Listening 1

Questions 1-6

For each question, choose the correct answer.

1   You will hear a girl telling her friend about a boat trip.

        How does the girl feel about the boat trip?

        A   grateful it was so short

        B   surprised the sea was so rough

        C   disappointed it was so crowded

2   You will hear a brother and sister talking about cooking.

        What is the brother trying to do?

        A   improve his sister’s confidence at cooking

        B   encourage his sister to make him something

        C   suggest that his sister should cook for their parents

3   You will hear a girl telling a friend about a band she’s in.

        The girl says that the singer

        A   is very confident on stage.

        B   has an interesting singing style.

        C   writes unusual songs.

4   You will hear a girl telling her friend about a drama course she’s doing.

        The girl feels

        A   certain she will enjoy it.

        B   confident she will do well on it.

        C   pleased with the activities so far.

5   You will hear two friends talking about a book they’ve read.

        What did the boy like best about it?

        A   It has an unusual main character.

        B   There is lots of action in it.

        C   The ending is a surprise.

6   You will hear two friends talking about a TV talent show.

        What do they think should change about the show?

        A   the people who introduce it

        B   the people who perform on it

        C   the people who comment on the performers   

Answer & Audioscript

1 A   2 B   3 B   4 A   5 A   6 C


1   You will hear a girl telling her friend about a boat trip.

Boy:   How was the seaside?

Girl:   Great, thanks, except the boat trip I went on with Mum.

Boy:   I thought you’d enjoy something like that.

Girl:   Normally, I would. I’m not like my dad, who always feels ill whenever we go anywhere near a boat. There were some big waves, but that just adds to the excitement, and we could see what it was going to be like before we left. The boat had a really noisy engine, though. All the people on board complained, so we went back to the harbour not long after we’d set off. I was so relieved!

Boy:   Oh dear!

2   You will hear a brother and sister talking about cooking.

Boy:   What are you making?

Girl:   Just a fried egg. Mum and Dad have gone out, so we have to get our own lunch.

Boy: I thought we were eating together first.

Girl:   They decided to leave earlier than planned. I’d be happy to make them something if they were here.

Boy:   They like it when you cook and you’re very good at it! I always manage to cook eggs for too long, so they burn on the bottom and I end up with something I don’t even want to eat – then I have to throw it away. That won’t happen if you do it, though.

3   You will hear a girl telling a friend about a band she’s in.

Girl:   Did I tell you I’ve joined a band?

Boy:   No, you didn’t. I suppose you play guitar …

Girl:   Of course! It’s great fun and we’ve got an amazing singer.

Boy:   I don’t think I’d have enough courage to stand up in front of people and sing.

Girl:   He’s only comfortable playing in front of a few people at the moment. He’s getting better, though. The way he sings sounds nothing like any singer I’ve ever heard before. I don’t know how he does it, but he sings the songs I write so much better than when I sing them.

4   You will hear a girl telling her friend about a drama course she’s doing.

Girl:   I’ve just started a drama course.

Boy:   How’s it going?

Girl:   Good. I’ve only had one session and we spent it doing the usual stuff for getting to know each other. I hope what we do gets more interesting as the course goes on.

Boy:   I’m sure it will. I didn’t know you were into acting.

Girl:   Yes, but I’m not sure I’ll ever be any good at it, even with this course. I just wanted to try, and have fun while I’m doing it, and I’m sure I will, whether I become a famous actor or not.

5   You will hear two friends talking about a book they’ve read.

Boy:   Have you finished that book we’re studying in our literature class yet?

Girl:   Yes, last night. I stayed up late because I couldn’t stop reading the last few pages. I really didn’t expect the hero to be killed.

Boy:   I thought she might be. I read an interview with the author who said some readers would be disappointed by what happened at the end. I’ve never read anything that had someone like her as the hero, though. That’s what made it so interesting. Most books rely on the story and lots happening, but this was more about her thoughts and feelings.

Girl:   True!

6   You will hear two friends talking about a TV talent show.

Girl:   Talent Nation was good again last night.

Boy:   It was. There was the usual range of acts – some were fantastic and others were awful.

Girl:   That’s what makes the show so interesting, though. The terrible ones are just as enjoyable as the good ones.

Boy:   Exactly, which can hardly be said about the judges. What they say is supposed to be a really amusing part of the show.

Girl:   I know. But most of it is really dull. You and I could do a better job.

Boy:   True, but at least the presenters give some interesting opinions about the performers.

Girl:   I think so too.

Listening 2

Questions 1-6

For each question, choose the correct answer.

You will hear an interview in which a businesswoman called Carla Smith is talking about her life and work.

1   Why did Carla change the way she worked?

        A   She didn’t enjoy the work she did.

        B   She spent very little time at home.

        C   She had health problems.

2   What does Carla say about running her own business?

        A   She continues to work a lot of hours.

        B   It allows her to take more holidays.

        C   She earns more than she used to.

3   What changes has Carla made to her exercise routine?

        A   She does more exercise than she used to.

        B   She does a new kind of exercise now.

        C   She exercises at a different time of day.

 How does Carla feel about her health and eating habits?

        A   guilty about having too many snacks

        B   delighted that she has discovered new foods

        C   surprised that she now feels so much better

 Where does Carla spend time with her sisters?

        A   in her own home

        B   at the cinema

        C   at the local pool

 Which time-saving idea does Carla find efficient?

        A   checking emails on the way to work

        B   having a lot of similar clothes

        C   making lists of jobs to do  

Answer & Audioscript

1 B   2 A   3 C   4 C   5 A   6 B


Interviewer:   This morning we’re talking to businesswoman Carla Smith, who’s made some changes to the way she lives her life. Carla, the first thing you did was change the way you worked. Why?

Carla:   I used to have a busy job – I worked for a large technology firm. It was interesting, so I never got stressed or needed time off like some of my colleagues, who became ill. The job was incredible. I travelled all over the world. Then, suddenly I realised I was living in hotels and I thought ‘You know what? I’d like to spend more time in my own house!’

Interviewer:   And now you run your own business.

Carla:   Yes, and I choose which hours I work. I still do long days – but I can stop when I want to. I didn’t use to go on holidays often and I still don’t – but that’s my choice instead of my company’s. Some people who leave big companies miss the big salaries, but that doesn’t bother me.

Interviewer:   Do you do more exercise now?

Carla:   I spend about the same amount of time exercising as I did before. However, instead of doing it between work and dinner, I get up at 5 a.m. and exercise then. I’m into yoga, I have been for years, because it relaxes my body and mind. I’ve never really enjoyed team sports or athletics.

Interviewer:   What about food? Are you healthier now?

Carla:   Definitely! I never used to have lunch and I ended up eating late and having too much chocolate and crisps, which made me feel bad. Now I cook everything from fresh and it tastes so much nicer. I’m less tired now and have loads of energy – which was unexpected!

Interviewer:   Do you spend more time with family now, too?

Carla:   Yes, particularly my sisters. We’ve always loved films – when we were teenagers we used to go to the cinema every week. That isn’t always possible now, so we have film nights at my house instead. There’s an outdoor pool in town and you can swim and watch films there – we’re going to try that soon.

Interviewer:   You’re still a busy person – do you have any time-saving advice?

Carla:   There are things people do like checking emails or messages on the bus to work or school and making a list of things to do the next day, which are good ideas and can sometimes save time. But the thing that works well for me is having lots of clothes which are the same, so you don’t have to think about what to put on in the morning!

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