Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Lines and the boy standing on the rock, fishing.

1   Nick and the boy standing on the rock, fishing

2   Mary and the girl with fair hair, swimming

3   Peter and the boy trying to get the kite in the tree

4   Daisy and the girl by the door of the house, with the dog

5   Jane and the girl sitting in the boat, with a frog on her T-shirt


BOY:   Look! This is a photo of my aunt’s house. My eight cousins live there!

WOMAN:   That’s a lot of children!

BOY:   Yes! There’s Jim. He’s the oldest. He’s in the boat. He’s wearing his football scarf.

WOMAN:   In hot weather?

BOY:   Yes!


WOMAN:   What’s the name of the boy who’s standing on the rock?

BOY:   Oh, that’s Nick. He loves fishing.

WOMAN:   Did he catch a fish that day?

BOY:   No! He never catches any, but he likes trying.


WOMAN:   And who’s the girl in the water?

BOY:   Do you mean Mary? The girl who’s got fair hair?

WOMAN:   Yes. That’s right.

BOY:   She loves swimming.


WOMAN:   And there’s someone in the tree. What’s he doing?

BOY:   Oh, that’s Peter. He’s trying to get his kite.

WOMAN:   Was it a windy day, then?

BOY:   Yes, it was.


BOY:   And can you see Daisy?

WOMAN:   Which one is she?

BOY:   She’s by the door of the house with their dog. She’s throwing something in the river for him.

WOMAN:   Did the dog jump in?

BOY:   Yes. He swims very well.


BOY:   And my youngest cousin is Jane.

WOMAN:   And where’s she?

BOY:   She’s sitting in the back of the boat.

WOMAN:   She’s got a frog on her T-shirt!

BOY:   I know. I gave it to her.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

Mrs Wright’s Rabbit

     Bought at:                 the pet shop

1   Age:                            …………………… weeks

2   Favourite food:       ……………………………….

3   Sleeps:                       in a …………………………

4   Colour:                      …………… and ……………

5   Name:                        ……………………………….

Answer & Transcript

1 12/twelve   2 carrots   3 box

4 grey/gray (and) white / white (and) grey/gray

5 Hoppy


GIRL:   Excuse me, Mrs Wright.

WOMAN:   Yes, Jill. What’s the matter?

GIRL:   Nothing, but can I ask you about your rabbit? I’d like to buy a pet but I can’t choose. Where did you buy your rabbit?

WOMAN:   At the pet shop.


GIRL:   How old is your rabbit now, Mrs Wright?

WOMAN:   It’s only twelve weeks old.

GIRL:   Twelve weeks! It’s very young!

WOMAN:   Yes, but it eats a lot!


GIRL:   So, what’s its favourite food? Does it like fruit?

WOMAN:   Well, it does, but it likes carrots best.

GIRL:   So do you buy carrots for it every day?

WOMAN:   No. I buy a lot at the weekend.


GIRL:   And where does it sleep?

WOMAN:   It sleeps in a box outside.

GIRL:   Oh! Isn’t it cold in the garden?

WOMAN:   Yes, but it’s OK inside the box.


GIRL:   And what colour is your rabbit?

WOMAN:   Well, I wanted a brown one, but they only had grey and white ones.

GIRL:   So what did you buy?

WOMAN:   A grey and white one with very long ears.


GIRL:   And can you play with it?

WOMAN:   Yes! It likes to jump and run in the garden.

GIRL:   What’s its name?

WOMAN:   Hoppy.

GIRL:   Is that H-O-P-P-Y?

WOMAN:   Yes!

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Vicky do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

1 Saturday – party, people dancing in the streets

2 Wednesday – zoo for sea animals, dolphins

3 Friday – film on television

4 Thursday – Grandma’s garden, watermelons

5 Sunday – swam under water with Dad, fish


MAN:   OK, children. Last week, there was no school. What did you do, Vicky?

GIRL:   I went to my grandma’s house, Mr Banks. We went there on Monday.

MAN:   Doesn’t she live by the sea?

GIRL:   Yes. We had to catch a train. I enjoyed that a lot!


GIRL:   On Saturday, there was a party in the village.

MAN:   Why?

GIRL:   I don’t know. But there was music and all the people danced in the streets. There was a lot of food to eat on long tables too.

MAN:   Did you enjoy it?

GIRL:   Yes, I did.


GIRL:   Wednesday was good …

MAN:   Did you go swimming that day?

GIRL:   No. We went to a kind of zoo for sea animals and fish.

MAN:   What did you see there?

GIRL:   A lot of different things. I liked the dolphins best!


GIRL:   But we didn’t go out every day.

MAN:   Why not?

GIRL:   Well, on Friday it rained all day, and Mum didn’t want to go outside.

MAN:   So what did you do?

GIRL:   There was a good film on television and we watched that.


GIRL:   Another day, we worked in my grandma’s garden.

MAN:   When was that?

GIRL:   On Thursday, I think. Yes, that’s right. It was Thursday.

MAN:   And what’s she got in her garden?

GIRL:   Oh … a lot of flowers … and potatoes, tomatoes and big green watermelons.


MAN:   How about Sunday? Did you help your grandmother in her garden again that day?

GIRL:   No, I didn’t. We went to the beach because it was so sunny.

MAN:   Did you go swimming that day then?

GIRL:   Yes. I swam under the water with my dad. We saw lots of different fish.

MAN:   Great!

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

Where’s the new DVD?

1   Which book did John buy?

2   What does Sally want to do?

3   What’s in the playground?

4   What’s Ben drawing?

5   What’s Mum doing?

Answer & Transcript

1 B   2 3 C   4 B   5 A


Where’s the new DVD?

WOMAN:   Jane, go and find my new DVD, please. I’d like to watch it.

GIRL:   Where is it? Next to the television or in your bag?

WOMAN:   It’s upstairs by the computer. I put it there this morning.


1   Which book did John buy?

BOY:   It was difficult to choose which book to buy.

WOMAN:   Yes. The one about the weather was good.

BOY:   And I liked the one about plants.

WOMAN:   But you chose the best one, I think. That book about music is very good.

BOY:   Yes, I could only buy one, and that one was best.

2   What does Sally want to do?

MAN:   Sally, would you like to go sailing with me this afternoon?

GIRL:   Not today, Dad. Can we go shopping? I need a new dress.

MAN:   I don’t want to go to town. How about skating?

GIRL:   No, I don’t want to do that, Dad. Sorry!

3   What’s in the playground?

BOY:   What are you looking at, Miss?

WOMAN:   There’s a coat on the ground outside, in the playground. Look.

BOY:   No, Miss, it’s a blanket.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. I need some new glasses! Go and pick it up please, Fred.

4   What’s Ben drawing?

MAN:   I like your drawing of a parrot, Ben! But its head is too small.

BOY:   It isn’t a bird, Dad!

MAN:   What is it, then?

BOY:   It’s a bat, Dad. Can’t you see?

MAN:   Oh, yes!

5   What’s Mum doing?

GIRL:   Where’s Mum? Is she cooking dinner?

MAN:   No. She’s talking on the phone, I think.

GIRL:   Not now, she isn’t.

MAN:   Oh, I know. She’s having a shower.

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