Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Lines should be drawn between:

1   Jim and the tall boy, moving a table

2   Daisy and the girl in the red dress, taking off her coat

3   Peter and the boy wearing jeans, carrying a guitar

4   Paul and the boy near the door in a jacket

5   Mary and the girl dancing and laughing


BOY:   Here’s a picture of us at the school party last Saturday, Mum.

WOMAN:   And some of you are dancing! You’re all enjoying it, I can see!

BOY:   Mmm, yes.

WOMAN:   Look! Is that Jill? The girl in the red sweater?

BOY:   Yes. She can play the piano very well.


WOMAN:   Who’s that? The tall boy.

BOY:   That’s Jim. He’s older than us.

WOMAN:   Oh. Why’s he moving the table?

BOY:   Because more people wanted to dance.


BOY:   And that’s Daisy there.

WOMAN:   Do you mean the girl with the red dress?

BOY:   Yes. She’s taking off her coat.

WOMAN:   Is she in your class?

BOY:   Yes.


WOMAN:   And who’s that with the guitar?

BOY:   Which one? Two people have got guitars.

WOMAN:   I mean the boy who’s carrying one. He’s wearing jeans.

BOY:   Oh, that’s Peter. He can sing and play.


WOMAN:   And who’s that person? The one who’s waiting by the door?

BOY:   That’s Paul. He had to go early.

WOMAN:   Why?

BOY:   His dad came and took him home because he had a headache.

WOMAN:   Oh! He looks sad.


BOY:   And can you see Mary? She came to my last birthday party.

WOMAN:   Yes, I know her … she’s good at dancing!

BOY:   Yes, she is. She danced with that boy all evening!

WOMAN:   She looks happy! Look! She’s laughing …

BOY:   It was a great evening.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.


     Colour:                     red and green

1   Age:                          ……………………………….

2   Favourite food:     ……………………………….

3   Can say:                   ……………………………….

4   Where it lives:        on ………………………….

5   Name:                      ……………………………….

Answer & Transcript

1 (It’s) 19/nineteen (years (old))   2 (It loves) bananas/banana

2 (only (says)) hello   4 (the) balcony   5 Polly


GIRL:   Mr Snow, can I ask you some questions about your parrot?

MAN:   Yes, Ann. What do you want to know?

GIRL:   What colour is it? That’s my first question.

MAN:   It’s red and green.

GIRL:   Red and green?

MAN:   That’s right.


GIRL:   How old’s your parrot, Mr Snow?

MAN:   It’s nineteen.

GIRL:   Nineteen! That’s old.

MAN:   No, it isn’t. Parrots live longer than that.


GIRL:   And what does it like to eat?

MAN:   It likes all kinds of food, but it loves bananas.

GIRL:   Are bananas it favourite food?

MAN:   Yes.


GIRL:   And what can it say?

MAN:   Well, all parrots can talk, but ours only says ‘hello’.

GIRL:   Does it say hello to you every day?

MAN:   Yes. Every morning.


GIRL:   And does it live in your garden?

MAN:   No. It doesn’t like the rain. It lives on the balcony.

GIRL:   Does it like being on the balcony?

MAN:   Yes, because it can watch all the people in the street.


GIRL:   And has your parrot got a name?

MAN:   Yes. We call it Polly.

GIRL:   Is that P-O-L-Y?

MAN:   No, it’s P-O-double L-Y.

GIRL:   Great! Thank you for your answers!

MAN:   That’s OK.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Sally do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

1 Wednesday – sat by waterfall

2 Tuesday – saw a spider on a flower

3 Monday – read a book about monkeys

4 Friday – drew spiders

5 Thursday – bought pictures of animals


MAN:   Good morning, children!

GROUP:   Good morning, Mr Quick!

MAN:   Right, first I want to hear about your holidays.

GIRL:   I went to the jungle, Mr Quick!

MAN:   Did you see any monkeys there, Sally?

GIRL:   On Sunday, we did. They were in the trees.


MAN:   Did you go for lots of walks in the jungle?

GIRL:   No, because it was hot. But on Wednesday we did and we found a waterfall there.

MAN:   Did you have a swim?

GIRL:   No, but I sat on some grass and put my feet in the water.


GIRL:   And another day, we went to see some very big plants and flowers.

MAN:   When was that?

GIRL:   It was Tuesday … yes, Tuesday. I saw a spider on one big flower.

MAN:   I don’t like spiders!

GIRL:   I do!


GIRL:   But the weather was bad on Monday.

MAN:   So what did you do?

GIRL:   I sat inside are read a book.

MAN:   All day?

GIRL:   Yes. It was an exciting story. It was about a family of monkeys.


GIRL:   One day, I did a lot of drawing.

MAN:   Which day was that? Saturday?

GIRL:   No, Friday. I sat by the river and drew pictures of spiders.

MAN:   Wow! You must show them to me.


MAN:   And what did you do on Thursday?

GIRL:   On Thursday, we walked in the village. It was next to the river.

MAN:   And did you go to the waterfall again?

GIRL:   No. We bought some pictures of the animals there. It was a great holiday!

MAN:   Good!

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

Where’s Ann’s scarf?

1   What is Nick listening to?

2   Which man is Sue’s teacher?

3   What does Pat want to do today?

4   Why has Ben got a stomach ache?

5   What does Bill want to see first at the zoo?

Answer & Transcript

1 A   2 C   3 C   4 5 B


Where’s Ann’s scarf?

GIRL:   I can’t find my new scarf, Dad. Is it in your car?

MAN:   No, Ann. You took it off in the garden.

GIRL:   So is it outside?

MAN:   No. I put it in my bag. Here.

GIRL:   Thanks.

1   What is Nick listening to?

WOMAN:   Is that loud music on the radio, Nick?

BOY:   No, that’s my new CD.

WOMAN:   Can you play it this evening? I’ve got a headache.

BOY:   Well, can I watch television?

WOMAN:   No, Nick. Go outside and play.

2   Which man is Sue’s teacher?

MAN:   I want to talk to your teacher about the school bus, Sue. Where is he?

GIRL:   There, Dad.

MAN:   The man with the beard and glasses?

GIRL:   Not him. My teacher’s standing next to him. He’s younger, he’s wearing glasses, but he’s got curly hair.

MAN:   Oh, I see him.

3   What does Pat want to do today?

MAN:   Well, there’s no school today, Pat. What do you want to do? Let’s go sailing.

GIRL:   It’s cold and wet, Dad. Can I do some cooking? I like doing that.

MAN:   Yes, OK. And I must wash my car!

GIRL:   You don’t have to do that. The rain can clean your car!

4   Why has Ben got a stomach ache?

WOMAN:   What’s the matter, Ben?

BOY:   I’ve got a stomach ache.

WOMAN:   Did you eat all that watermelon?

BOY:   No … but I had a lot of ice cream at the café. I ate all of mine and then I had another big one after that.

WOMAN:   Well, have a drink and go to bed.

5   What does Bill want to see first at the zoo?

WOMAN:   What shall we go and see first, Bill? How about the crocodiles?

BOY:   Not now. I’d like to go and see the tigers first.

WOMAN:   All right. Hmm. They’re next to the giraffes. Let’s go!

BOY:   Great!

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