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My Worst Fear

I am afraid of water. 

I don’t know why I am afraid. 

I have never had a bad experience in the water. 

I just never learned to swim. 

I should have done that when I was just little. 

It would be easier for me to swim now if I had started when I was young. 

I will go into the shallow water, but I start to panic when the water gets higher than my chest. 

I don’t like the feeling of not being able to put my feet on the bottom of the pool or the lake. 

I don’t like to get water up my nose. 

I choke and cough when that happens. 

My friends just tell me to relax and I will float, but I find it hard to relax in deep water. 

They keep telling me that if I panic I will sink. 

Most of my friends have had swimming lessons. 

Some of them are even lifeguards. 

They have tried to teach me to swim, but I think I need to go to a place where they actually teach swimming. 

It would be so nice to jump into a pool of cold water on a hot summer day. 

That would be so refreshing. 

If I go out onto a boat, I always wear a life jacket. 

I think it is wise to do that. 

Everyone should wear a life jacket on a boat. 

I would rather be safe than sorry. 

I have decided that I will overcome my fear. 

I will go and take swimming lessons. 

I have a goal. 

By this time next year, I would like to be able to swim the length of the pool without being afraid. 

It is best to face your fears and deal with them. 

I hope that I can overcome my fear of water.

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