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If I were a Giant

If I were a giant, I wouldn’t be able to fit in my house. 

I’d have to live in a building that had a high ceiling, but I’d probably have a hard time getting through the door. 

I’d have to make my own clothes, but where would I get a giant needle and thread to sew with? 

I couldn’t ride in a car or a plane. 

I suppose I would just have to take giant steps to get from place to place. 

I would have to be very careful not to step on anybody or anything. 

When I talked, people would cover their ears. 

My voice would sound very loud to them. 

I wouldn’t find shoes to cover my feet. 

I wouldn’t find a knife and fork to eat my dinner with. 

I might have to use a rake as a fork. 

My dinner would be huge. 

What would I cook my dinner in? 

I certainly wouldn’t find an oven big enough to put my dinner in. 

If I sneezed, it would be like a hurricane. 

If I fell down, it would be like an earthquake. 

I wouldn’t have any friends because everyone would be too tiny for me to talk to. 

I think that being a giant would be very lonely. 

I couldn’t have just one apple. 

I would have to have a lot of apples to fill me up. 

I would have to drink gallons and gallons of water to quench my thirst. 

I could never relax under a tree. 

I would be taller than all the trees. 

I don’t think that being a giant would be fun. 

I won’t ever make a wish to be a giant. 

I would rather be my height. 

I’m very happy the way I am.

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