office.

Kim:   Oh, hi, Jack. I stayed home. I was sick.

Jack:   Really? Again? That’s too bad. What was wrong?

Kim:   Oh, just a cold, I think. I don’t feel that great today either, but I couldn’t take another day off. I have too much work to finish.

Jack:   Well, maybe you’re not actually sick. Maybe you just need to relax.

Kim:   Relax?

Jack:   Yeah. You’re always so stressed out. And stress can make people sick, you know.

Kim:   Really? But I always get eight hours of sleep.

Jack:   Relaxation isn’t the same as sleeping! You should try something like aromatherapy. A lot of people say it really helps.

Kim:   Oh, I don’t know. It’s not really something I’m interested in.

Jack:   Getting a massage is good, too.

Kim:   Oh, sure, but isn’t that pretty expensive?

Jack:   Hmm. I guess so. Well, how about just sitting in a nice hot bath?

Kim:   Now you’re talking! And maybe have a cup of hot herbal tea. You know, I feel better just thinking about it!

Listening task 4

A Listen. People are talking about natural health remedies and treatments. Number the topics from 1 to 5. (There is one extra topic.)

___ garlic

___ hot springs

___ saunas

___ reflexology

___ green tea

___ mud baths

Answer & Audioscripts

1 green tea   2 reflexology   3 garlic

4 hot springs   5 saunas

Audioscripts in B below

B Listen again. Are the statements true or false? Check (✓) the correct answers.




1  This remedy helps prevent cancer.

2  The man has a headache.

3  The woman is going to try the remedy now.

4  The man probably won’t try the treatment.

5  The people are at home.

Answer & Audioscripts

1 true   2 false   3 false

4 true   5 false



Man:   Another cup?

Woman:   Yeah, I drink about three cups a day.

Man:   What does it do for you?

Woman:   Well, it cleans the blood, and it actually helps prevent some types of cancer.

Man:   Hmm, interesting.


Woman:   Did you hurt your foot?

Man:   No, I have a stomachache.

Woman:   Then why are you rubbing your foot?

Man:   This is Chinese massage. For a stomachache, you press here, in the middle of your foot. Ah, I feel much better already.


Woman:   I’m getting a cold.

Man:   I’ll make you some chicken soup. And I’ll use a lot of this. It’ll make the soup taste great, and it’ll help cure your cold, too.

Woman:   I’m not hungry right now. I’d rather go lie down.

Man:   OK, honey. You can have some soup when you get up.


Woman:   I heard about this place in the mountains. You go skiing, and then afterwards you can sit in natural hot water that comes from the ground. Doesn’t that sound relaxing?

Man:   Well, sitting in hot water doesn’t sound like much fun to me. But skiing sounds great. Let’s go!


Man:   What a great workout! I’m going to go in here and relax for a little while.

Woman:   Isn’t it hot in there?

Man:   That’s the point. Sweating gets rid of the bad chemicals in your body.

Woman:   Well, sitting in a hot room really doesn’t interest me. I’ll see you at home.

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