Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Lines should be drawn between:

1 Sally and the girl with long hair, riding a bike

2 Vicky and the girl in the orange jacket, at the top of the tree

3 John and the man at the front of the picture, with a dog

4 Anna and the woman waving with both hands, by the waterfall

5 Bill and the man fishing on the lake


BOY:   Look! We took a lot of pictures on holiday on the mountains.

WOMAN:   Oh, show me. Are you in this picture?

BOY:   No, but my brother Paul is. Look, he’s sitting on a rock and reading a comic.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes.


WOMAN:   Who’s the girl who’s riding the bike?

BOY:   The girl with the long hair?

WOMAN:   Yes.

BOY:   That’s Sally. She’s my sister’s friend.


BOY:   And can you see my friend? She’s wearing an orange jacket. She loves climbing!

WOMAN:   Yes. Wow! She’s at the top of that tree!

BOY:   I know.

WOMAN:   And what’s her name?

BOY:   It’s Vicky. She’s funny. I like her a lot.


WOMAN:   And who are the people walking behind the dog? You can’t see their faces.

BOY:   Oh, the man’s name is John. He’s got curly hair like mine.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. Does he live there?

BOY:   No. He and his wife were on holiday like us.


BOY:   And look at my mum!

WOMAN:   Where’s she?

BOY:   It’s difficult to see her. She’s waving with both hands. Look, next to the waterfall.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. And what’s her name?

BOY:   It’s Anna.


WOMAN:   Is that your dad who’s fishing on the lake?

BOY:   Yes. His name’s Bill.

WOMAN:   Did he catch any fish?

BOY:   No, but he likes trying!

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

Things lost in school

     What?                                   School bag

1   Colour?                                 ……………………………….

2   Where lost?                         in ……………………………

3   What was inside?               ……………………………….

4   Child’s name?                      Jill ………………………….

5   Child’s class number?        ……………………………….

Answer & Transcript

1 (it’s) black   2 (a/the) playground  

3 (her/Gill’s) lunch 4 Bold   5 (class) 11/eleven


GIRL:   Hello! Can you help me? I can’t find my school bag.

MAN:   Oh dear!

GIRL:   Yes. I put it on the floor and now I can’t find it.

MAN:   OK, Jill. I must write this down … your school bag and you lost it here.


MAN:   OK. What colour is your bag?

GIRL:   It’s black.

MAN:   Black? And was it new?

GIRL:   Yes. My grandma bought it for me last week.


MAN:   And where did you lose it? In the classroom?

GIRL:   No. It was in the playground.

MAN:   In the playground … and it’s not there now?

GIRL:   No!


MAN:   And what was inside it?

GIRL:   My lunch. That’s all.

MAN:   Only your lunch?

GIRL:   Yes.

MAN:   Not your books, or any pens and pencils?

GIRL:   No. They’re all on my desk.


MAN:   OK. Now, what’s your family name, Jill?

GIRL:   It’s Bold.

MAN:   Right! Do you spell that B-O-L-D?

GIRL:   Yes, B-O-L-D.


MAN:   OK. Now, what class are you in?

GIRL:   Class 11.

MAN:   OK. Well, go back to class 11 now, Jill.

GIRL:   All right, but can you find my bag, please?

MAN:   Yes, I think we can, but you must be more careful with your things, Jill.

GIRL:   I know!

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Tony do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

1 Tuesday – watching TV

2 Thursday – walk on beach

3 Wednesday – market, rabbit

4 Friday – library, choosing book

5 Sunday – sailing at beach


WOMAN:   Did you have a good week last week, Tony?

BOY:   Yes, I did, Aunt May. On Monday, I played in the garden with Daisy.

WOMAN:   Who’s Daisy?

BOY:   My pet rabbit. She was naughty! She ate Mum’s vegetables!

WOMAN:   Oh hear!


WOMAN:   Did you go out on Tuesday?

BOY:   No, it rained on Tuesday. We played games on the floor and watched TV.

WOMAN:   And what did you watch?

BOY:   A film about animals that could talk. They lived in a forest.


BOY:   I enjoyed Thursday more.

WOMAN:   Why? What did you do on Thursday?

BOY:   We drove down to the beach and went for a walk there.

WOMAN:   And did you go sailing?

BOY:   No, it was too cold.


BOY:   Mum and I went to the market on Wednesday.

WOMAN:   What did you buy there?

BOY:   We bought another rabbit … a friend for Daisy.

WOMAN:   Is the new rabbit naughty too?

BOY:   No! and she’s got big brown and white ears. I love her.


WOMAN:   What did you do on Friday?

BOY:   We went to the library to choose some new books.

WOMAN:   And did you find an exciting story to read?

BOY:   Yes. I found a story about a family who go on holiday to the beach.

WOMAN:   And what do they do there?

BOY:   They find some treasure!


BOY:   And we went to the beach again on Saturday. Oh, no, it was Sunny. Sorry.

WOMAN:   Was the weather good?

BOY:   Yes. It was nice that day and we went sailing.

WOMAN:   Great!

BOY:   Yes. It was an exciting day. I enjoyed it.

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What’s Lucy’s father doing?

1   Where’s the new bird cage?

2   How did Peter go to work today?

3   Which is Tom’s favourite sport?

4   What did May buy in the shop today?

5   Where’s Sally’s grandma?

Answer & Transcript

1 A   2 B   3 A   4 C   5 B


What’s Lucy’s father doing?

GIRL:   Where’s Dad, Mum? Is he cooking dinner?

WOMAN:   No, Lucy. I think he’s watching a DVD.

GIRL:   But he’s not in the living room.

WOMAN:   Look … he’s cleaning his motorbike.

GIRL:   Oh, yes. Thanks!

1   Where’s the new bird cage?

BOY:   Where’s the new bird cage? I want to put it in my bedroom. Is it in the garden?

WOMAN:   No. It’s out on the balcony, Sam. I put it there this morning.

BOY:   Can I go and get it?

WOMAN:   Yes, but carry it very carefully.

2   How did Peter go to work today?

MAN:   Peter started work in the city today.

WOMAN:   Did he?

MAN:   Yes. He drove there in his car, but it was very slow.

WOMAN:   Oh.

MAN:   Yes. It’s easier and quicker to catch a bus or go on the train.

3   Which is Tom’s favourite sport?

WOMAN:   Did you go skating again yesterday, Tom?

BOY:   No, I don’t like that now. I played table tennis.

WOMAN:   And do you like table tennis best now?

BOY:   Hmm. I think basketball is better. That’s my favourite.

4   What did May buy in the shop today?

WOMAN:   I bought this new coat today in town.

MAN:   Did you, May? But you wanted a skirt! You told me this morning!

WOMAN:   I know. But I saw this and I loved it. It’s grey, like my favourite sweater.

MAN:   OK.

5   Where’s Sally’s grandma?

GIRL:   Where’s Grandma, Dad? Did she go for a walk with the dog?

MAN:   No, Sally. She went to bed because she’s got a headache.

GIRL:   Oh dear! Is she OK?

MAN:   Oh, yes. Go and make her a cup of tea.

GIRL:   All right.

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