Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Lines should be drawn between:

 Kim and the man painting a window

 Vicky and the girl carrying a box of vegetables

 Jack and the boy with the bike

 Anna and the girl playing with a ball on the mat

 Daisy and the girl climbing a tree


WOMAN:   What a lot of people in your garden today. Who’s the boy who’s running?

BOY:   The boy playing with the cat?

WOMAN:   Yes.

BOY:   That’s Tom. He’s my cousin.


WOMAN:   Who’s painting the window?

BOY:   That’s Kim.

WOMAN:   It looks difficult.

BOY:   Yes, but he likes painting.


WOMAN:   Look at that girl!

BOY:   That’s Vicky. She’s carrying a box.

WOMAN:   Are there vegetables in the box?

BOY:   Yes, they come from her garden. She brings them every week.


WOMAN:   And the boy with the bike. Who’s he?

BOY:   That’s Jack – he’s my brother’s friend. It’s a new bike.

WOMAN:   Mmm. It looks great.

BOY:   Yes. His grandpa gave it to him last week.


WOMAN:   There are two children who are sitting on a mat. Who’s the girl?

BOY:   Oh, that’s Anna and that’s her brother.

WOMAN:   They’re enjoying their game.

BOY:   Yes, they are!


WOMAN:   Who’s climbing the tree?

BOY:   That’s Daisy.

WOMAN:   She’s very good at climbing.

BOY:   Yes, she isn’t afraid. She does that every day.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

Redbridge Sports Centre

     Name:                                 Lucy Flynn

1   Which class?                      ……………………………….

2   When?                                 Saturday ……………………

3   Name of teacher?            Mr ………………………….

4   Comes to Centre by:        ……………………………….

5   Favourite sport:                ……………………………….

Answer & Transcript

1 swimming   2 afternoon(s)   3 Hart

4 (her father’s/dad’s) car   5 tennis


MAN:   Hello. Can I ask you some questions about classes at the sports centre, please.


MAN:   First. What’s your name?

GIRL:   Lucy Flynn.

MAN:   Lucy Flynn. Is that F-L-Y double N?

GIRL:   That’s right.


MAN:   Right, Lucy, which classes do you go to here?

GIRL:   I have a swimming class.

MAN:   Swimming, OK. And do you enjoy that?

GIRL:   Very much.

MAN:   Good.


MAN:   When do you have your class, Lucy?

GIRL:   On Saturday morning – no, that’s wrong. It’s in the afternoon now.

MAN:   OK, and you have it every week?

GIRL:   Yes, on Saturday afternoon.


MAN:   What’s the name of your teacher?

GIRL:   It’s Mr Hart. He’s very nice.

MAN:   Do you spell that H-A-R-T?

GIRL:   Yes, that’s right.

MAN:   Great.


MAN:   Now, how do you get here, Lucy?

GIRL:   I come with my father in the car.

MAN:   Does he come in and watch the class?

GIRL:   No, he sits in the car and reads his book!


MAN:   Now the last question. Do you do a lot of sports?

GIRL:   Yes, I play tennis, hockey and basketball.

MAN:   And which is your favourite?

GIRL:   Oh, I like tennis best.

MAN:   Thank you very much, Lucy.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Ben do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

1 Thursday – film about girl and helicopter

2 Saturday – kite and walk with dog in forest

3 Monday – picnic and photo of lizard on forest

4 Tuesday – beach and swam in sea

5 Sunday – beach and took photos of dog


WOMAN:   Were you on holiday last week, Ben?

BOY:   Yes, on Wednesday I went to see my uncle and aunt.

WOMAN:   Did you go by train?

BOY:   No, we went in a helicopter because they live on an island.

WOMAN:   Wow!


WOMAN:   So, Ben, what did you do on holiday?

BOY:   Well, on Thursday evening we went to the cinema.

WOMAN:   On Thursday? Did you see that great new film about the boy with a dog that can speak?

BOY:   No. It was about a girl and a helicopter. It was very exciting.

WOMAN:   Oh.


BOY:   There’s a big forest next to my uncle’s house.

WOMAN:   Did you go there on Friday?

BOY:   No, we went on Saturday.

WOMAN:   Oh.

BOY:   We took a kite and we also took the dog for a walk.


BOY:   Then we went to the forest again on Monday.

WOMAN:   And what did you do there?

BOY:   We had a picnic and took some photos.

WOMAN:   Did you enjoy it?

BOY:   Yes, I took a good picture of some lizards.


WOMAN:   Did you go to the cinema again another day?

BOY:   No, the weather was nice. On Tuesday we went to the beach.

WOMAN:   Did you go in the sea?

BOY:   Well, I did, but my aunt and uncle didn’t.

WOMAN:   What about the dog?

BOY:   He doesn’t like water. He likes playing on the sand. Tuesday was a good day.


WOMAN:   I’d like to see their dog.

BOY:   I’ve got some pictures. Look.

WOMAN:   Oh, he looks happy.

BOY:   Yes, we went to the beach again on Sunday and I took some photos of him there. It was a cold day.

WOMAN:   Yes, I can see there aren’t any people in the sea.

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What did Tony eat at his party?

1   Which pet did Tony get for his birthday?

2   What did Tony wear at his party?

3   What did the children do at the party?

4   What did Tony like best about his birthday?

5   What’s the matter with Tony?

Answer & Transcript

1 B   2 B   3 A   4 A   5 C


What did Tony eat at his party?

BOY:   Hi, Aunt Sally.

WOMAN:   Did you have a nice birthday, Tony?

BOY:   Yes, it was great.

WOMAN:   What did you have to eat at the party?

BOY:   We had burgers.

WOMAN:   And chips?

BOY:   No, but we had lots of ice cream.

1   Which pet did Tony get for his birthday?

WOMAN:   Did you get a snake for your birthday, Tony?

BOY:   No, I wanted one but Mum doesn’t like them.

WOMAN:   Oh dear. My children don’t like spiders, but I do.

BOY:   So do I. Mum bought me a rabbit. It’s OK.

WOMAN:   Can I see it?

BOY:   Yes.

2   What did Tony wear at his party?

WOMAN:   That’s a nice shirt that you’re wearing.

BOY:   Yes, it was a present from a friend.

WOMAN:   And at the party did you wear the sweater that I bought you?

BOY:   It was too hot. I wore a T-shirt.

3   What did the children do at the party?

WOMAN:   What did you do at your party?

BOY:   We played some good games. We had to look for treasure.

WOMAN:   Did you have a map to look at?

BOY:   Yes.

WOMAN:   And did you play football?

BOY:   No, but after the party I went skating with my brother.

4   What did Tony like best about his birthday?

WOMAN:   What did you like best about your birthday, Tony?

BOY:   Well, I like this watch and Dad gave me a computer.

WOMAN:   Wow! What a lot of presents!

BOY:   Yes, but I made a video of the party. That was the best thing.

5   What’s the matter with Tony?

WOMAN:   But what’s the matter, Tony? Have you got a headache?

BOY:   No. I ate too much birthday cake yesterday.

WOMAN:   Have you got a stomach ache then? I’m sorry.

BOY:   No, but I’ve got a toothache. It hurts a lot.

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