Exercise 1   

People are ordering food in a restaurant. Listen and check each person’s order.

Answer & Transcript


A:        Are you ready to order?

B:        Yes, I’d like to start with the salad, please.

A:        Okay. And what would you like for your main dish?

B:        Hmm. I’ll have the spaghetti. Is it good?

A:        I’ve never tried it. Anything to drink?

B:        Tea, please.

A:        And how about dessert?

B:        Not today, thanks.


A:        Hi there. What can I get you today?

B:        Well, let me see. I’ll just have some soup and a salad.

A:        Sure. Soup and salad. Our special today is grilled fish, and that comes with broccoli or peas.

B:        No, thanks. Not today. I’m not very hungry. But I would like some chocolate ice cream for dessert.

A:        Sure. Anything to drink?

B:        Coffee, and some water, please.


A:        Hi! Have you decided yet?

B:        Is the beef stir-fry very spicy?

A:        Yes, it’s pretty hot.

B:        Hmm. I think I’ll have a hamburger and fries, then. And a glass of milk.

A:        Anything for dessert? The cheesecake is excellent.

B:        No, thanks.

Exercise 2

Task 1

People are having dinner. What does the waitress bring them? Listen and check the correct picture.

Task 2

Listen again. Was each customer pleased or not pleased with the order? Check the correct answer.

  Pleased Not pleased
1.   pizza  ◻  ◻
2.   steak  ◻  ◻
3.   chicken  ◻  ◻
4.   vegetable  ◻  ◻
5.   chocolate cake  ◻  ◻
6.   spaghetti  ◻  ◻

Answer & Transcript


A:        There you are, sir. Two slices of pizza and a large cola.

B:        Thank you. Hmm.

C:        How does it look?

B:        Okay, I guess, but I think I should have ordered three or four slices. These slices are much smaller than I expected.


A:        And here’s your order. Steak with french fries and coffee.

B:        Thanks. I can’t wait to eat. I’m starving.

C:        It looks okay. How is it?

B:        Let me try. Oh, just perfect.


A:        Sorry to keep you waiting. One order of fried chicken with broccoli.

B:        Thanks. Oh my! This chicken looks pretty dry.

C:        Really. How does it taste?

B:        I’m afraid it’s not very fresh. I think it must have been frozen.

C:        Let’s send it back.


A:        There’s your order, ma’am. Fish, salad, and peas.

B:        Oh. But you told me today’s vegetable was broccoli.

C:        You don’t like peas, do you?

B:        No, I don’t. I hate peas!


A:        And here’s your dessert. Chocolate cake, with two scoops of ice cream and a large cola.

B:        Great.

C:        Wow. That cake looks good. I wish I had ordered it.

B:        Do you want to try it? It’s delicious.

C:        Just a taste. Mmm. Fabulous.


A:        Did you order the spaghetti?

B:        That’s right.

A:        Good. Here you are. And here’s your cola.

B:        Thanks. I don’t think I made a very good choice.

C:        Really?

B:        Yeah. I think I can make better spaghetti than this.

Exercise 3

Task 1

People are talking about meals they had at a restaurant. Did they like their meals? Listen and check the correct answer.



Didn’t like

1.   the appetizer

      the main dish

      the vegetables

      the dessert

2.   the appetizer

      the main dish

      the vegetables

      the dessert

3.   the appetizer

      the main dish

      the vegetables

      the dessert

4.   the appetizer

      the main dish

      the vegetables

      the dessert

Task 2

Listen again. Are these statements true or false? Check the correct answer.




1.   The steak was a little tough.


2.   The cake was delicious.



3.   The steamed vegetables were perfect.


4.   The onion soup was too salty.


Answer & Transcript


I went to a new steak restaurant last night that opened near my house. I love trying new places. To start the meal, I had an interesting appetizer. It was some kind of seafood with a spicy sauce on it… Mmm! The main dish, of course, was steak. It was very small and a little tough, though. However, the vegetables were great—nice and fresh, but not too oily. The final thing was the best—the dessert! It was apple pie with a lot of ice cream on it. I know that I shouldn’t eat so many sweets, but it was delicious!


Have you ever tried that seafood restaurant on Main Street? You should—it’s great! I go there often. In fact, I went there last weekend. To begin, I had a salad. It was nice and fresh with a great house dressing. My main dish was a fish that I had never tried. I really enjoyed the spices it was cooked in. The vegetables were good—very fresh and tasty. For dessert, I had chocolate cake. It’s usually very delicious, but this time, it was much too sweet. I couldn’t eat more than two bites! That’s okay, though, because I am on a diet.


My new girlfriend took me to a Chinese restaurant in her neighborhood the other night. It was pretty good. First we had some egg rolls. They were the best I had ever tasted. Then we ordered the beef and pepper stir-fry. It came in a very interesting sauce—spicy, but not too spicy. We also ordered the steamed vegetables, but they were awful. They were really too soft. The dessert was a big bowl of fresh fruit. Some of the fruit I had never seen. It was fantastic—and so was my date!


For lunch, my co-worker and I went to a nice little French restaurant near our office. He didn’t feel like eating much, so he just had a small salad. I had a large meal, though. First, I had the onion soup, but it was much too salty. For my main dish, I had a piece of pork. It was too dry and had no taste. The vegetables were perfect, though—broccoli and peas. Those are my favorites. Finally, I had a large bowl of chocolate mousse. It was just like the chocolate mousse I had in France during my last vacation—very creamy and delicious. I think I’ll have it next time, too.

Exercise 4

A man and a woman are ordering dinner at a restaurant. What does each person order? Listen and check the correct answer.


Woman’s order

Man’s order


Broccoli soup

Tomato soup


Main Dishes









Answer & Transcript

Woman’s Order: Salad, Fish, Peas

Man’s Order: Broccoli soup, Steak, Potatoes


A:   Good evening. Are you ready to order?

B:   Yes. I’ll have a salad. Then I’ll have the fish. What vegetables do you have?

A:   Tonight we have spinach, peas, or potatoes.

B:   I’ll have spinach. No, wait a minute. I’ll have the peas. And to drink, I’d like some tea.

A:   Okay. And you, sir?

C:   I think I’ll start with a bowl of broccoli soup.

A:   What would you like for your main dish?

C:   A steak, please, medium-rare. And I’d like potatoes with it.

A:   Anything to drink?

C:   I’d like water, please.

A:   Okay, I’ll be right back with your soup and salad.

Exercise 5

People are talking about their dinners. What did they think of the food? Listen and write the correct letter.

1.   Lisa thought the peas were  …….

2.   John said his steak was         …….

3.   Carolyn said the soup was    …….

4.   Brad said the salad was         …….

5.   JoAnn said the cake was       …….

a.   creamy.

b.   oily.

c.   tough.

d.   moist.

e.   too soft.

Answer & Transcript

1 e   2 c   3 a   4 b   5 d



A:   Did you enjoy your dinner, Lisa?

B:   Well, the salad was very fresh, but the peas were too soft. I think they overcooked them.


A:   How was your steak, John?

B:   It was okay, but it was tough. I think they overcooked it. It wasn’t medium-rare – more like well-done.

A:   Oh, that’s too bad.


A:   Did you like the soup, Carolyn?

B:   Oh, yes. It was excellent, very creamy and not too salty.


A:   How did you like the salad, Brad?

B:   I thought it was too oily. There was too much dressing on it!


A:   Did you like the chocolate cake, JoAnn?

B:   It was rich and moist – just like chocolate cake is supposed to be.

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