Listening 1

Questions 8-13

For each question, choose the correct answer.

8   You will hear two people talking about buying a bicycle.

        The woman suggests that the man should

        A   try looking online.

        B   go to a different shop.

        C   get advice from an expert.

9   You will hear a man telling his friend about his Welsh language course.

        What does the man say about it?

        A   The teacher speaks too fast.

        B   The lessons are too long.

        C   The grammar is too difficult.

10   You will hear a woman telling her colleague about her weekend.

        What did the woman like about it?

        A   visiting a new place in the city

        B   seeing her children enjoying themselves

        C   having a chance to relax

11   You will hear two friends talking about a new restaurant.

        They both think the restaurant would be better if

        A   the food was fresher.

        B   the service was faster.

        C   the prices were cheaper.

12   You will hear two old friends talking at a party.

        How is the man’s appearance different from before?

        A   He has grown a beard.

        B   He has started wearing glasses.

        C   He has changed his style of clothes.

13   You will hear two colleagues talking about a meeting.

        How does the woman feel about it?

        A   annoyed that she will have to attend it

        B   worried that her presentation will be unpopular

        C   surprised that it is still going to take place

Answer & Audioscript

8 C   9 A   10 C   11 A   12 B   13 C


8   You will hear two people talking about buying a bicycle.

Woman:   So have you bought a bicycle yet?

Man:   I nearly bought one last week – but in the end I didn’t really think the salesman I spoke to knew enough.

Woman:   In our local bike shop? They’re usually very helpful in there.

Man:   Yes. I think he was new. Anyway, maybe I need to do some more research online.

Woman:   If you look on the internet, sometimes there’s too much information. What about talking to my brother who’s a professional cyclist? He’d give you some useful ideas without trying to persuade you to buy a particular product like they do in shops.

Man:   I could do.

9   You will hear a man telling his friend about his Welsh language course.

Woman:   How are you getting on with your Welsh language course?

Man:   Not too bad actually. From what other people had told me, I thought the grammar would be really hard, but actually it isn’t too bad. The main issue I have to deal with is our teacher – if she spoke more slowly, I’d understand a lot more. I miss so much. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get used to her. Our classes are only an hour long though, so just when I’m getting into the lesson, it’s over! Anyway, it’s a beautiful language and I’m glad I’ve taken it up.

10   You will hear a woman telling her colleague about her weekend.

Man:   Morning! So how was your weekend?

Woman:   We went to the city for the day, to the new outdoor street market everyone’s talking about. It never stopped raining though and we all got very wet. I was happy to leave. Both the kids spent the next day coughing the whole time. That meant we just sat on the sofa watching TV all afternoon, which was something I really needed to do, despite all the arguments about what to watch. We did eventually manage to find a couple of films that everyone would be satisfied with.

11   You will hear two friends talking about a new restaurant.

Man:   Have you been to the new restaurant on the High Street?

Woman:   Yes, I guess it wasn’t too bad.

Man:   I thought the food was pretty good value at least.

Woman:   It’s true they don’t charge too much.

Man:   The service was slow though when I went. The waiter had to apologise.

Woman:   I don’t mind waiting when the food’s all freshly cooked. But it was quick enough when I went. That was just it – everything seemed to either be out of a tin or frozen stuff heated up in a microwave.

Man:   Such a shame, but you’re absolutely right – even if it isn’t an expensive place to eat.

12   You will hear two old friends talking at a party.

Woman:   Oh hi, John, it is you! I thought so – I’d recognise that jacket anywhere.

Man:   You know it’s always been my favourite.

Woman:   Yes, but I thought you’d have a new one after all these years!

Man:   Why bother, if it still fits as well as ever? After all, fashion has never interested me that much. I see you have to wear glasses now as well. I’m still not really used to mine.

Woman:   But they look good on you, particularly now you’ve shaved your beard.

Man:   Thanks. Anyway, what have you been doing since I last saw you? You look well.

13   You will hear two colleagues talking about a meeting.

Man:   Where’s this afternoon’s meeting?

Woman:   Well it was supposed to be upstairs, but surely we’re not going to have it now that John’s off sick?

Man:   Oh? I’ve heard we’re going to carry on as planned.

Woman:   I can’t believe that. Without John? Oh well, I’m ready for it … I’m doing my presentation and I think everyone’ll like it.

Man:   I’m sure you’ll be great! Did it take long to prepare?

Woman:   To be honest, I spent ages on it. That was fine, but my laptop kept shutting down while I was preparing it. That made me really mad!

Man:   Oh dear!

Listening 2

Questions 20-25

For each question, choose the correct answer.

You will hear an interview with a man called Mickey Diaz, who is talking about his work as a hairdresser.

20   Why did Mickey decide to become a hairdresser?

        A   He was offered a job by a friend.

        B   He wanted to do what his family did.

        C   He hoped to meet some famous people.

21   On a typical day at work, Mickey says that he

        A   doesn’t take enough time for breaks.

        B   works longer hours than he would like to.

        C   tries to do a range of jobs.

22   The part of the job which Mickey likes most is

        A   creating new haircuts.

        B   hearing about customers’ lives.

        C   using his imagination.

23   What part of his job does Mickey dislike?

        A   having to do boring courses

        B   sharing ideas with colleagues

        C   dealing with difficult customers

24   How does Mickey feel after cutting a customer’s hair?

        A   worried that the customer may be annoyed.

        B   proud of what he’s achieved.

        C   keen to continue learning.

25   Mickey recommends that people who want to work as hairdressers

        A   shouldn’t take the first job they’re offered.

        B   shouldn’t believe they know everything.

        C   shouldn’t expect to earn much at first.

Answer & Audioscript

20 A   21 C   22 B   23 A   24 C   25 B


Woman:   Welcome to the careers interview. Today we’re talking to Mickey Diaz who’ll tell us what it’s like to work as a hairdresser. Mickey, why did you become a hairdresser?

Man:   Both my parents were hairdressers and worked with lots of well-known TV stars but I really expected to do something completely different. It was after college when I was looking for work that a friend said I could help in his hairdresser’s shop, so I did, and I ended up staying!

Woman:   So, what’s a normal working day like?

Man:   Busy! I get in early. We decide who’s going to do which jobs each day – it’s best if we mix things up – do a few women’s cuts, some mens, some colour. Stopping for a coffee or a rest can be difficult but I always make time for that. I often stay late to prepare things for the next day too, but that’s fine with me.

Woman:   What’s the best part of the job?

Man:   I really enjoy exchanging news with the people who come back regularly for haircuts. Sometimes they want a new style and ask me to be creative. I’m not keen on doing that – I prefer to show people pictures of the latest haircuts and get them to choose one instead.

Woman:   So, is there anything you don’t like about your job?

Man:   Some hairdressers get upset if customers are rude, but I never let anyone bother me. We have to take health and safety courses which I find extremely dull but I know they’re necessary. I’m also responsible for training new colleagues at the shop. I prefer cutting hair – I don’t mind sharing my knowledge though.

Woman:   I see. How does it feel when you’ve finished a haircut?

Man:   It’s very important to me to get a haircut right but when the customer walks out of the door, the hair’s already growing back. I know I won’t see that exact same cut again, which is a shame. I usually feel there’s something I could do better, so I’m always trying to improve, to keep customers satisfied.

Woman:   Finally, any advice for people who’d like to become hairdressers?

Man:   You can study hairdressing at college, but you don’t learn as much as you would in a full-time job. People often think hairdressing’s badly paid but the money can actually be quite good with tips added. Never forget that you’re only as good as your last haircut – a lot of people make the mistake of thinking they’ve learned all there is to learn – that’s rarely true.

Woman:   Well, Mickey … (fade)

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