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If I Had a Million Dollars

If I had a million dollars, I’d travel the world.

I would go to the highest mountain. I would swim the deepest sea.

I would probably buy a lot of clothes because I love clothes!

More than anything though, I would want to visit Ireland. 

I want to see the rolling hills and the green, green grass that everyone talks about. When I think of Ireland, I think of where my family came from many years ago.

I am almost all Irish and would love to see my family over in Ireland. 

If I had a million dollars, I would buy a Mustang or a Pontiac Sunbird car.

I would buy a nice house with a big backyard and an outdoor and indoor pool.

I would love to take my family wherever they wanted to go.

I would buy them wonderful presents, too. 

However, I know that money does not buy happiness.

It does not buy you friends or family.

It may bring some happiness only for the moment, but in the long run your family is what will be there for you if you love them and are there for them. 

If I had to pick between a million dollars and my family, I would pick my family. The million dollars is a nice dream.

If that dream ever comes true and I do get a lot of money, I hope I would use it wisely.

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