Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

Lines should be drawn between:

1 Vicky and the woman playing the piano

2 Jack and the boy in a tree, with a dolphin on his T-shirt

3 Jane and the girl dancing, with long hair

4 Fred and the boy under the table, playing with the kitten

5 Paul and the boy in the lion’s costume, with a tail


BOY:   We had a great party last weekend in our garden, Miss Page.

WOMAN:   Did you? In the afternoon?

BOY:   No, in the evening. Some of the people wore funny clothes. But my brother Peter didn’t. Look, he’s there with a guitar.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes! He’s got red hair like you!


WOMAN:   Who’s playing the piano? Is that your mother?

BOY:   No. It’s a friend of ours. Her name’s Vicky.

WOMAN:   I see. Is she good at playing the piano?

BOY:   Yes, she’s great!


WOMAN:   Who’s that in the tree?

BOY:   That’s my brother’s friend, Jack.

WOMAN:   Oh … and what’s that on his T-shirt?

BOY:   It’s a dolphin, I think.


BOY:   And there’s Jane … she danced like that all night?

WOMAN:   Do you mean the girl with the long hair?

BOY:   Yes. She’s one of our cousins.

WOMAN:   How many cousins have you got?

BOY:   Only two.


BOY:   My other cousin’s under the table. His name’s Fred. Look!

WOMAN:   Oh, yes! But why is he there?

BOY:   He loves playing with our black kitten.

WOMAN:   I can see that!


WOMAN:   And what about the person with the lion’s face? Who’s that?

BOY:   Oh, that’s Paul. He lives in the house next to ours.

WOMAN:   Did he paint his face like that?

BOY:   No. My sister did it for him.

WOMAN:   And he’s got a tail too!

BOY:   Yes. He looked very funny.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

Going to the cinema

     Name of film:         Treasure

1   Film about:             ……………………………….

2   At cinema in:          ……………………… Street

3   Go thereby:             ……………………………….

4   Buy tickets at:        ……………………………….

5   Can invite:               ……………………………….

Answer & Transcript

1 pirates   2 Pound   3 bus   4 home   5 Pat


GIRL:   Can we go to the cinema today, Dad?

MAN:   Ermm … yes. I think that’s OK. Which film do you want to see?

GIRL:   It’s called ‘Treasure’. It’s great! Lucy told me.

MAN:   ‘Treasure’? OK, we can go this afternoon.

GIRL:   Thanks.


MAN:   What’s the film about?

GIRL:   It’s about pirates. It’s very exciting.

MAN:   Pirates?

GIRL:   Yes. I love that kind of story.


MAN:   Which cinema is it at?

GIRL:   The one in Pound Street. I can spell that word. I learnt it at school.

MAN:   Is it P-O-U-N-D?

GIRL:   Yes, that’s right, Dad. Well done!


GIRL:   How can we go there? Can you drive us there in the car?

MAN:   The bus is quicker, I think.

GIRL:   Mmm.

MAN:   Yes, let’s take the bus. It’s easier, too.


GIRL:   What about the tickets? We can buy them at the cinema.

MAN:   No. Let’s buy them at home. We can do that on the new computer.

GIRL:   At home? Good idea. Let’s do that now.

MAN:   OK.


MAN:   And would you like to take a friend with you?

GIRL:   Oh, yes. Can I invite Pat to come with us?

MAN:   Yes! Go and ask her now.

GIRL:   Great. Thanks, Dad. Pat loves going to the cinema.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did John do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.

Answer & Transcript

1 Tuesday – house for baby sheep

2 Monday – sailing

3 Friday – baby sheep in field

4 Thursday – walk by late

5 Wednesday – read books inside


WOMAN:   Did you go and see your friend on the farm last week, John?

BOY:   Yes, Miss Best. I went on the train. It was exciting.

WOMAN:   Good. What day was that?

BOY:   I went on Sunday. Jim, that’s my friend, and his parents came to the station to get me.


BOY:   There’s lots of work to do on the farm.

WOMAN:   What did you do there?

BOY:   Well, on Tuesday, Jim and I made a kind of house for the baby sheep.

WOMAN:   Was that difficult?

BOY:   Yes! I was tired on Tuesday evening, but it was a lot of fun.


WOMAN:   But what did you do on Monday? More work?

BOY:   No, we went sailing at Jim’s school.

WOMAN:   But it’s the school holidays.

BOY:   I know. We went because Jim’s learning to sail and there’s a lake there.


BOY:   Friday was a good day too.

WOMAN:   What did you do that day?

BOY:   We went to the fields with Jim’s dad to see the baby sheep again. I gave one some milk.

WOMAN:   What did you do then?

BOY:   We chose names for them all.


WOMAN:   And what did you do on Thursday?

BOY:   Thursday? We took the cows to a new field. Then we went for a walk by the lake.

WOMAN:   Did you go sailing that day too?

BOY:   No. It was too windy.


BOY:   It rained and rained one day.

WOMAN:   Was that Saturday? It was very wet here that day.

BOY:   No, it was Wednesday. But they’ve got lots of books there. We read and played games inside.

WOMAN:   What did you read about?

BOY:   Three children and their father who drives a train. The person who wrote it lives in Jim’s village.

WOMAN:   Wow!

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What’s Mary making?

1   What’s the weather like this morning?

2   Where are Nick’s shoes now?

3   Who’s going to the shops with Daisy?

4   What’s inside the cage?

5   How old is Sally’s grandmother?

Answer & Transcript

1 C   2 B   3 A   4 B   5 A


What’s Mary making?

MAN:   Mary! Are you in the kitchen?

GIRL:   Yes, Dad.

MAN:   Are you making some sandwiches?

GIRL:   No … a cup of tea for Mum.

MAN:   Oh, good. And can you get me an ice cream, please?


1   What’s the weather like this morning?

MAN:   Hmmm. I’d like to go for a long walk this morning.

WOMAN:   But it’s raining!

MAN:   I know. Yesterday was sunny, but I wanted to watch the football on the television …

WOMAN:   Well, I don’t want to come with you. It’s not windy, but it’s too cold for me.

2   Where are Nick’s shoes now?

BOY:   Mum, I can’t find my shoes. They were in my bedroom. Where are they now? Do you know?

WOMAN:   Yes. I put them in the garden, Nick. You need to clean them. They’re very dirty.

BOY:   OK. Where can I do it?

WOMAN:   In the hall.

3   Who’s going to the shops with Daisy?

MAN:   Hello, Daisy. Where are you now?

GIRL:   Hello, Dad. I’m going to the shops.

MAN:   Are you? With Mum?

GIRL:   No. With Grandpa. We have to get a present for my friend in my class at school.

MAN:   Which friend?

GIRL:   Tom.

4   What’s inside the cage?

BOY:   Oh, look! What’s that inside this cage? Is it a lizard?

GIRL:   No, they don’t look like that. Is it a kind of snake?

BOY:   No, it’s not. Oh, look! It’s a bat!

GIRL:   Wow! I never saw one of those before.

5   How old is Sally’s grandmother?

GIRL:   It was my grandmother’s birthday last Monday.

BOY:   Was it, Sally? My grandfather’s birthday was last week too. He was sixty-four – sorry, I mean sixty-five.

GIRL:   Well, my grandmother’s younger than that. She’s only fifty-seven.

BOY:   Does she live near you, Sally?

GIRL:   Yes, she does.

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