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Joking is good. 

Jokes can be very funny. 

Jokes can also be hurtful. 

Jokes can be tasteless too. 

It is not an easy thing to find jokes that do not offend anyone. 

Some jokes make fun of different races. 

Those jokes are not funny. 

They are hurtful. 

It is not right to tell racist jokes. 

Many jokes use bad language or are about questionable subject matter. 

These jokes are also not acceptable. 

Many people are highly offended by rude jokes. 

What some people find funny, others will not. 

Comedy is a very personal thing. 

Some people like slapstick comedy. 

That is the kind of comedy that the Three Stooges use. 

Some people like very subtle humor. 

Some people will laugh at just about anything. 

Sometimes, it is not appropriate to laugh, but you feel like laughing anyway. 

Did you ever see anyone fall down? 

Did you feel like laughing when they fell down? 

You were probably worried that they had hurt themselves, yet the way that they fell was so funny that you felt like laughing. 

It’s not funny when someone falls, but you can’t help but laugh even though you try to hide it. 

Jokes and comedy differ from culture to culture. 

Many people from other countries come here and don’t understand our comedy. 

Jokes and comedies are often geared toward our environment. 

Sometimes, comedians make fun of the things that we do in our everyday lives like going to the bank, or going grocery shopping. 

We can all relate to that. 

Being a comedian is not an easy job. 

Telling jokes and making people laugh is extremely difficult. 

Jokes are fun, and they are funny if they are good. 

Jokes can get you into a lot of trouble if they are inappropriate, and sometimes they’re just not funny and nobody laughs. 

Here is a joke. 

Why does a cow wear a bell? 

– because its horns don’t work 

Do you get it? 

Do you think it is funny? 

Well, maybe it’s not that funny. 

I told you that it was difficult being a comedian.

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