Listening 1

Questions 8-13

For each question, choose the correct answer.

8   You will hear a girl telling a friend about a class presentation she has to do.

        What is she worrying about?

        A   holding people’s interest

        B   forgetting what comes next

        C   using a piece of technology

9   You will hear two friends talking about the village where they live.

        What do they both think the village needs more of?

        A   sports facilities

        B   seats for the elderly

        C   children’s play areas

10   You will hear a brother and sister talking about a birthday party.

        What does the boy agree to do?

        A   organise the entertainments

        B   prepare the refreshments

        C   send out the invitations

11   You will hear two friends talking about a new shopping centre.

        What do they agree about it?

        A   The range of shops is good.

        B   The places to eat look interesting.

        C   The transport links are convenient.

12   You will hear a girl telling a friend about changes at her school.

        What is she doing?

        A   explaining the reasons for them

        B   suggesting some alternatives to them

        C   complaining about how they’ll affect her

13   You will hear two friends talking about a museum visit.

        What is the purpose of the visit?

        A   to see one object in particular

        B   to watch one very interesting video

        C   to take notes about one period of history


8 A: ‘… but what about if it’s really dull and everyone stops listening?’

9 B: ‘Maybe it’s time they spent something on the old folks – like somewhere for them to rest when they’re out for a walk.’; ‘You’re right.’

10 C: ‘How about you send out emails to everyone on our list telling them the date and time and stuff?’; ‘I’ll get started. Where’s that list?’

11 B: ‘There are all sorts of different places – including quite a few restaurants that I wouldn’t mind trying – like that Mexican one.’; ‘Well I wouldn’t choose that one – but there are one or two others that looked OK.’

12 A: ‘It’s because the school’s really full and the corridors get really crowded and noisy at the change of lesson. Basically, you lose five minutes out of every lesson.’

13 C: ‘We’re meant to write down interesting facts about the age of exploration – there’s a special exhibition on.’

Listening 2

Questions 20-25

For each question, choose the correct answer.

You will hear an interview with a young breakdancer called Chelsea Fordham, who appears on music videos.

20   Why did Chelsea decide to take up breakdancing?

        A   She was impressed by some dancers she saw.

        B   Dancing used skills she’s learnt doing sports.

        C   Her family always wanted her to dance.

21   How did Chelsea learn breakdancing?

        A   She went on a course.

        B   She got some advice online.

        C   She watched what the experts did.

22   When she’s creating a new dance routine, Chelsea likes to

        A   plan how long it’s going to take.

        B   get to know the piece of music first.

        C   discuss her ideas with other people.

23   The type of singers that Chelsea enjoys making videos with

        A   have a relaxed attitude to their work.

        B   come up with good ideas on the day of filming.

        C   know what’s expected of them and follow instructions.

24   When she works with her ‘crew’, Chelsea’s role is to

        A   take the lead in performances.

        B   provide them with ideas and support.

        C   encourage them to try a range of styles.

25   What are Chelsea’s plans for the immediate future?

        A   She’s hopping to have a career in films.

        B   She’s doing some work with a famous singer.

        C   She’s thinking of starting a school for young dancers.


20 A: ‘… there were some breakdancers performing in the mall. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen.’

21 C: ‘I just studied what really experienced dancers did on music videos’

22 B: ‘… the singer sends me a recording. I play it over and again until I’m really familiar with it, then I plan the moves.’

23 C: ‘Well, I know the type I like. They arrive on time and do what they’re told.’

24 B: ‘My job’s to set them a challenge and they work on it. When I go in next time, I can see how it’s going and make suggestions.’

25 B: ‘But I am appearing in some new music videos with a big-name star.’

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