Exercise 1



I work in London. Flats are very expensive there. In Barcelona, in Spain, flats aren’t very expensive and they’re nice and big. So I work in London, but I live in Barcelona! I fly from Barcelona to London on Monday. I work there for three days and I stay with my sister. Then I fly to Barcelona again and I work at home two days a week. I don’t speak Spanish very well, so I study Spanish at a language school and I go to classes on Saturday. I love Barcelona – it’s a beautiful city and it’s great to live here!

A. Read Matt’s blog. Which sentence is true?

1   ‘I live and I work in London.’

2   ‘I live in Barcelona and I work in London.’

3   ‘I speak Spanish very well.’

B. Read Matt’s blog again. What does he say about these things?

1   flats in London

2   flats in Barcelona

3   number of days at work (in London)

4   number of days at work (in Barcelona)

5   Spanish classes

6   Barcelona



Sentence 2 is true.


 They’re very expensive.

 They aren’t very expensive and they’re nice and big.



 Matt studies at a language school on Saturday.

 It’s a beautiful city.

Exercise 2

An international family

Pablo and Alicia Moreno are married. Pablo is from Spain and Alicia is from Buenos Aires, in Argentina, but they live in New York. Their family is very international!

Alicia has a sister and a brother. Her sister Daniela is 46. She lives in Buenos Aires and her mother lives there too. Her brother Carlos is 37. He lives in Brazil and he works in São Paulo.

Alicia and Pablo have two children. Their son Alex is 19. He’s at university in Mexico and he lives there too. Their daughter María is 24. She lives in Istanbul with her Turkish husband, Mehmet.

A. Read An international family. Are the sentences true or false?

1   Pablo and Alicia have two small children.

2   María is married and lives in Turkey.

3   Only Pablo and Alicia live in Mexico.

B. Where do they live? Write the names of countries.

1   Daniela

2   Carlos

3   Alex

4   María

5   Mehmet

C. Daniela is forty-six. How old are …? (Write the numbers in words.)

1   Carlos

2   Alex

3   María



1   F (Pablo and Alicia’s son Alex is 19 and their daughter María is 24.)

2   T

3   F (Their son Alex lives in Mexico; only Pablo and Alicia live in New York.)


1 Argentina   2 Brazil   3 Mexico   4 Turkey   5 Turkey


1 thirty-seven   2 nineteen   3 twenty-four

Exercise 3

Hi Eileen,

Thanks for your email. I love the photos of your family. You have a big family! My family is small. Here’s a new photo of us on holiday.

I’m with my husband, Greg, our daughter, Linda, and our son, Jeff. My parents, Tom and Elizabetta, are in the photo, too. My dad is American. He’s from San Francisco, but my mother comes from Warsaw in Poland. Greg and I live in Washington with our children. Greg works in an office and I’m a teacher (as you know). Greg’s parents live in Washington, too, so we see them one or two days a week, but my mum and dad are in California. We usually have holidays with them.

I have two brothers, Daniel and Jon. They aren’t in the photo. Daniel is an English teacher in Mexico City and Jon lives in Moscow. Jon’s wife, Anna, is Russian and they have a daughter. Her name’s Olga. We sometimes see them in the holidays. Olga is five and she speaks Russian and English very well.

Write soon and tell me more about your life in Edinburgh.


A. Read the email and match the people 1—6 to the places a—f.

1   Daniel

2   Eileen

3   Elizabetta

4   Greg and Maria

5   Jon

6   Tom

a   Warsaw

b   Moscow

c   Edinburgh

d   San Francisco

e   Mexico City


B. Read the email again. Complete the family tree with the games in the box.

Jeff  –  Anna  –  Olga  –  Elizabetta

Maria  –  Daniel  –  Greg  –  Tom

C. Draw your family tree and write about the people in your family. Say:

•   their names and ages

•   what they do (job or studies)

•   where they live.



1 e   2 c   3 a   4 f   5 b   6 d


2 Tom   3 Anna   4 Daniel   5 Maria   6 Greg   7 Olga   8 Jeff

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