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A Picnic

What a great day for a picnic!

We’re not only having a picnic; we’re having a big bike ride, too.

We did this last year with a lot of friends also.

It was really fun. 

We meet quite early in the morning in a pretty little town.

The town is where the Niagara River flows into Lake Ontario in Canada.

The town’s name is Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Then all of the people, fifty or more, get on their bikes or roller blades.

We go on a bike path beside the river.

The path we take is about 11 km or 6 miles long.

There are a lot of other people using the path, too. 

We usually stop for an ice cream treat near the end or where we turn around to go back to our cars.

It is just before the park where we will have our picnic, and a steep hill.

Many of the men and boys go up the hill.

Most of the women and children go back to their cars.

The ride takes about two hours plus whatever time we take at the ice cream store. 

After the ride is finished, we go the park.

We have a delicious “pot-luck” lunch.

Pot luck means everyone brings some food to share with the others.

We eat, rest, talk and laugh.

After we’ve cleaned up, some of us climb the tower that is there remembering a war at that place and its general.

It is a steep climb, over l00 steps.

We usually end the day with a fun game of baseball or soccer. 

Finally, we pack up our stuff.

Tired and dirty, we head for home with good memories swimming in our heads.

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