Exercise 1   

People are making calls from their hotel rooms. Who is each person calling? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  laundry

     b.  room service

2.  a.  operator

     b.  bell captain

3.  a.  housekeeping

     b.  room service

4.  a.  bell captain

     b.  laundry

5.  a.  front desk

     b.  room service

.6.  a.  operator

      b.  housekeeping

Answer & Transcript


A:   Hello. I’d like to have some shirts pressed.

B:   Yes, how soon will you need them?

A:   Can I get them by 6 o’clock tonight?

B:   Yes, sir. Just leave them in your room and I’ll send someone to get them.


A:   Yes, can I help you?

B:   yes I’d like to make a long distance call to Japan.

A:   You can make the call yourself. Just dial 011, 81, the area code, and the number.

B:   Thanks.


A:   I’d like to order a large pot of coffee, please.

B:   Yes, for how many people?

A:   Two.

B:   Anything to eat?

A:   No thanks. That’s all.


A:   Can you send someone to my room to help with my bags, please?

B:   Yes, how many bags do you have?

A:   Three.

B:   Just leave them in the room and I’ll send someone to bring them down to the lobby for you.


A:   Has anyone left a package for me?

B:   Yes, we do have a large envelope for you at the front desk. Do you want me to send it up to your room?

A:   It’s okay. I’ll come down for it, thanks.


A:   Can I help you?

B:   Yes. Could you send up a couple of extra towels and another blanket?

A:   Certainly. I’ll send them up right away.

Exercise 2

Task 1

People are talking to a hotel receptionist. What does each person want to do? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1.  a.  leave a message

      b.  check for messages

      c.  pick up mail

2.  a.  move to a bigger room

      b.  move to a quieter room

      c.  move to a smoking room

3.  a.  arrange for a taxi for the morning

      b.  arrange for a taxi for tonight

      c.  learn to set the alarm clock

4.  a.  drive to a restaurant

      b.  eat something without meat

      c.  eat in the restaurant

Task 2

Listen again. Are these statements true or false? Check the correct answer.

  True False

1.  The guest has no messages

2.  The guest hates the smell of smoke.

3.  The guest can get ready in 30 minutes.

4.  The guest can’t order lasagna without meat.

Answer & Transcript


A:   Good afternoon. Can I help you?

B:   Yes, please. Could you check if there are any messages for me, please? I’m in room 219.

A:   Sure. Let me see. No, I’m sorry, it doesn’t look like there are any messages yet.

B:   Oh, no! that’s really too bad. I was expecting an important message from my boss.

A:   I’m sorry. If any messages do come in, I’ll let you know right away.

B:   Thanks. Oh! I almost forgot. I need to mail these letters. Do you happen to know where the nearest post office is? or a mailbox?

A:   Actually, you can just leave them here, and we’ll mail them for you.

B:   Great! Thanks a lot!


A:   Can I help you?

B:   Yes, I’d like to move to a different room, if possible.

A:   Of course. Is there something wrong with your room, ma’am?

B:   Yes. It faces the street, so it’s pretty noisy.

A:   I see. Let me check. Yes, I can move you to a room on the opposite side. That should be much quieter.

B:   Great. And is it a non-smoking room?

A:   Let me check on that. I’m sorry, it’s not. All the non-smoking rooms are occupied at the moment.

B:   That’s too bad, I hate the smell of smoke. But at least it will be quieter.


A:   Can I help you, sir?

B:   Yes, I need a taxi to the airport tomorrow morning.

A:   No problem. I can arrange that for you right now. What time is your flight?

B:   I think it’s around 9:30, so can the taxi come around eight o’clock?

A:   Actually, you’ll probably want the taxi to pick you up around 6:30.

B:   6:30? Are you sure?

A:   Well, the airport is pretty far from here, as you know. And it’s been taking people a really long time to get through customs and immigration recently.

B:   I guess you’re right. Can you call me before the taxi comes tomorrow morning? I need about an hour to wake up and get ready.

A:   No problem. I’ll schedule a wake-up call for 5:30.


A:   Good evening, ma’am. Can I help you?

B:   Hi, Can I still get room service? I’ve been driving all night and I’m hungry.

A:   Sure. Here’s a menu. I believe they’re open for another fifteen minutes.

B:   Hmm. Is there any way to get the lasagna without meat?

A:   Actually, I’m sorry, they can’t do that.

B:   But I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat meat. Are you sure they can’t help me?

A:   I really wish they could. Maybe you should try the spaghetti. It’s very tasty, and the sauce doesn’t have any meat.

B:   Hey, good idea! I’ll have that. They can bring it up to room 147.

Exercise 3

Task 1

People are talking about the hotels they are staying in. Listen and check their opinions about each hotel.




Not good

the restaurant

the service

the room

the rates


  Good Not good

the restaurant

the service

the room

the rates


  Good Not good

the restaurant

the service

the room

the rates


  Good Not good

the restaurant

the service

the room

the rates

Task 2

Listen again. What phrase completes each statement? Write the correct letter.

1.  The hotel should have one restaurant that’s ……

2.  The hotel should buy ……

3.  The hotel should get ……

4.  The hotel should have at least one ……

a.  just for adults.

b.  a new manager.

c.  cheap, casual restaurant.

d.  softer mattresses.

Answer & Transcript


My friends and I flew down here to the beach for spring vacation. Of course we’re really excited about swimming, and partying, and meeting other college students. Our hotel is full of families and little kids, though! The restaurants are terrible – really crowded with kids, and noisy – and they’re really slow, too. The hotel should have one restaurant that’s just for adults, I think. Another problem is the service. The staff is too busy running activities for the little kids, so sometimes they don’t bring us new towels or clean the room. One good thing is the room. It’s really big, and it has a great view of the beach. The price is great, too. I guess most college students don’t want to stay here, so the room rates are low.


I travel a lot for my job – too much, I think. Sometimes I’m away from home for three weeks or more. it can be pretty lonely. That’s why I’m so happy about the hotel where I’m staying now. First of all, the restaurant serves light, healthy food that gives me a lot of energy for my work. Then, there’s the staff. They’re very friendly to me. My only complaint is with the room. The bed is very hard. They should buy a softer mattress. Oh, and the rates are expensive, but the company pays for it, so I don’t mind.


Our trip to the lake has been pretty disappointing so far. It takes two days to drive there, so of course we have to stay in a hotel for one night on the way. My husband forgot to make a reservation, though! We found a hotel, but the restaurant is just a bar that serves food, so the kids can’t eat there because they’re too young. When I complained about it to the hotel manager, he just laughed at me. They should get a new manager! The room is dirty and tiny. It’s really bad. The kids have to share a bed, and they’re unhappy about that. Of course, the rates are very cheap, so that’s good. We’ll have to make sure to make reservation from now on.


My flight was delayed by a big snowstorm, so I had to stay overnight in this hotel. My only complaint is the restaurants. There are three of them, and they are all way too expensive for me, because the airline isn’t paying for my dinner. They should have at least one cheap, casual restaurant. The staff is so friendly, though. Whenever I call the front desk to ask for something, they always remember my name, and they work so quickly. The room is huge, with a giant bathroom that is bigger than my whole apartment. It’s got everything – a refrigerator, a hot tub, a microwave, even a big screen TV with a VCR. The rates are very expensive. I am so glad that the airline is paying for the room.

Exercise 4

People are making calls from their hotel rooms. What do they want? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1. a.   to go fishing

    b.   to order dinner

    c.   to cook dinner

2. a.   to check in

    b.   someone to check the flight time

    c.   someone to carry his bags

3. a.   to see if a fax has come

    b.   to call Japan

    c.   to send a fax

4. a.   new clothes

    b.   clothes washed and ironed

    c.   a laundry bag

5. a.   an address

    b.   a phone number

    c.   a guest’s name.

Answer & Transcript

1 b   2 c   3 a   4 b   5 b



A:   Hello. How can I help you?

B:   Hello, I’d like to order the fish and a salad, please.

A:   I’m sorry, but we don’t have fish tonight. We do have a nice pasta and chicken dish, though.

B:   Oh… I really wanted fish. I guess I’ll go to a restaurant for dinner. Thanks anyway.


A:   Hello, can I help you?

B:   Yes, I’m ready to check out. Can you send someone to my room to help me with my bags?

A:   Yes, I can send someone to your room in about 25 minutes.

B:   Twenty-five minutes? But my flight leaves in two hours.

A:   I’m sorry, we’re very busy right now. But, I’ll see what I can do.

B:   No, no, that’s okay. I’ll carry the bags myself.


A:   Hello. Front desk.

B:   Hi, this is Julie Hunt in room 538. I am expecting a fax from Japan.

A:   Oh, hello, Ms. Hunt. Hold on a minute, and let me check if the fax is here. Yes, we have it.

B:   Wonderful. Do you want me to come down for it?

A:   No, Ms. Hunt. I’ll have someone bring it up to you right away.

B:   Thank you so much!


A:   Hello, how may I help you?

B:   Hi, this is room 824. I’d like to have some pants and a shirt washed and ironed.

A:   When do you need them?

B:   I need them by eight o’clock tomorrow morning. Is that possible?

A:   No problem. Please leave them in the laundry bag outside your door. I’ll send someone up to get them right away.

B:   Great. Thank you.


A:   Good evening. Front desk.

B:   Hello, this is room 421. Could you tell me the phone number of another guest, Mr. Jacob Smith?

A:   Is that Jake Smith?

B:   Yes, that’s him.

A:   You can dial 634 to reach him.

B:   Thank you.

Exercise 5

Keith is talking about the hotel he is staying in. What is he pleased or not pleased about? Listen and check the correct answer.



Not pleased

1.   location

2.   service

3.   room

4.   restaurants

5.   overall

Answer & Transcript

Pleased: 1, 2, 3, 5

Not pleased: 4


I’m having a great time here. I’m staying in a brand new hotel, very modern and clean – and the best thing is, it’s right on the beach. It’s really amazing. I go outside and walk about 10 steps and I’m there. The staff is helpful, and the service is wonderful. When I asked for an extra bed so my friend David could stay here, too, housekeeping brought one right away. The room is large and clean, and the beds are comfortable. There are two restaurants-a fancy one inside the hotel and a more casual one by the pool. They’re both pretty expensive, and the food isn’t that great. Overall, though, this place is wonderful, and I’m having a relaxing vacation.

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