Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Lines should be drawn between:

 Jill and the girl sitting on the rock, wrapped in a towel

 Jim and the boy in a hat, carrying fish

 Peter and the blond boy taking a boat out of the water

 Sally and the girl standing in the water and shouting

 Fred and the boy in the yellow sweater, washing his hands


WOMAN:   Look! There are a lot of people playing by the river. Do you know any of them?

BOY:   Yes. I can see my friend, Mary. She’s wearing a red T-shirt.

WOMAN:   Where is she?

BOY:   There. Look, she’s climbing that tree. Be careful!


BOY:   That’s Jill there.

WOMAN:   What’s she doing?

BOY:   She’s sitting on a rock.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. I like her towel. Those are my favourite colours!


WOMAN:   Who’s that boy?

BOY:   Where?

WOMAN:   He’s wearing a hat and he’s carrying some fish.

BOY:   That’s Jim.

WOMAN:   Is that our lunch?

BOY:   Yes, it is.


BOY:   I can see Peter.

WOMAN:   I can’t.

BOY:   Look. He’s got curly, blond hair.

WOMAN:   What’s he doing?

BOY:   He’s taking a boat out of the water.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes, I can see him now.


BOY:   Look at Sally!

WOMAN:   Where is she?

BOY:   She’s standing in the water.

WOMAN:   Why is she shouting?

BOY:   The water’s cold, I think!


WOMAN:   Who’s that boy by the river?

BOY:   Which one?

WOMAN:   He’s wearing a yellow sweater, and he’s washing his hands in the water.

BOY:   Oh, that’s Fred. He’s my best friend.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

The Lake Café

     Name:                                 Ann Tracy

1   Age:                                     ……………………………….

2   Comes to café:                  at ……………………………

3   Favourite sandwich:        ……………………………….

4   Would like:                        ……………………………….

5   Came today with:             ……………………………….

Answer & Transcript

1 13/thirteen (years/yrs (old))    2 (the) weekend(s)

3 cheese   4 pasta   5 (her) cousin


MAN:   Hello. I work here at the café. Can I ask you some questions?

GIRL:   Yes.

MAN:   Thank you. Now, what’s your name?

GIRL:   Ann Tracy.

MAN:   Can you spell that please?

GIRL:   T-R-A-C-Y.


MAN:   How old are you, Ann?

GIRL:   I’m thirteen.

MAN:   Pardon? Did you say fourteen?

GIRL:   No, I’m thirteen.

MAN:   Oh, right.


MAN:   Now, do you come to this café every day?

GIRL:   No, I don’t. I come here at weekends.

MAN:   Only at weekends?

GIRL:   Yes. That’s right.


MAN:   Another question, Ann. Which is your favourite kind of sandwich?

GIRL:   Oh, I don’t know. They’re all good.

MAN:   Well, do you like our egg sandwiches, for example? Or the chicken ones?

GIRL:   Oh, they’re OK – but cheese is my favourite.

MAN:   Thank you. Look, I’m writing ‘cheese’ here.


MAN:   Now, we want some new things to eat in the café. Can you think of something, Ann?

GIRL:   Mmm, that’s difficult.

MAN:   Something you would like to eat? Something we don’t have?

GIRL:   I know. How about pasta?

MAN:   Did you say pasta?

GIRL:   Yes. I love it!


MAN:   Last question. Who did you come here with today?

GIRL:   My cousin.

MAN:   Only your cousin?

GIRL:   Yes.

MAN:   Well, thank you very much, Ann.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Tony do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

1 Wednesday – helping on farm

2 Thursday – library

3 Saturday – playing with brother

4 Sunday – reading

5 Friday – visit to zoo


WOMAN:   Hello, Tony. We didn’t see you at the park last week. Where were you?

BOY:   Oh, I had to help my mum and dad.

WOMAN:   What did you do?

BOY:   Well, on Monday I went to the market. My mum wanted some fruit.


BOY:   On Wednesday, I helped my dad on your farm.

WOMAN:   What did you do?

BOY:   First, we had to put some carrots and potatoes into bags.

WOMAN:   Did you enjoy it?

BOY:   Yes. Then we gave some food to the animals.


WOMAN:   What about Thursday?

BOY:   Thursday? Oh, I went to the library.

WOMAN:   Did you find any good books?

BOY:   Yes, I got three because I read very quickly. And I chose some for my mum.


WOMAN:   What did you do on Saturday?

BOY:   I wanted to help my dad on the farm again, but it rained all day.

WOMAN:   So, what did you do?

BOY:   I played with my brother. He’s got a toy farm with lots of animals.


WOMAN:   What about Sunday?

BOY:   I didn’t go outside because it rained all day.

WOMAN:   Did you watch television?

BOY:   No, Mum and I read our library books. Mine was about animals.


BOY:   Tuesday was a very good day. Oh no, it was Friday.

WOMAN:   What did you do?

BOY:   I went to the zoo with my mum, dad and brother.

WOMAN:   Which was your favourite animal?

BOY:   I liked the parrots best. We gave them some fruit.

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

How did John go to his grandparents’ house?

1   What did Jane watch on TV?

2   What’s the matter with Sue?

3   What do they need to wash?

4   Which boy is Ben’s brother?

5   What can’t Sam find?

Answer & Transcript

1 B   2 A   3 C   4 A   5 B


How did John go to his grandparents’ house?

GIRL:   Hello John. Did you go to see your grandparents last week?

BOY:   Yes. I went with my mum.

GIRL:   Did you go there by bus?

BOY:   No. We went on the train because Dad needed the car.

1   What did Jane watch on TV?

MAN:   Did you watch the film about dolphins last night, Jane?

WOMAN:   No. Did you?

MAN:   No. I saw something about jungles.

WOMAN:   Oh, did you? I watched a film about a famous clown.

2   What’s the matter with Sue?

GIRL:   Mum, do I have to get up? I don’t feel well.

WOMAN:   Have you got a headache?

GIRL:   No, but my ear hurts.

WOMAN:   Well, you haven’t got a temperature, but don’t go to school today.

3   What do they need to wash?

GIRL:   Can you help me put the things on the table for the party?

BOY:   OK. Where are the glasses?

GIRL:   In the cupboard, next to the cups.

BOY:   What about the bowls for the ice cream?

GIRL:   Oh, they’re all dirty! We need to wash them.

4   Which boy is Ben’s brother?

BOY:   Look at this photo of us in the mountains.

WOMAN:   Which one is you, Ben?

BOY:   That’s me, in the blue sweater. My brother’s next to me.

WOMAN:   Is he wearing a black sweater?

BOY:   No, that’s our friend. Look. My brother’s got a blue sweater like mine, but he’s wearing a hat.

5   What can’t Sam find?

MAN:   Have you put all your holiday things in your bag, Sam?

BOY:   Well, I’ve got a comic to read and I’ve got a good CD.

MAN:   And what about your toothbrush?

BOY:   Um, no, I haven’t got it. I can’t find it.

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