Exercise 1

Hello everyone,

a   We’d like to thank everyone for their help over the past few months raising money for the National Trust. We’ve successfully raised £500.

b   Most of you know one of the ways we raised money, because you bought our cakes every Wednesday! But we’d just like to let you know about the different things we did. We also sold our old books, DVDs and clothes online. And, every Friday, we each paid £1 to wear casual clothes to work.

c   The National Trust will use the money to repair historic buildings and keep them open for the public to visit. It’s interesting to see how people lived in the past – some of the rooms and furniture in these buildings are beautiful. Visiting a historic building is a really enjoyable thing for a family to do at weekends, and another way to help the National Trust continue their excellent work.

d   Thanks again for all your help. Please look out for our next event.

      Anita Webb (and team)

      Resources Manager

A. Anita and her team at work support the National Trust. Read Anita’s email. Why is she sending the email? Tick the correct reasons.

 to say thank you

 to apologise

 to tell people how much money they have raised

 to tell people about how the team raised money

 to tell people about what the National Trust do

 to ask people for money

B. Read the email again and answer the questions.

 How did the team raise £500?

 How will the National Trust spend the money?

 What is another way Anita’s colleagues can help the National Trust?



1, 3, 4, 5


1   making and selling cakes; selling old books, DVDs and clothes online; paying to wear casual clothes to work

2   repair historic buildings and keep them open for the public to visit

3   visiting a historic building

Exercise 2


Martin Lewis is a British journalist, TV presenter and writer. He knows a lot about money: how to spend it, where to use it, and, most of all, how to save it!

Martin was always interested in saving money and helping other people to save money. He gave tips to friends about it, he talked about it on television and he wrote about it in a national newspaper. In 2003, he decided to start a website, He paid a man in Uzbekistan £100 to design the site and soon thousands of people were using it. The website gave lots of useful information. It told people which times of the day supermarkets had the most special offers. It helped people get discounts on everything from clothes to holidays. It told people when shops had sales on. The website helped people to buy things that they couldn’t afford to buy before. And if you needed to borrow money to buy a new car or a house, it told you which banks were the best to lend it to you. Lots of people started using and started telling their friends about it.

The website has been a huge success and Martin has done very well. Over 13 million people now use every month and in 2012, Martin Lewis sold the site to another company for £87 million. But Martin hasn’t stopped helping people. Since selling the website, he has given away over £10 million to charities that help people look after their money. He’s certainly made a lot of people smile. And it all started with £100.

A. Read the magazine article. Complete the sentences with the numbers in the box.

100  –  10 million  –  13 million  –  87 million

1   A company bought the website for £ ……87 million…… .

2   He started the website with £……………… .

3   The website has more than ……………… regular users.

4   Charities got £……………… from Martin after he sold the website.

B. Read the magazine article again. Are the sentences true or false?

1   Martin Lewis is an expert on how to spend less money.

 It took a long time before anyone used the website.

3   People can save money by going to supermarkets at a particular time of the day.

4   Martin Lewis still owns the website.

5 has made Martin a very rich man.

C. Complete the summary of the magazine article with the correct forms of the verbs in the box.

borrow  –  buy  –  call  –  cost  –  get

save  –  spend  –  work  –  write

Before 2003, Martin Lewis (1) …worked… as a journalist and (2)…………… about how to save money. In 2003, it (3)…………… him £100 to start a website, which he (4)…………… It was soon very popular. It has lots of information about how to (5)…………… less money in shops, how to open a bank account, how to (6)…………… a discount on products and where to (7)…………… money from. The website has helped millions of people to (8)…………… money or get a loan since 2003. A company (9)…………… the website in 2012 for £87 million.

D. Write about something that you have borrowed from or lent to someone. Include answers to these questions:

•   What was it?

•   Who did you lend it to or borrow it from?

•   How long for?



2 100   3 13 million   4 10 million


True: 1, 3, 5; False: 2, 4


2 wrote   3 cost   4 called   5 spend   6 get

7 borrow   8 save   9 bought

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