Exercise 1


Ghadames is a beautiful old city in Libya. There are lots of old houses, shops and cafés – so what’s different? Ghadames is in the Sahara. It’s very hot in the day (sometimes 55°C). The houses have very thick walls and they’re always cool. In the old town there are streets for men and children and there are different streets (on the roofs of the houses) for women.

Now, there’s a new town with new houses and flats, but in summer lots of people go to live in the old houses because they aren’t hot.


Esperanza Base is Argentinian and it’s in Antarctica. It’s cold in summer (0°C) and very cold in winter (-10°C). There are homes for about 100 people there. There are ten families with children, there’s a school and there are two teachers. There’s also a bank and a hospital. There are a few cars, but there’s only one road – it’s 1.5 km long!

A. Read about the two places. Are the sentences about Ghadames (G) or Esperanza Base (EB)?

1   ‘It’s always cold here.’

2   ‘Our new flat is very hot in summer.’

3   ‘It’s so small – you never get lost.’

4   ‘The men and women don’t always talk together.’

5   ‘The school is small, but it’s very good.’


1   EB (It’s cold in summer (0°C) and very cold in winter (-10°C).)

2   G (There’s a new town with new houses and flats, but in summer lots of people go to live in the old houses because they aren’t hot.)

3   EB (There’s only one road – it’s 1.5 km long!)

4   G (In the old town there are streets for men and children and there are different streets for women.)

5   EB (There’s a school and there are two teachers.)

Exercise 2


The Cave Hostel

This is a great hostel in Göreme, in Turkey. It’s in Cappadocia, a very old part of the country. You can do lots of things here. My favourite thing is going in a hot air balloon. You can see really beautiful places from the air.

The hostel has different rooms with different prices. On the first floor, there are small rooms for two people with baths. On the second floor, there are big rooms with six beds in them. They’re very cheap, but there isn’t a shower or a bath in the big rooms. There aren’t any blankets or pillows – you pay for those. There isn’t a restaurant or café in the hostel, but there’s a kitchen on the ground floor. There aren’t any TVs in the rooms, but there’s free wi-fi. It’s a very simple place to stay, but it’s clean. And the people are very friendly. Faruk, the manager, sings karaoke really well!


A. Read Sandra’s review of a hostel in Turkey. Does Sandra like the hostel?

B. Read the review again. Tick (✓) what’s in the hostel.

second floor

◻small rooms

◻big rooms


first floor


◻TV room

◻small rooms

ground floor



◻TV room



Yes, she does.


second floor: big rooms

first floor: small rooms

ground floor: kitchen

Exercise 3



I work in the town centre but I live in Station Road. Station Road isn’t near the town centre but it is a nice place. There are about 60 houses and there’s a school, and a shop where I buy bread every day. There’s also a little park near the station. It has an ice cream shop and in summer I sometimes take my son to the park and we have ice cream.


I live on Holly Road with my wife and daughter. It’s not a very interesting place to live but it’s easy to get to work because I work at Holly Road Hospital. There are lots of offices and flats in my road but there aren’t any shops or restaurants. It isn’t a problem – there’s a big supermarket near Holly Road and there are lots of buses to the town centre.


I live and work on High Street, in the centre of the town. There are lots of different shops and cafés here and two bookshops. I work in the bookshop near the museum. When I’m not at work, I sometimes go to the cinema. High Street is a good place to live. My flat is on the first floor and I sometimes sit and watch the people in the street. There is always something interesting to see.

A. Read the texts. Tick (✓) the places you read about.

1   a bank

2   a swimming pool

3   a cinema

4   a hospital

5   a hotel

6   a car park

7   a museum

8   a park

9   a school  

10   a supermarket

B. Read the texts again. Underline the correct words to complete the sentences.

 Daria / Gerry / Ellen lives near a supermarket.

 Daria / Gerry / Ellen doesn’t have any children.

 The hospital is on Holly Road / High Street / Station Road.

 Holly Road / High Street / Station Road is a good place to see films.

 The park is near Holly Road / High Street / Station Road.

 There’s a station / museum / park on High Street.

 Daria takes her son to the swimming pool / ice cream shop / cinema in summer.

 There are lots of shops / cafés / offices near Gerry’s home.

C. Write about your street. Think about these questions.

•   What is the name of your street?

•   Where is your street?

•   What is there in or near your street?

•   Is it an interesting place to live or work?



3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10


2 Ellen   3 Holly Road   4 High Street   5 Station Road

6 museum   7 ice cream shop   8 offices

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