Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Lines should be drawn between:

1   Jill and the girl skipping, in a blue coat

2   Mary and the woman standing next to the bus

3   John and the boy taking a photo, with a plaster on his leg

4   Sally and the girl with long hair and a yellow jacket

5   Peter and the blond boy carrying skates


WOMAN:   What a beautiful day! Who are all those children by the school bus?

BOY:   Mrs Jones’s class are all going on holiday.

WOMAN:   There are a lot of children. Who’s the boy who’s running? He’s got a big bag on his shoulder!

BOY:   That’s my friend Bill.


WOMAN:   Who’s the girl who’s skipping?

BOY:   The one who’s wearing the blue coat?

WOMAN:   Yes. I know her, I think, but I don’t know her name.

BOY:   That’s Jill.


BOY:   And look there’s the teacher, Mrs Jones. She’s putting all the things in the bus.

WOMAN:   What’s her first name?

BOY:   It’s Mary. You know that, Mum!

WOMAN:   Oh, yes! I talk to her in the shop sometimes. Look! She’s got a new hat.


WOMAN:   Who’s that? The boy who’s taking a picture?

BOY:   His name’s John.

WOMAN:   What’s the matter with his leg?

BOY:   He hurt it in the playground last week.


BOY:   Can you see Sally? She’s going with them.

WOMAN:   No. Which girl is she?

BOY:   The one who’s putting on her jacket.

WOMAN:   She’s got very long hair.

BOY:   Yes, she has.


BOY:   And look. That’s Peter. He’s carrying some skates.

WOMAN:   What’s he pointing at?

BOY:   The dog. Look! Can you see it?

WOMAN:   Yes. It wants to go on holiday with them!

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

Things to do today

     At supermarket

          Buy:                       a video

1                                       a new ……………………

2                                       and ……………………….

3   Then go to:              ………………………………

      At hospital

4        Mum needs:        four ……………………….

5                                       and her ……………………….

Answer & Transcript

1 toothbrush   2 (a) plant   3 (the) library

4 towels   5 new glasses


MAN:   What have we got to do today?

GIRL:   A lot of things, Dad. We have to buy a video for Mum.

MAN:   Right. Where can we buy one?

GIRL:   At the supermarket.

MAN:   OK, a video. You can choose it.


MAN:   Now, there’s another thing I must buy at the supermarket. Oh, what is it?

GIRL:   A new toothbrush.

MAN:   Yes, that’s right. A toothbrush for the baby.

GIRL:   No, Dad! For Mum! The new baby hasn’t got any teeth!


MAN:   Shall we buy some flowers for Mum?

GIRL:   Well, how about a plant?

MAN:   OK. She’s like a plant better, I think.

GIRL:   Fine.


GIRL:   Then we have to go to the library.

MAN:   The library. Why?

GIRL:   Because I need some books for my homework.

MAN:   OK.


MAN:   Right. After that, we can go to the hospital.

GIRL:   Yes. We must take some towels.

MAN:   Oh, yes! How many does Mum need?

GIRL:   Four towels. Two for her and two for the baby.


MAN:   Now. The last thing. Mum needs her glasses.

GIRL:   Yes. Now, be careful, Dad. You must take her new ones. Don’t take her old ones.

MAN:   Oh, thank you! Yes, she needs her new glasses.

GIRL:   Good. Now, have you got your coat?

MAN:   Yes.

GIRL:   Come on then. I want to see the baby!

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Nick do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

1 Monday – shopping for new television

2 Wednesday – painting

3 Tuesday – gardening

4 Sunday – watching television

5 Friday – washing clothes


WOMAN:   So, Nick, do you like your new house?

BOY:   Oh, yes. The garden’s great and I like my bedroom, but there was a lot to do there last week.

WOMAN:   Did you have a party?

BOY:   Yes. We had it in the garden on Saturday. A lot of people came.


WOMAN:   What did you do on Monday?

BOY:   Mum and I went to the shops to choose a new television.

WOMAN:   Did you find one?

BOY:   Yes. It’s great. It’s better than the old one.


BOY:   On Thursday, we painted the windows. Oh, no, it was Wednesday.

WOMAN:   What colour are they?

BOY:   Blue. It was difficult. I got paint on my new T-shirt.

WOMAN:   Well, you can wash it.


BOY:   Tuesday was great.

WOMAN:   Tuesday? Why?

BOY:   Well, it was very sunny and we all worked in the garden.

WOMAN:   Were you tired in the evening?

BOY:   Yes, I was.


WOMAN:   What did you do on Sunday?

BOY:   I don’t know … oh, yes, I watched television in the evening.

WOMAN:   Oh. What did you see?

BOY:   A film about a family. They find a tiger in their garden!


WOMAN:   What about Friday?

BOY:   Well, I wanted to do some more painting, but I had to help Mum with the washing.

WOMAN:   Oh, no! Well, was it a sunny day?

BOY:   No. It was very windy and it rained in the afternoon.

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What does the man want to buy?

1   What did the boy wash?

2   What did Sue buy?

3   What’s the baby doing?

4   Where’s the cheese?

5   Which child is Jim?

Answer & Transcript

1 C   2 C   3 A   4 B   5 B


What does the man want to buy?

MAN:   Good morning. Do you have maps in this shop?

WOMAN:   No. I’m sorry. We only have books and comics here.

MAN:   Oh.

WOMAN:   Try the shop down the road. You can buy them here, I think.

1   What did the boy wash?

BOY:   I washed some of the things in the kitchen, Mum.

WOMAN:   Oh, good! The cups were very dirty. Did you wash them?

BOY:   Oh! I didn’t see them. But the glasses are clean now.

WOMAN:   Well, thank you. Now, can you put those bowls in the cupboard, please?

2   What did Sue buy?

WOMAN:   We didn’t have any bread for breakfast this morning. I went to the market and bought some.

BOY:   Good. And we needed some coffee. Did you buy any?

WOMAN:   Sorry. No, I didn’t. But I bought some fruit.

BOY:   Oh. Right.

3   What’s the baby doing?

WOMAN:   Oh, it’s good to be home. Look at the baby. He’s trying to take off his shoes!

BOY:   He doesn’t like them.

WOMAN:   I know … and he’s hungry. I must cook his supper. Can you read him a story?

BOY:   OK, Aunt Jane.

4   Where’s the cheese?

WOMAN:   Where’s the cheese? I need it for the sandwiches.

MAN:   It’s in your shopping bag, I think. Or is it on the table?

WOMAN:   No, I looked there. Oh, here it is. It’s under my bag.

MAN:   Oh, yes. I didn’t see it there. Sorry!

5   Which child is Jim?

MAN:   Here come the children, and there’s my son, Jim.

GIRL:   The boy with the curly hair?

MAN:   No, that’s his friend. Jim’s got straight hair and glasses.

GIRL:   Oh, yes, I can see him. He’s talking to the boy with the scarf.

MAN:   That’s right.

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