Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Lines should be drawn between:

1 Peter and the man with a cage of mice, wearing red jeans

2 Daisy and the woman with a dog, wearing a long skirt

3 Pat and the girl with glasses, carrying a monkey

4 Tom and the tall man, holding a snake

5 Fred and the man with a short black beard, holding a parrot.


BOY:   This is the new animal hospital, Grandma.

WOMAN:   Oh, it’s very busy in here, Jack.

BOY:   Can you see that woman with the curly hair?

WOMAN:   The one with the kitten?

BOY:   No, the one behind the desk. That’s Vicky. She’s my friend’s mum.


BOY:   Do you see that man with the mice in the cage?

WOMAN:   The man with the red jeans?

BOY:   Yes, that’s right.

WOMAN:   What’s his name?

BOY:   Peter. He works with my dad.


WOMAN:   Can you see that woman with the dog?

BOY:   The one with the long skirt?

WOMAN:   Yes. Is she your mother’s friend?

BOY:   Yes, her name’s Daisy.


BOY:   That girl with the glasses is my sister’s friend.

WOMAN:   She’s carrying a monkey!

BOY:   That’s right.

WOMAN:   What’s her name?

BOY:   Pat. She’s very nice.


BOY:   Can you see that tall man?

WOMAN:   The one who’s got a snake?

BOY:   Yes. It’s a big snake!

WOMAN:   Do you know him too?

BOY:   Yes, his name’s Tom. He was a teacher at my school.


WOMAN:   Look at that man.

BOY:   The one with the black beard?

WOMAN:   Yes. That’s Fred. He lives in my street. Do you like his parrot?

BOY:   Yes, and listen! It’s talking!

WOMAN:   Wow! It’s very clever!

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

Mum’s favourite shop

     Name of Mum’s favourite shop:     Golds

1   Shop is next to:                    the ……………………….

2   In the shop she buys:          ……………………………….

3   Shop’s café is:                       in the ………………………….

4   In the café you can buy:     ……………………………….

5   Shop is giving:                       ………………………… to children

Answer & Transcript

1 bus station   2 handbags   3 basement   4 cakes   5 DVDs


BOY:   Can you help me with my homework, Mum?

WOMAN:   Yes, Tony.

BOY:   I have to write about a shop. What’s your favourite one?

WOMAN:   It’s Golds. G-O-L-D-S.

BOY:   Golds? Do you go there every week?

WOMAN:   Yes, I do!


BOY:   Where is the shop?

WOMAN:   It’s next to the bus station.

BOY:   The bus station?

WOMAN:   Yes, that’s right.

BOY:   Oh, that’s a good place for a shop.


BOY:   What do you buy there? Shoes?

WOMAN:   You can buy lots of things there, but it’s my favourite shop in town for handbags!

BOY:   Handbags?

WOMAN:   Yes, I bought a beautiful new one last week.


WOMAN:   When I go to the shop, I often have a drink.

BOY:   Oh, so there’s a café too.

WOMAN:   Yes, it’s a very big shop!

BOY:   Where is the café?

WOMAN:   In the basement.

BOY:   Oh, I see. The basement.


BOY:   Can you eat pasta in the café?

WOMAN:   No, they don’t have hot food.

BOY:   So what can you eat?

WOMAN:   Well, they have great cakes.

BOY:   Cakes? Oh, that’s good, Mum.


BOY:   Can we go there on Saturday?

WOMAN:   Good idea. They’re giving DVDs to all the children who come to the shop this week.

BOY:   That’s great. I love watching DVDs!

WOMAN:   Me too.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Jim do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

1 Wednesday – helped aunt in garden, went to the cinema

2 Tuesday – went to the market, bought paintings

3 Sunday – swam in the sea, saw dolphins

4 Thursday – party in garden, painted a pirate

5 Monday – went swimming in pool


WOMAN:   Hello, Jim. What did you do last week on your school holiday?

BOY:   Hello, Mrs White. I went to my uncle and aunt’s new home. Their apartment is on a beach!

WOMAN:   That’s great! Did you enjoy it?

BOY:   Well … on Saturday I had to help my uncle paint his boat.

WOMAN:   Oh, no! Was it difficult?

BOY:   Yes, but in the afternoon we went for a walk on the beach.


BOY:   Wednesday was a busy day.

WOMAN:   Why?

BOY:   I helped my aunt in the garden. We planted some flowers.

WOMAN:   Oh, did you like doing that?

BOY:   It was OK. My aunt was happy because I helped her. She took me to the cinema. The film was about pirates!


BOY:   Friday was a nice day. Oh no, I mean Tuesday.

WOMAN:   What did you do on Tuesday?

BOY:   My aunt and I went to the market.

WOMAN:   Did you buy something?

BOY:   Yes, we bought three paintings of some boats on the sea.


WOMAN:   Did you go swimming in the sea?

BOY:   Yes. It was exciting!

WOMAN:   Which day did you do that?

BOY:   Sunday. And I saw some dolphins!

WOMAN:   Wow!


BOY:   We had a great party one day. All my uncle and aunt’s friends came to see the new apartment.

WOMAN:   Which day was that?

BOY:   Thursday.

WOMAN:   Oh, Thursday. Did you cook any nice food for them?

BOY:   No, we sat in the garden. I painted a picture of a pirate.


WOMAN:   What did you do on Monday?

BOY:   My aunt wanted to put some flowers on the balcony.

WOMAN:   Did you help her?

BOY:   No, not that day. I went swimming. My uncle and aunt have a swimming pool in their garden.

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

Which man is John’s teacher?

1   What must Mary take to school?

2   What’s Alex doing upstairs?

3   What did Ben dream about last night?

4   What did Jane do at the party last night?

5   What was the weather like last week in Uncle Bill’s village?

Answer & Transcript

1 A   2 B   3 A   4 B   5 C


Which man is John’s teacher?

BOY:   That’s my teacher. Look! He’s getting on the bus.

GIRL:   The thin man with the blue sweater, John?

BOY:   He’s not wearing a blue sweater. It’s grey.

GIRL:   Oh, I see him. He’s carrying a bag.

1   What must Mary take to school?

GIRL:   I need to go to school now, Dad.

MAN:   Have you got your baseball bat and that CD, Mary?

GIRL:   No, there’s no sport at school today … and the music class is on Friday.

MAN:   OK.

GIRL:   Oh … wait! I need my skates for the playground after school.

MAN:   Please be careful!

2   What’s Alex doing upstairs?

WOMAN:   Why is Alex upstairs?

BOY:   He wanted to email someone but Grandma’s on the computer.

WOMAN:   Well, he must do his homework now.

BOY:   He can’t, Mum. He’s texting his friend.

WOMAN:   Not again!

3   What did Ben dream about last night?

BOY:   Hello, Grandpa. I had a dream last night.

MAN:   Did you dream about a jungle again, Ben?

BOY:   No, I was on a mountain.

MAN:   Was it nice?

BOY:   No. I’d like to dream about being on an island.

4   What did Jane do at the party last night?

MAN:   Was it a good party last night, Jane? Did you dance a lot?

GIRL:   No. The music wasn’t very good, Grandpa.

MAN:   Did you eat something?

GIRL:   No, I had a stomach-ache.

MAN:   Oh … Did you take any photos?

GIRL:   Yes, with my new camera. It was great!

5   What was the weather like last week in Uncle Bill’s village?

MAN:   Look, Sam. It’s raining again!

GIRL:   Oh dear! The weather is never good when you come here, Uncle Bill.

MAN:   Well, it was sunny last Friday. I went to sleep in the garden!

GIRL:   Your village has very nice weather.

MAN:   Not always. Last week it was very windy and cold!

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