Exercise 1

Place to go

Books & Co.

Open 9 am—6 pm

A very interesting bookshop. They sell old and new books and they also have magazines, pictures, old photographs and music. If you like old books and pictures, this is the place for you.

The Saturday Market

Open 6 am—4 pm

Here you can buy something for your home or you can just look around. They sell lots of old things. You can buy clocks, radios, suitcases, lamps, pictures, chairs … anything!

The Mega Home Store

Open 8 am—8 pm

A great place to buy things for your home. They sell beds, pillows, tables, chairs and lamps. Everything is new, but it isn’t expensive. There’s also a good café with drinks, pizzas and sandwiches.

A. Read about three places to shop. Which place is in the picture?

B. Which place is good for these people?

1   ‘I want a new bed for my flat.’

2   ‘I love old books and magazines.’

3   ‘I always finish work at 7:00 pm.’

4   ‘I think old lamps are beautiful.’

C. Look at the picture and read about The Saturday Market again. Find the words for objects a—f.



The Saturday Market (They sell lots of old things.)


 The Mega Home Store (They sell beds… Everything is new.)

 Books & Co. (They sell old and new books and they also have magazines.)

 The Mega Home Store (Open 8 am–8 pm)

 The Saturday Market (They sell lots of old things. You can buy … lamps.)


a lamp   b radio   c clock   d suitcase   e picture   f chair

Exercise 2


Fashion designers often make very different and interesting clothes for people, but they sometimes wear boring clothes. They often wear the same clothes and the same colours.

Tom Ford makes beautiful clothes, for men and for women, but he often wears a white shirt and a black or dark grey jacket.

Carolina Herrera makes clothes with lots of different colours, but she usually wears a black skirt and a white shirt.

Alexander Wang is a young designer with unusual ideas, but he usually wears a white T-shirt, black jeans and a black jacket.

A. Read about the fashion designers. What is the same about them?

B. Read the text again. Are the sentences true or false? Correct the false sentences.

 Fashion designers sometimes wear boring clothes.

 Tom Ford never wears a black jacket.

 Carolina Herrera often wears a white skirt.

 Alexander Wang usually wears a jacket.



They usually wear black and white clothes.



 F (He often wears a black jacket.)

 F (She usually wears a black skirt.)


Exercise 3

MY CLOTHES by Pete Hobbs

1   I don’t have to worry about my work clothes. I’m a police officer and I have a uniform. I like the uniform. We wear a dark blue jacket, dark blue trousers and a white shirt. We also have big yellow police jackets to wear when we’re outside in the street. These jackets are very useful because people can see that we are police officers.

2   I’m not very interested in fashion. My wife, Jane, says that my clothes are boring but most of my friends’ clothes are the same as mine! When I’m not at work I like to wear comfortable clothes, for example jeans and a T-shirt or a jumper. I don’t really have a favourite colour, but I try not to wear dark blue because it’s the colour of my uniform. My favourite item of clothing is my old brown jacket.

3   I don’t have many expensive clothes, but sometimes I go to special events, for example, when friends get married, and I need to wear something nice. I have a suit by the designer Tom Ford. It has dark grey trousers and a matching jacket. I usually wear this with a white shirt and tie.

4   I usually go shopping with Jane. We both like to go to the shopping mall in the centre of town. It has lots of shops and it’s easy to find things. My favourite shop there is Marks and Spencer. Marks and Spencer’s clothes are usually comfortable and they aren’t very expensive. I buy all my clothes there but Jane’s favourite shops are Next and Debenhams.

A. Read the article and match a—d to paragraphs 1—4.

 What I wear when I’m not at work

b   Where I buy my clothes

 What I wear for special occasions

d   My work clothes

B. Read the article again. Are the sentences true or false?

 Pete’s uniform is blue.

 The police officers’ yellow jackets are useful.

 Pete’s friends like fashionable clothes.

 His favourite colour is brown.

 He has an expensive suit for special events.

 He usually wears a dark grey shirt for special events.

 Marks and Spencer is in the shopping mall.

 Jane’s favourite shop is the same as Pete’s.

C. Choose someone you know. Write a description of their clothes. Think about these questions:

•   What clothes do they wear at different times of the day and different days of the week?

•   What are their favourite colours?

•   Where do they buy their clothes?



a 2   b 4   c 3   d 1


True: 1, 2, 5, 7; False: 3, 4, 6, 8

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