Listening 1

Questions 8-13

For each question, choose the correct answer.

 You will hear two friends talking about a dance performance.

        What is the woman worried about?

        A   They need more lessons.

        B   They don’t have anyone who can lead the group.

        C   They don’t have enough people in the group.

 You will hear two friends talking about a book they’ve read.

        The man

        A   finished reading it quickly.

        B   thinks the author’s other books are more complicated.

        C   suggests trying a different author.

10    You will hear a man telling a friend about a football match.

        He thinks

        A   there will be more people there than usual.

        B   it was difficult to get tickets.

        C   he might get a job selling tickets.

11   You will hear two friends talking about a visit to the dentist.

        What does the woman say about the appointment?

        A   It was earlier than she wanted.

        B   There wasn’t a morning one available.

        C   It’s with a dentist she prefers.

12   You will hear two friends talking about their evening meal.

        What does the man say?

        A   He’d like pasta.

        B   They always eat takeaways.

        C   He’d prefer a mild curry.

13   You will hear two friends talking about a friend’s birthday present.

        What does the man say about Sandra?

        A   She doesn’t like reading books.

        B   She isn’t doing anything on Friday.

        C   She doesn’t like surprises.

Answer & Audioscript

8 B   9 A   10 A   11 C   12 C   13 B


8   You will hear two friends talking about a dance performance.

Man:   Did you get the email? The date for the dance performance is 11 May.

Woman:   Yes, I know. I’m sure we’ll have enough time to prepare. We’ve got three lessons before the big day.

Man:   Yes, I think we’ll be OK. We’ve already learnt the basic steps, haven’t we?

Woman:   But the dance teacher’s away on holiday for the next two weeks so we’ll have to practise on our own. I’m not sure we have anyone in the group who’s strong enough to take charge. You know how we argue so much.

Now listen again.

9   You will hear two friends talking about a book they’ve read.

Woman:   So, did you like that book?

Man:   I loved it. I read it from cover to cover in one day!

Woman:   Really? It took me a while to finish it. But I wasn’t familiar with the author and I found it rather confusing.

Man:   The plot is a bit complicated I agree, especially compared to his other books. But he really is a good author. Would you like to try one of his earlier ones?

Woman:   OK, I’m happy to give him another chance.

Now listen again.

10   You will hear a man telling a friend about a football match.

Man:   Are you looking forward to going to the match this weekend?

Woman:   I am, yes. Especially such a big game. It will be so exciting. I just hope we win.

Man:   I can’t wait! There should be a fantastic atmosphere in the ground and a bigger crowd than normal for such an important match.

Woman:   I know. We were lucky to get two tickets, weren’t we?

Man:   It wasn’t difficult at all. I know someone who has a job in the ticket office. He offered to save two for me.

Now listen again.

11   You will hear two friends talking about a visit to the dentist.

Man:   What time’s your appointment at the dentist tomorrow?

Woman:   It’s the last one of the day at 5.30. I was hoping to get one earlier as my tooth is really hurting.

Man:   Oh, poor you! Toothache is horrible.

Woman:   I could have got one in the morning, but it would have been with a different dentist. I’ve heard he’s not very good with nervous patients so I thought it would be better to see my usual one. She’s gentle and explains everything to you clearly and calmly.

Man:   Well, best of luck.

Now listen again.

12   You will hear two friends talking about their evening meal.

Woman:   OK, it’s my turn to cook tonight. Is there anything you fancy?

Man:   I love pasta although we’ve had it for the past three days so perhaps something else.

Woman:   Is there anything in the freezer? I don’t really want to go shopping.

Man:   I don’t think so. We could always get a takeaway for a change. You could cook tomorrow instead.

Woman:   OK. What about a curry?

Man:   I’d rather have something that isn’t too hot and spicy. There’s a menu from the local restaurant in the kitchen. I’ll go and get it.

Now listen again.

13   You will hear two friends talking about a friend’s birthday present.

Woman:   It’s Sandra’s birthday this Saturday. Have you bought her a present yet?

Man:   Not yet, no. I was thinking of getting her a book, but I have no idea what she likes.

Woman:   There’s an interesting play on at the theatre this weekend. Why don’t we treat her to a night out?

Man:   That’s a great idea. I know she’s free on Friday so we could always book tickets and surprise her. She’d like that.

Woman:   OK, do you want to order the tickets? Hopefully we can get three seats together.

Now listen again.

Listening 2

Questions 20-25

For each question, choose the correct answer.

You will hear an interview with a student called Emily, who walks people’s dogs.

20   What does Emily say about walking dogs?

        A   It’s a good business idea.

        B   It pays for some of her living expenses.

        C   It helps people get out of their house.

21   Emily says her first customer

        A   was her neighbour.

        B   was in hospital at the time.

        C   made her accept some money.

22   What does Emily say about becoming a dog walker?

        A   She enjoyed what she was doing.

        B   She had trouble arranging the walks around her studies.

        C   She spoke to people in the local shops.

23   Emily explains that

        A   she didn’t get any work straightaway.

        B   she went to a customer’s house.

        C   she met her first customer at the weekend.

24   Emily says that her customers

        A   are very busy.

        B   expect her to help them whenever they need it.

        C   have well-behaved dogs.

25   What does Emily say about payment?

        A   She charges people per hour.

        B   She discusses it with the customer.

        C   She charges what her friends recommended.

Answer & Audioscript

20 B   21 C   22 A   23 A   24 C   25 B


Interviewer:   Hi everyone. Today on Student Radio I’m talking to someone who has solved her financial problems at university by starting her own business. Isn’t that right, Emily?

Emily:   Well, I’m not sure I’d call it a business actually, but it has certainly helped me to buy a few books and a meal or takeaway once a week while I’m studying at university. I offer to walk people’s dogs, people who either can’t leave their homes easily or are out at work during the day.

Interviewer:   What gave you the idea?

Emily:   I was talking to my neighbour one day and she told me about a friend of hers who had just come out of hospital and wasn’t able to take her dog out for its daily walk. I thought it would be a kind thing to do to offer to help. I didn’t even think about charging her, but she insisted on giving me a few pounds.

Interviewer:   So how did this develop into you becoming a dog walker?

Emily:   After I’d done it for a few weeks I realised what a pleasant way it was to earn a little money. But most importantly I thought I’d be able to fit it in around my studies at university. So, I decided to put an advert in a few of the local shops to see if there was any interest.

Interviewer:   And was it successful?

Emily:   It took a while before I heard from anyone new but then one day I got a phone call from an old lady asking to meet me. I offered to go to her home but she suggested meeting in the local park so she could see how I was with her dog. We got on really well and the woman booked me to take the dog out every weekend.

Interviewer:   And have you taken on any more customers?

Emily:   That was about six months ago and now I walk three more dogs. I was expecting to hear from people who had a busy work life and needed help, but all my customers are older people. And their dogs have been trained well and are a pleasure to walk.

Interviewer:   What a brilliant idea. And for anyone listening, do you have a set fee?

Emily:   At first, I thought about having an hourly fee and that’s what my friends recommended. But I enjoy what I’m doing and I know that there are some customers, especially older people, who might not be able to afford to pay much. So, we just agree an amount when we first meet.

Now listen again.

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