Exercise 1


by Richard Collins

Yes Man is the best book I’ve ever read. It’s the true story of a year in the life of author, Danny Wallace. Before Danny Wallace became the ‘Yes Man’, his life was boring and he felt old. So he decided to make things more exciting. He started saying “yes” to every question people asked him. And he did it for a whole year. From the day he started, it completely changed his life and he had all kinds of adventures.

It’s a fantastic story. When I finished the book, I wanted to change my life like Danny Wallace. So I took some holiday from work, and became a ‘Yes Man’ for a week. This is what happened.

Day One

I started on Saturday morning. At 10 am, I got my first question. I saw a poster in the window of a travel agent’s. It said, “Tired?” (Yes – I slept badly the night before, so I was tired). Under this, it said, “Do you need a holiday?” (Yes, definitely.) So I went in.

The travel agent asked me where I wanted to go. But before I could answer, she said, “Somewhere hot?”

I don’t like hot weather, but I said, “Yes.”

“A beach holiday? Maybe in Greece?”

I don’t like the beach. I prefer cities. But I said, “Yes.”

“What kind of accommodation? A hotel? Or a …”

I hate hotels, but before she could continue, I said, “Yes.”

Five minutes later everything was ready. My flight was the next day.

Day Two

I arrived at my hotel on the island of Zante at lunchtime. It was very, very hot. I just wanted to check in and unpack my suitcase, but the receptionist said, “We have a minibus to the beach in ten minutes. Do you want to go?”

You know the answer I gave her.

It was about 40°C at the beach. Luckily, I brought suntan lotion. A man came towards me: “Sunglasses? Do you want sunglasses?”

I had some in my bag, but I said, “Yes.”

Five minutes later, another man came: “Beautiful hat, sir?” I tried not to look at him.

Three hours later, I had two pairs of sunglasses, three hats, a watch and a woman’s necklace.

It was difficult to carry all my new things back to the minibus.

I decided: no trips tomorrow, just rest. When I got back, the receptionist asked, “Did you like the beach?”

I didn’t, but I said, “Yes.”

“Oh, there’s a water skiing course tomorrow. Do you want me to book a place for you?”

I can’t swim very well and I don’t like the sea. I wanted to cry …

A. Read Yes Man changed my life and answer the questions.

1   What is Danny Wallace’s book, Yes Man about?

2   What did Richard do after he read Yes Man?

B. Read Day One and Day Two and then answer the questions.

Day one

1   Why did Richard go into the travel agent’s?

2   What holiday did he book?

3   Did he book the kind of holiday he usually likes?

4   When was his flight?

Day Two

1   Why did Richard go to the beach?

2   How was the weather?

3   What did he buy at the beach?

4   What is he going to do on Day Three? How does he feel about it?



1   It’s about a man who decided to say yes to every question for a year.

2   He took a holiday from work and became a ‘yes man’ for a week.


Day One

1   He saw a poster in the window (of the travel agent’s).

2   a beach holiday in Greece

3   No, he usually prefers to go to cities.

4   the next day

Day Two

1   The receptionist asked, ‘Do you want to go?’

2   It was very, very hot.

3   two pairs of sunglasses, three hats, a watch and a woman’s necklace

4   He’s going to go water skiing. He’s very unhappy about it.

Exercise 2

Indonesian Adventure



We’ve arrived and it’s really exciting! It was a long flight, but I slept most of the way, so I’m not tired. When I got off the plane, I noticed the heat first – 32 degrees! It’s really humid, because this is the rainy season.

Everything they say about the roads in Jakarta is true! When we left the airport, there was a huge traffic jam. It took a very long time to get to the centre of town.

We got a taxi to the hostel (where we’re staying). The taxi driver was very friendly, but he didn’t speak much English. I just showed him the address of the hostel on a piece of paper and he brought us here. I think we paid him too much, because he seemed very happy when he drove away! Sam’s telling me to get ready to go and eat, so I have to finish now – more tomorrow.



Sam and I had a delicious meal last night in a small local restaurant – we were the only tourists there, so it seemed to be a place for local people. I decided to have nasi goreng because it’s the Indonesian national dish. It was really fresh and full of flavour. I felt tired when I got back to the hostel and fell asleep immediately.

Today we visited the Old Town. There are lots of old buildings in different styles. They’re very attractive and very different from anything you see in the UK. I took a lot of photos …

A. Read Tim’s travel blog about arriving in Jakarta, Indonesia. Tick (✓) the topic he does not write about.

•   his flight to Jakarta

•   animals

•   the weather

•   the traffic

•   the people

•   food

•   tourist places

B. Read the blog again and answer the questions.

1   What did Tom do on the flight?

2   Why was the journey to the city centre slow?

3   Why did Tim think the taxi driver was happy?

4   What did he think of the food at the restaurant?

5   What did he see in the Old Town?





 He slept.

 There was a huge traffic jam.

 because they paid him too much

 delicious; really fresh and full of flavour

 lots of old buildings in different styles

Exercise 3

In July, a group of students from Bristol University, in England, had a race. It started at the university at 9 am on 20 June. The winners were the pair who travelled the longest distance in seven days without spending any money.


We decided to cycle. The sun was shining when we set off and it was fun. But on the third day, it started raining and we got lost. It was awful. We slept under a tree in a field. The next morning Carl phoned his dad and he came to get us and drove us home.



We hitchhiked. A lorry stopped and we got in. There were long delays and we didn’t go far for hours. That evening as we were driving north the lorry broke down and we had to get out. We didn’t know what to do. We were tired and hungry so we decided to walk to a village and stay in a hotel. But we had to pay. The next day we went home.



We decided to walk to the port in Bristol and try to board a ship. We went to the office and asked if any ships would take us for free. For five days no one would. On the sixth day we found a ship to take us to Spain. We boarded the ship and the next day we arrived in Bilbao as the sun was rising. It was amazing.


A. Read the article. How did the couples travel? Tick (✓) the correct ways. Sometimes there is more than one possible answer.

1   Carl and Sam

      a   on foot

      b   on two wheels   ✓

      c   on four wheels   ✓

      d   by sea

2   Ashish and Bryony

      a   on foot

      b   on two wheels

      c   on four wheels

      d   by sea

3   Yvette and Rob

      a   on foot

      b   on two wheels

      c   on four wheels

      d   by sea

B. Read the article again and underline the correct words to complete the sentences.

1   Carl and Sam / Ashish and Bryony / Yvette and Rob stayed in Bristol for most of the week.

2   Carl and Sam / Ashish and Bryony / Yvette and Rob enjoyed the first day of the race.

 Carl and Sam / Ashish and Bryony / Yvette and Rob stopped when they didn’t know where they were.

 Carl and Sam / Ashish and Bryony / Yvette and Rob finished their journey on foot when something happened to the vehicle they were in.

5   Carl and Sam / Ashish and Bryony / Yvette and Rob stopped after the first day.

C. Complete the words to make sentences about the article. Write one word in each space.

1   During the race, the students c…ouldn’t… spend any money.

2   When they started the race, the weather was s…………… .

3   Carl and Sam got a l…………… home with Carl’s dad.

4   It c…………… money for Ashish and Bryony to stay in a hotel.

5   Yvette and Rob got to Spain early in the m…………… .

D. Write about a long journey you went on. Remember to include:

•   where you went

•   a description of how you travelled there

•   what you thought of the place.



2 a, c   3 a, d


2 Carl and Sam   3 Carl and Sam   4 Ashish and Bryony

5 Ashish and Bryony


2 sunny   3 lift   4 cost   5 morning

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