Exercise 1


We see truckers driving on the roads every day, but ice road truckers are different. They drive trucks in the north of Canada. But they don’t drive on roads because there are no roads in the north, just lakes and rivers. In winter, the water freezes and the trucks go on the ice. Then the truckers take food to the towns in the north.


Lisa Kelly drives a big truck on the ice. It’s a long journey of 600 kilometres and she doesn’t stop for hours. It’s not easy, but the good thing is Lisa doesn’t drive in the summer because there’s no ice. She makes all her money in the winter so she doesn’t work at all in the summer – she has a long holiday.


The weather is bad and ice road truckers have a lot of accidents. Kyle Gulkowski, also an ice road trucker, talks about how he does this dangerous job. ‘I drive with one hand on the door handle. Sometimes the ice breaks, you see. Then I get out quickly before my truck goes into the water!

I lose the truck, but not my life!’

A. Read Ice Road Truckers and answer the questions.

1   Is the woman a truck driver or a passenger?

2   Where is she from, the USA or Canada?

3   Is her job easy or difficult?

B. Find words in the text to complete the sentences.

 Water …………… at 0°C.

 The opposite of safe is …………… .

 Bad …………… sometimes happen on roads.



1 a truck driver   2 Canada   3 difficult


1 freezes   2 dangerous   3 accidents

Exercise 2


Exam stress!

Hi guys! I have a big exam on Friday. It’s really hard to study. I read my study notes for an hour and then I watch really bad TV programmes! What about you? Do you worry about exams? What are your study habits?   MIMI23

1   Yeah I hate tests. They’re really dif­ficult and I can’t always remember everything. I need to study every day and make lots of notes. It’s not easy but it helps to listen to R&B music – really loud! It helps me think.   SOUL BOY2

2   I agree – exams and tests are really, really hard. In my study breaks I play with my pet rabbit. Some people say that animals stop stress and relax people. I think it’s true, well, for me it is! Everybody needs a rabbit (or maybe a cat!) to help them study!   BUNNY LOVER5

3   I think it helps to have a good study routine. I make a study timetable and that helps me to pass my exams. I always plan lots of breaks and have a cup of tea and something small to eat. I don’t want to get tired when I study! But the breaks are only short – about ­five or ten minutes. Then I go back to studying hard for one or two hours. Good marks come from lots of hard work!   SWOTTIE8

A. Read comments 1—3 on the Unichat forum and match them with pictures a—c.


1 2 b   3 a

Exercise 3

Hannah’s story

I’m a cleaner. I love my job. I’m sure you’re surprised to hear that! You probably don’t know anyone who wants to become a cleaner!

So why do I love my job? Well, I start work at 6 o’clock, and that’s the first thing. When I walk to work, the streets are quiet and I can hear the birds sing. You don’t usually hear the birds in the middle of the city!

The second thing is, I work in a hospital. It’s hard work, but I know that what I do is really useful, and that makes me happy. Also, the nurses are friendly, and I chat to them when I have time.

But I don’t want to be a cleaner all my life. I really want to be an engineer. I go to college in the evenings to study.

That’s why the third reason is the really important one – I finish work at lunch time! So when everyone else goes back to work after their lunch break, I have time for my studies.a

A. Read the text and underline the correct words to complete the sentences.

1   Hannah likes / doesn’t like her job.

2   She wants / doesn’t want to be a cleaner for her whole life.

3   She works / doesn’t work the whole day.

B. Complete the sentences about the text. Use the words in the box.

at the end of the day  –  early in the morning

in the afternoon  –  in the middle of the day

1   Hannah starts work …early in the morning… .

2   She finishes work ………………………. .

3   She goes to college ………………………. .

4   She does her college work ………………………. .

C. Read the text again. Are the sentences true or false?

1   Hannah thinks that most people want to be a cleaner.

2   There are a lot of people and cars in the streets at 6 o’clock in the morning.

3   Hannah likes to hear the birds.

4   She doesn’t do very much at work.

5   She talks to the nurses in the hospital.

6   She wants to be a doctor.

7   She studies at a college.

8   She doesn’t have time for her studies.

D. Write a paragraph about one job you want to do and one job you don’t want to do. Think about these questions:

•   What are the good things about the job you want to do? Why do you like those things?

•   What are the bad things about the job you don’t want to do? Why don’t you like those things?



2 doesn’t want   3 doesn’t work


2 in the middle of the day   3 at the end of the day

4 in the afternoon


True: 3, 5, 7; False: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8

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