Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Lines should be drawn between:

1   Peter and the main in the white T-shirt, under the clock

2   Sue and the legs sticking out of the water

3   John and the boy with the ball in his hands

4   Pat and the woman in the pink swimming hat

5   Ben and the man in the blue T-shirt and blue trousers


WOMAN:   Can you see Jim? Is he in the water?

BOY:   No, he isn’t. He’s sitting down.

WOMAN:   Is that him, with the yellow towel on his shoulders?

BOY:   Yes, that’s him.


BOY:   The one who’s standing under the clock?

WOMAN:   Yes.

BOY:   He’s a swimming teacher.

WOMAN:   What’s his name? Do you know?

BOY:   That’s Peter.


WOMAN:   I’m looking for Sue now. Can you see her?

BOY:   No, I can’t – oh, yes I can! She’s standing on her hands under the water!

WOMAN:   Where? How can you see that?

BOY:   Look, you can only see her legs and feet!

WOMAN:   Oh, yes! I can see her.


WOMAN:   Those two boys are enjoying their name.

BOY:   Yes. I know the bigger one. His name’s John.

WOMAN:   Is he the one with the ball in his hands now?

BOY:   Yes, that’s right.


WOMAN:   Where’s Pat? Is she have?

BOY:   Yes. I saw her in the water. There she is. She’s swimming.

WOMAN:   Where?

BOY:   She’s wearing a pink swimming hat.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. She can swim very well.


BOY:   Does Ben work here?

WOMAN:   Yes, he’s here now. I can see him.

BOY:   In the water?

WOMAN:   No. He’s walking next to the pool.

BOY:   In a blue T-shirt and blue trousers?

WOMAN:   Yes.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

Park School Library

     Class:           7

1   Name:         Daisy …………………….

2   Book:          ‘My ………………………’

3   Video:         ……………………………….

4   CD:              ……………………… music

5   You can have these for:      One ……………………….

Answer & Transcript

1 Spear   2 Plants   3 Tennis   4 Film   5 week


MAN:   Hello. You’re new here, aren’t you? Shall I help you?

GIRL:   Yes, please. I want to take these things out of the library.

MAN:   Right. Which class are you in?

GIRL:   Seven.

MAN:   Well, write seven here, look.



MAN:   Now, what’s your name?

GIRL:   Daisy Spear.

MAN:   How do you spell that?

GIRL:   It’s S-P-E-A-R.

MAN:   Right.


MAN:   Now, which book have you got?

GIRL:   This one. It’s name is ‘My Plants’.

MAN:   OK. Then we write ‘My Aunts’ here.

GIRL:   Um, not ‘Aunts’ – ‘Plants’!

MAN:   Oh, yes, sorry.


MAN:   Have you got a video there?

GIRL:   Yes.

MAN:   Is there a name on the box?

GIRL:   It’s a sports video. It says ‘Tennis’ on the box.

MAN:   OK. Put ‘Tennis’ here. Can you play well?

GIRL:   No, not very well. I want to play better.


MAN:   Have you got a CD player at home? You can take a CD.

GIRL:   I’d like to take this one. Is that OK?

MAN:   Yes.

GIRL:   It says ‘Music’ on the outside. Shall I write that?

MAN:   What kind of music is it?

GIRL:   Film music. I see, I write film music here.


MAN:   How many days do you need them all for?

GIRL:   Can I have them for one week?

MAN:   Yes. That’s fine. So, can you write ‘one week’ at the bottom, there, please?

GIRL:   Oh, yes, I see.

MAN:   Good. Now you can take all your things. Enjoy them!

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Bill do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Tuesday      Wednesday

Saturday     Thursday

Friday          Monday


BOY:   Hello, Aunt Jane!

WOMAN:   Hello, Bill. I saw you in the pet shop on Wednesday.

BOY:   Oh! We were there because Mum wanted to get a cat for us.

WOMAN:   Did you find one?

BOY:   Yes! We’ve got a beautiful black and white cat at home now!

WOMAN:   Wow!


BOY:   On Friday, my best friend came to sleep at our house.

WOMAN:   Did he? Did he sleep in your bedroom?

BOY:   Yes. He had my ben and I slept on the floor.

WOMAN:   Did you sleep well?

BOY:   No! We played games for most of the night!


BOY:   And I had a good day on Saturday.

WOMAN:   Oh? What did you do?

BOY:   I went with my school to the zoo.

WOMAN:   Great! What did you like best?

BOY:   All the big cats, like the lions and tigers!


WOMAN:   Did your friend come again on Tuesday, Bill?

BOY:   On Tuesday … no, I had a temperature and a headache.

WOMAN:   Oh dear!

BOY:   Yes, I was in bed all day.


BOY:   Dad painted my bedroom last week.

WOMAN:   Oh! When did he do that?

BOY:   On Monday. He did three walls and I did one.

WOMAN:   Well done!

BOY:   Yes. It’s great now. It’s all purple.


WOMAN:   What did you do on Sunday, Bill?

BOY:   I don’t know. But Thursday was a good day.

WOMAN:   What did you do on Thursday?

BOY:   I did a painting of a lion. I enjoy painting a lot.

WOMAN:   Me too!

BOY:   And Mum put it on the wall. I love it!

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What does Nick want?

1   Which animal is Tom’s favourite pet?

2   Which girl is Fred’s cousin?

3   What’s Kim doing?

4   What can Paul have for his game?

5   What does Sally always do on Monday evening?

Answer & Transcript

1 B   2 C   3 A   4 C   5 B


What does Nick want?

MAN:   That pasta was very good. Thank you.

WOMAN:   Now, what can I give you, Nick? I’ve got fruit or ice cream.

MAN:   I’d like some fruit, please.

WOMAN:   Here you are. Would you like a cup of coffee with it?

MAN:   Thank you, but I can’t drink coffee. It gives me a headache.

1   Which animal is Tom’s favourite pet?

BOY:   I like all my pets a lot.

WOMAN:   I know, Tom. I like the snake. It’s very beautiful. Which one is your favourite?

BOY:   I like my big, black spider best.

WOMAN:   Mm. Well, don’t take him out of the box, please.

BOY:   OK. Would you like to see my mouse?

WOMAN:   Yes, please. I like mice.

2   Which girl is Fred’s cousin?

MAN:   Hello, Fred. Is your mother here in the park?

BOY:   No. I’m here with my cousin, but I can’t find her now.

MAN:   Is that her, in the blue dress?

BOY:   No. She’s got straight black hair. It isn’t curly, like mine.

MAN:   What’s she wearing?

BOY:   A yellow shirt and trousers.

3   What’s Kim doing?

MAN:   Where’s Kim? Is she in the kitchen, cooking the supper?

GIRL:   No, she’s in the bathroom, washing her hair. Why?

MAN:   There’s a film about dolphins on the TV. She wanted to watch it.

GIRL:   Right.

4   What can Paul have for his game?

BOY:   Can I have this old map for my game?

WOMAN:   No, but you can play with that old camera.

BOY:   Oh, yes! Thank you. And can I have that box?

WOMAN:   I’m sorry, Paul, I need it.

5   What does Sally always do on Monday evening?

GIRL:   I don’t like Monday mornings. We have hockey. But I like the evenings. We always go to the supermarket.

BOY:   Do you like that? I don’t. I like Tuesday evenings better.

GIRL:   What do you do then, Bill?

BOY:   We go swimming.

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