Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Lines should be drawn between:

1   Daisy and the blonde girl eating sandwiches

2   Jim and the boy putting the chairs out

3   Jill and the girl in the red skirt queuing for lunch

4   Fred and the boy with the glasses in the blue sweater

5   Sally and the girl in green trousers reading at the table


WOMAN:   Hello, Sam. Are you hungry?

BOY:   Oh, hello, Miss Green … yes I am.

WOMAN:   Are these children in your class?

BOY:   Yes, there’s my friend Paul.

WOMAN:   Is he the boy who’s carrying his lunch to the table?

BOY:   Yes, he’s got French fries and an apple.


WOMAN:   Who’s the girl with the long, blonde hair?

BOY:   Do you mean the girl who’s eating sandwiches?

WOMAN:   Yes.

BOY:   That’s Daisy. I like her.


BOY:   Look at Jim!

WOMAN:   I can’t see him. Where is he?

BOY:   He’s helping Mrs Cross.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. He’s carrying a chair for her.


BOY:   There’s Jill! She’s choosing something to eat.

WOMAN:   Oh … there are two girls there.

BOY:   Yes, but Jill’s the one with the red skirt.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes, I can see now.


WOMAN:   I like Fred’s new glasses.

BOY:   Where is he?

WOMAN:   There! Look, he’s wearing a blue sweater.

BOY:   Oh, sorry. I didn’t see him there.


BOY:   Who’s the new girl? Do you know?

WOMAN:   Which one do you mean?

BOY:   She’s sitting there, reading a book. She’s wearing green trousers.

WOMAN:   Oh, that’s Sally. It’s her first day at this school. Would you like to sit with her?

BOY:   OK. I can help her.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.


     Homework:               English

1   For which day?        ……………………………….

2   What to write:         ……………………………….

3   How long?                ……………………… pages

4   What about?            ……………………………….

5   Book to read:           ‘The ……………………. World’

Answer & Transcript

1 Friday   2 (a) story   3 (about) 2/two

4 (the) jungles/jungles   5 Lost


MAN:   Good morning, children.

BOY+GIRL:   Good morning, Mr Brown.

MAN:   I have some homework to give you. I want you all to write this in your books.

GIRL:   OK. Is it our English homework?

MAN:   Yes, so write ‘English’ at the top of your books.



MAN:   Now. You must do the homework this week.

GIRL:   Which day shall we give it to you, Mr Brown?

MAN:   On Friday, please.

GIRL:   OK then. Friday.


BOY:   So, what do we have to do?

MAN:   Well, I want you all to do some writing.

BOY:   What kind of writing?

MAN:   A story, please.

BOY:   Oh good. I like writing stories.


GIRL:   How long does it have to be?

MAN:   Ah, that’s a good question. Um, about two pages, please.

GIRL:   But I can only write slowly! Can I do one page, please?

MAN:   No! I want you all to write two pages.


BOY:   What have we got to write about? Can we choose?

MAN:   No. I want you to write about the jungle.

BOY:   That’s difficult. I can’t do that.

MAN:   You must try, Nick. We saw a film about jungles yesterday.

BOY:   Well … I can try.


MAN:   Now, here’s the name of a book. Write it in your books, please.

GIRL:   Is this for homework?

MAN:   Yes. I want you all to try and read it.

GIRL:   What’s the name of the book?

MAN:   ‘The Lost World’.

GIRL:   ‘The Last World’?

MAN:   No. L-O-S-T.

GIRL:   OK, Mr Brown.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Jane do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Tuesday      Wednesday

Monday      Saturday

Sunday      Thursday


MAN:   Hello, Jane. It’s good to see you in school again.

GIRL:   Thanks, Mr Park.

MAN:   Would you like to sell the class about your holiday?

GIRL:   OK. The best day was Monday. I climbed a mountain!

MAN:   Wow! Did you?

GIRL:   Yes.


MAN:   What about Thursday?

GIRL:   Thursday? Oh! Dad and I went finishing.

MAN:   Did you catch any fish?

GIRL:   No! We wanted some for dinner but we didn’t catch any.


GIRL:   One day, we went on a river boat.

MAN:   Oh, tell us! Which day was that?

GIRL:   Friday, I think. Oh, no … it was Wednesday. We took a picnic with us.

MAN:   So you enjoyed that day?

GIRL:   Yes! My sister threw her sandwich in the water for the fish. It was funny.


MAN:   And did you go swimming?

GIRL:   Yes, on Tuesday. We swam in the sea on Tuesday. I love doing that.

MAN:   Me too! Was the water cold?

GIRL:   Yes!


MAN:   Did you have any bad weather?

GIRL:   Yes. Sunday was the worst. It rained all day.

MAN:   Oh, dear! Did you go for a drive?

GIRL:   No. We walked to a farm. The ducks liked the rain! We laughed at them!


MAN:   And when did you come home?

GIRL:   On Saturday. We were in the car all day.

MAN:   But did you stop for lunch?

GIRL:   Yes. We stopped in a village.

MAN:   It was a good holiday then?

GIRL:   Oh, yes! We all enjoyed it.

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What does Nick want for breakfast?

1   Which girl is May’s sister?

2   Where did Kim play?

3   Which animals did Sam like best at the zoo?

4   What did Jill buy at the shops?

5   What is Ben’s mum cooking for supper?

Answer & Transcript

1 B   2 C   3 A   4 A   5 C


What does Nick want for breakfast?

WOMAN:   Good morning, Nick! Would you like some breakfast?

BOY:   Yes, please, Mum. Can I have some eggs?

WOMAN:   Sorry, Nick. I haven’t got any. You can have some fruit or some bread and cheese.

BOY:   No, thanks. I don’t want that.

1   Which girl is May’s sister?

WOMAN:   Hello, May. What are you doing?

GIRL:   I’m trying to find my sister. She went to buy an ice cream and now I can’t see her.

WOMAN:   I can help you. Has she got fair hair like you?

GIRL:   Yes … and she’s wearing a blue coat.

WOMAN:   There she is … look!

2   Where did Kim play?

MAN:   What did you do at the weekend, Kim?

GIRL:   We played with our kites. It was great.

MAN:   Did you go to the beach?

GIRL:   No. I played in the field.

MAN:   Which one – behind your house?

GIRL:   Yes, it was very windy up there. It’s better than the one next to the river.

3   Which animals did Sam like best at the zoo?

WOMAN:   Did you enjoy the zoo, Sam?

BOY:   Yes, thanks. We saw all the animals.

WOMAN:   Which did you like best – the lions?

BOY:   No, my brother liked them, but I liked the pandas best.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes … they’re OK. But the bears are my favourite.

4   What did Jill buy at the shops?

MAN:   Hello, Jill. Did you go to the shops after school?

GIRL:   Yes. I wanted to buy something for Sue – it’s her birthday today.

MAN:   Oh right. What did you choose – a CD?

GIRL:   No, she didn’t want one. I bought a video.

MAN:   That’s good. Her mum and dad gave her some new skates.

5   What is Ben’s mum cooking for supper?

GIRL:   What are you doing, Mum?

WOMAN:   I’m cooking supper. Are you hungry?

BOY:   Yes, I am! Is it chicken?

WOMAN:   No, it’s pasta today.

BOY:   Oh! Can we have French fries?

WOMAN:   No, we can’t have them every day!

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