Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Lines should be drawn between:

1   Sally and the girl in the blue dress who’s playing badminton.

2   Paul and the boy who’s climbing the tree

3   Jim and the boy under the tree

4   Jill and the girl in the long blue dress

5   Peter and the boy kicking the ball


MAN:   Where’s Jane?

WOMAN:   She’s in the garden. She’s playing badminton.

MAN:   Is she the girl in the red dress?

WOMAN:   Yes, she is.

MAN:   OK, I see her.


MAN:   So who’s the girl in the blue dress?

WOMAN:   The girl who’s playing badminton, or the girl who’s bouncing a ball?

MAN:   The girl who’s playing badminton.

WOMAN:   That’s Sally.

MAN:   Sally?

WOMAN:   That’s right.


MAN:   And where is Jane’s brother?

WOMAN:   Jane’s brother? Oh, you mean Paul.

MAN:   That’s right. Paul. Is he the boy who’s kicking a ball?

WOMAN:   No, he’s climbing a tree.

MAN:   Oh, I see him. He’s climbing very well.

WOMAN:   Yes, he is.


MAN:   Who’s that under the tree?

WOMAN:   The boy under the tree, or the girl?

MAN:   The boy. He wants to climb the tree, I think.

WOMAN:   His name’s Jim. He’s Jill’s brother.

MAN:   I see.


MAN:   Where is Jill?

WOMAN:   She’s here. She’s bouncing a ball.

MAN:   Is she the girl in the long blue dress?

WOMAN:   That’s right. That’s Jill.


MAN:   And who’s the boy who’s kicking the ball?

WOMAN:   The boy in the red T-shirt?

MAN:   Yes. Is that Bill?

WOMAN:   No, it’s Peter. Bill isn’t here today.

MAN:   Oh, so Peter likes soccer too.

WOMAN:   Yes, he does.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

     Brother’s name:                             Mark

1   How old:                                         ……………………………….

2   Where he works:                           ……………………………….

3   How many days he works:          ……………………………….

4   What he does at weekends:       ……………………………….

5   What sport he plays:                    ……………………………….

Answer & Transcript

1 17/seventeen   2 (in a) library   3 4/four

4 (goes to the) cinema   5 table tennis


WOMAN:   Hello, John. Tell me about your brother, please.

BOY:   OK. What can I tell you?

WOMAN:   Well, what’s his name?

BOY:   It’s Mark.


BOY:   Yes, M-A-R-K.


WOMAN:   How old is Mark?

BOY:   He’s 17 now.

WOMAN:   Oh, 17!


WOMAN:   Is Mark at school?

BOY:   No, he works now. He works in a library.


WOMAN:   Does he work at the weekend?

BOY:   No. He doesn’t work on Saturdays, Sundays or Wednesdays.

WOMAN:   Oh, he only works four days a week.

BOY:   Yes.


WOMAN:  What does he like doing at the weekend?

BOY:   He always goes to the cinema.

WOMAN:   Does he take you with him?

BOY:   Sometimes!


WOMAN:   Does he do any sport?

BOY:   He likes watching soccer, but he doesn’t play. He plays table tennis every Wednesday.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Vicky do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Tuesday      Thursday

Monday      Wednesday

Saturday      Friday


MAN:   Hello, Vicky. Did you have a good holiday last week?

GIRL:   Yes, thanks, it was great.

MAN:   What did you do?

GIRL:   Well, on Saturday we went to the zoo. We saw a lot of animals there.


MAN:   What did you do on Friday?

GIRL:   We went to the cinema, I think.

MAN:   Did you?

GIRL:   Yes, that’s right. It rained that day.

MAN:   Was it a good film?

GIRL:   Yes. It was about animals in the jungle and it was funny.


MAN:   Did you have a picnic when you were on your holiday?

GIRL:   Yes. We took one to the beach.

MAN:   Which day was that?

GIRL:   Tuesday, I think. That’s right – Tuesday.


GIRL:   And I went swimming in the sea one day.

MAN:   Was that on Sunday? It was very sunny that day.

GIRL:   No, it was on Monday.

MAN:   Oh! Did you enjoy it?

GIRL:   Yes, and my mum swam with me … and our dog!


MAN:   And did you go to the forest too?

GIRL:   Yes. On Wednesday. We had another picnic there. We sat near a river.

MAN:   Wow!

GIRL:   Yes. Our dog loved swimming there.

MAN:   Did you go in the water too?

GIRL:   No. It was too cold.


MAN:   And where did you go on Thursday?

GIRL:   On Thursday, it rained and rained so we didn’t go out.

MAN:   What did you do then?

GIRL:   I watched TV.

MAN:   What did you see?

GIRL:   Only an old film about an elephant. I didn’t enjoy it. It was boring.

MAN:   Oh!

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What did Peter do yesterday?

1   What did Jill have for lunch?

2   Where does Bill live?

3   What did Jim’s grandmother give him for his birthday?

4   Where is Mary going?

5   Which is Daisy’s new pet?

Answer & Transcript

1 C   2 B   3 A   4 A   5 C


What did Peter do yesterday?

WOMAN:   What did you do yesterday, Peter?

BOY:   I played basketball.

WOMAN:   Do you like basketball more than baseball?

BOY:   Yes, I do. I don’t like baseball. Do you like it?

WOMAN:   No. Soccer’s best!

1   What did Jill have for lunch?

MAN:   Did you have a good lunch, Jill?

GIRL:   Yes, it was OK.

MAN:   What did you have?

GIRL:   I had some soup.

MAN:   Only soup?

GIRL:   No. I had an apple after the soup.

MAN:   Oh. I had some sandwiches and a cake.

2   Where does Bill live?

WOMAN:   Where do you live, Bill?

BOY:   I like next to the playground and a shop.

WOMAN:   A toy shop.

BOY:   No, a bookshop.

WOMAN:   Do you like reading?

BOY:   Yes, I do.

3   What did Jim’s grandmother give him for his birthday?

WOMAN:   Was it your birthday last week, Jim?

BOY:   Yes, it was.

WOMAN:   Did you get any presents?

BOY:   Yes, I did. I got a new bike from my grandmother, some CDs and a sweater.

WOMAN:   Did your parents give you the CDs?

BOY:   No, they gave me the sweater.

WOMAN:   And who gave you the CDs?

BOY:   My grandfather.

4   Where is Mary going?

MAN:   Are you going to town, Mary?

GIRL:   Yes, I am.

MAN:   Are you going to the library?

GIRL:   No, I’m going to the cinema.

MAN:   The ABC Cinema?

GIRL:   No, the Park Cinema.

MAN:   Oh, enjoy the film!

GIRL:   Thanks.

5   Which is Daisy’s new pet?

GIRL:   I got a new pet yesterday.

MAN:   Another dog?

GIRL:   No, my Dad didn’t want another dog.

MAN:   So, what did you get?

GIRL:   I wanted a rabbit but the shop didn’t have any.

MAN:   So, what did you get?

GIRL:   A parrot!

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