1. Complete the professions with a, e, i, o and u. Then match them with the pictures (a-h) below.

 __xpl__r__r   ……..

 f__sh__rm__n   ……..

 j__ __rn__l__st   ……..

 p__l__t   ……..

 p__l__t__c__ __n   ……..

 s__ __l__r   ……..

 sc__ __nt__st   ……..

 s__ld__ __r   ……..


1 explorer, b   2 fisherman, f   3 journalist, h   4 pilot, g

5 politician, d   6 sailor, a   7 scientist, e   8 soldier, c

2. Read the text below. Whose story is easier to believe, according to the writer: Mr Ostman’s or Mrs Ultrup’s?


On the west coast of Canada, there are stories of a very large creature, half human and half animal. Some people call it ‘Bigfoot’, but there are other names too, like ‘Sasquatch’. The descriptions of the creature are all very similar. It is about three metres tall. It stands and walks like a human, but it has thick, dark hair all over its body, like a bear or a gorilla. Sometimes, people take photos or videos of the creature, but most of them are not very clear – and scientists usually say they are fake. People tell stories about meeting Bigfoot, but they probably invent the stories because they want money or attention. For example, a man called Albert Ostman described a meeting with a Sasquatch in 1924: it captured him and carried him to its home. He stayed there for six days with the creature and its family, he said. But not many people believe this story.

However, one story is more believable. It happened in Michigan, USA, in a place called Dewey Lake. In the summer of 1964, a woman called Mrs Ultrup described a meeting with a strange creature. It was about three metres tall and covered in hair. It chased her into her house and attacked her dog. She called the police. When they arrived, there were huge footprints in the ground outside Mrs Ultrup’s house. The police photographed the footprints, and the local newspaper reported the events. But this was not the end of the story. Other people in the Dewey Lake area reported seeing the creature. Three teenage girls called the police after seeing the creature beside the lake. Suddenly, the ‘Dewey Lake Monster’ was on news programmes around the country and people arrived with guns to look for it. But they couldn’t find it. To this day, the Dewey Lake Monster is still a mystery. The people at the centre of the stories are certainly not looking for attention or money; in fact, they do not want to talk about their experiences at all.


Mrs Ultrup’s

Reading Strategy

When you do a multiple-choice task, treat each option as a true of false task. Remember that only one option – the correct answer – is true.

3. Read the Reading Strategy. The read the text again. Choose the correct answer: a, b or c.

 Sasquatch and Bigfoot are

 two creatures from different parts of North America.

 two different names for the same creature.

c   completely different creatures: one is real, the other is mythical.

 Bigfoot is similar to a human because

 it is about the same size as an adult human.

 its hair is similar to a human’s hair.

c   it moves in a similar way to a human.

 Who or what did the Dewey Lake Monster attack, according to the stories?

 Mrs Ultrup.

 A dog.

c   Three teenagers.

 The writer doesn’t think people invented stories about the Dewey Lake Monster to get attention. Why not?

a   Because they don’t want to talk about it.

b   Because the stories appeared in newspapers and news programmes.

c   Because they called the police after seeing the creature.


1 b   2 c   3 b   4 a

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